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Discussion in 'HFS for Windows' started by kevludwig, Nov 16, 2011.

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  1. kevludwig

    kevludwig Registered Member


    I recently purchased and installed Paragon HFS+ for Windows. I use it for file transfers between a Mac computer and a Windows 7 (64 bit) computer using my iPod nano in disk mode.

    Every time I plug the iPod into my Windows computer, I get the message "You need to format the disk in drive (X) before you can use it..." However, it still shows up in Windows Explorer so I just cancel the message each time.

    I can read and write to it just fine on the Windows machine (and no problems on my Mac). However, when I look at it using Disk Manager it shows it as "RAW" format (not HFS+). And usually when I try to eject it I get a message that the disk is still in use, even when it isn't.

    Any ideas on how to fix these issues...?

    I tried submitting a support request on the Paragon website but Paragon HFS for Windows is not in the drop-down list.

    Thanks much,
  2. kevludwig

    kevludwig Registered Member

    UPDATE: I couldn't eject the iPod from Windows so I just restarted Windows (without removing the iPod). Now the iPod has been corrupted and is giving me the message that it has to be restored using iTunes.

    So now I have to plug it into my home computer to get it working again... needless to say I'm not happy with Paragon HFS for Windows at the moment.

  3. fredhammer

    fredhammer Registered Member

    I think there is a problem with Windows 7 64-bit.
    I have the same problem you described with a USB external hard drive.
    I could retrieve some info. Not sure if I should erase that little DOS partition that was probably created by Paragon.
    I have been waiting for support for the last week.

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  4. fredhammer

    fredhammer Registered Member

    Nobody has any clue?
    Can i erase the EFI partition without touching the HFS partition?
  5. ktjensen

    ktjensen Registered Member

    Am having the same problems. It was working fine, until I rebooted, then I get the message about needing to reformat the USB drive. I have files on there I wish to keep. Does anyone have any solutions? Will be emailing PARAGON for support soon.

    according to the support knowledge base, I need an apple computer to repair the HFS+ drive. but I do not have an apple computer. Does anyone know of a repair tool under win7 for HFS+ drives?
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  6. ktjensen

    ktjensen Registered Member

    This software is running now. had to get a NEWEST version from the tech supprt guys at Paragon. the downloaded purchased version will have problems.
  7. bugmenot2

    bugmenot2 Registered Member

    Don't create GPT partition tables, create msdos ones. Use some software like gparted.
  8. bugmenot2

    bugmenot2 Registered Member

    Paragon HFS+ for Windows 9.0 does not work on 64 bit systems.
  9. Paragon_Matt

    Paragon_Matt Paragon Moderator

    Actually it fully supports 64 bit OS's usually the problems reside with the UAC controls within Windows 7 systems and blocking the driver from being started properly after the system restarts.
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