Zone Alarm fails Leak Test

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by Albinoni, Sep 22, 2005.

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  1. Albinoni

    Albinoni Registered Member

    I'm using the latest version of ZA Pro 6 with its latest updates etc. I went onto the GRC site, downloaded a small file called Leak Test which allows penetration to see if whether ZA would connect to the GRC server and to see if there was a leak.

    Well after downloading and trying to software, the Leak went through and it did penetrate and was able to connect to the GRC server.

    Sorry am I missing something here or is this very serious, anybody tried this before with their ZA to see what the result was. I thought ZA was meant to be a top FW and in the latest PC User magazine it did exteremely well, so why did it fail this leak test.

    I also did the Shields Up test from the GRC site and ZA passed all that with flying colours.

    Ooops heres the link:
  2. fax

    fax Registered Member

    Tried before and GRC leak test was passed... as well as all tests.

    Is Smartdefence set to AUTO?

  3. justanobb

    justanobb Guest

    Hmm the grc leak test is the first and most basic of all tests.

    For it to fail it means you either accidently let a rule allowing it out or there is something really wrong with the hashing feature for your apps.
  4. Albinoni

    Albinoni Registered Member

    Yes Smart Defence is set to Auto, does that matter ?
  5. Albinoni

    Albinoni Registered Member

  6. Brian N

    Brian N Registered Member

    ZA 6.0.667.000 works just fine with this test.
    It asks me if I wanna let this app connect to the net, I choose No - Done deal.
  7. fax

    fax Registered Member

    Under certain conditions yes (dll/exe injections) but for this basic test (as said before) it shoudn't matter.

    You should receive a warning: "Firewall Leak Testing Utility is trying to access the internet"


    Under program control you should see this item:

    Product name LeakTest, freeware by Steve Gibson
    File name \LEAKTEST[1].EXE
    OSFirewall Ask suspicious, ask dangerous
    Last policy update Not applicable
    Version 1.2
    Last modified date 22-Sep-05 20:53:26
    File size 25 KB
  8. StevieO

    StevieO Guest


    I do Not allow any Program etc automatic right of access through my FW ever ! Every time for example i launch IE ZA always Prompts me for permission. This way i know what is connected to the outside world.

    Also if you don't have something like ProcessGuard or OnlineArmor etc on your PC, you can install a very good App that i use full time that kills dead any unauthorised Apps from even starting up and running. This includes the GRC Leaktest.

    Winsonar is Free.

  9. toploader

    toploader Registered Member

    hi Stevio - Winsonar is top of my list to install - i'm holding off because i believe there is a new version in the pipeline?
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