WSA Update v8.0.1.173

Discussion in 'Prevx Releases' started by Triple Helix, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. Triple Helix

    Triple Helix Webroot Product Advisor

    Just updated here for Both the Closed Beta and Standard updates! Change log will be along ASAP! ;)

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  2. ProTruckDriver

    ProTruckDriver Registered Member

    Thanks TH for the info. Just did the update. :thumb:
  3. Triple Helix

    Triple Helix Webroot Product Advisor

    This will blow your mind! :eek:

    (79 raw changes)... .165 > .173

    - Improved accuracy identifying Safari the web browser instead of the other Safari
    - Reduced frequency of Sync login attempts
    - No longer open the main UI before the installation is finished with retail CDs
    - Improved detection of highly illogical configuration settings
    - Improved compatibility with outdated Elantech drivers
    - Fixed issues with WebDrive
    - Improved repair of threat-damaged system policies
    - Keylogger protection is now fully disabled when ID shield is off
    - Fixed some issues related to PID reuse
    - Added cleanup for more history locations
    - Fixed an issue where Chrome and WSA could slow down the entire system if used together for a very extended time
    - Fixed a logic issue that could cause more than one update package to be downloaded and started simultaneously
    - Improved handling when the Old 7.0 software blocks WSA
    - Improved handling in cases where the installation was only partially-successful
    - Added numerous additional cleanup options for system cleaner
    - Improved cleanup handling and logic covering several system locations
    - Spot obfuscated registry entries better
    - Added threat cleanup logic around more system-essential files
    - Reworded the message regarding rebooting into safe mode to assist non-administrative users better
    - Fixed issues that occurred when shutting down or uninstalling the agent too soon after installing it
    - Improved handling of TFS when keyboard filter is in effect
    - Limited User accounts may now make changes to their own system cleaner settings
    - Added support for unicode IPM messages
    - Substantially improved MBAM's scan speeds when WSA is installed
    - Added extra diagnostic information to scan logs
    - Added filenames to certain logging actions because translating from MD5s is a pain
    - Tertiary temporary files cleaned up as part of threat removal on the initial scan are no longer sent to Quarantine
    - Added several extra cloud functions for the Enterprise version
    - Play nicer with PhotoDex
    - Clean up Firewall's Open Ports information better
    - Fixed an issue that would cause the agent to constantly restart and prompt for UAC access
    - Substantially reduced browser RAM use when it is active for an extended period of time
    - Fixed a rare issue when loading configuration profiles
    - Added automatic correction of invalid configuration profiles
    - Added extra local detections for some specific exploit avenues to improve security
    - Significantly improved anti-keylogging performance
    - Added support for several kinds of credit card scanners (as input devices)
    - Improved certain agent information for certain Best Buy customers
    - Improved handling 32-bit shell image overlay identifiers
    - Invite-Only beta testers now receive their proper beta information on install
    - Improved handling of identifying certain system aspects on RAID controllers that don't respond correctly
    - Improved threat cleanup in certain cases
    - Added cleanup capability for non-standard IE Cache directories
    - If Windows gets accidentally or maliciously set to treat WSA incorrectly, fix it automatically
    - Fixed a small problem with showing the Main UI correctly related to UAC
    - Improved system tertiary repair logic
    - Reduced CPU use when scanning in the background
    - Fixed a stray crash in the Sync system
    - Improved handling handling for systems with very high active process ID indexes on installation
    - Improved handling cleanup on certain HKCU keys

  4. The Seeker

    The Seeker Registered Member

    Now that's what I call a changelog.
  5. Heco

    Heco Registered Member

    Thanks Daniel! Updated here:)

    Cheers my friend,
  6. ProTruckDriver

    ProTruckDriver Registered Member

    Looks like Webroot's employees are working overtime for improvements. Keep up the good work. :thumb:
  7. superssjdan

    superssjdan Registered Member

    Great product gets even better.My MBAM scan time was about 30 percent quicker.Keep the refinements coming:D
  8. PrevxHelp

    PrevxHelp Former Prevx Moderator

    Glad to hear it! That was definitely a very good change to get in as we've had this minor incompatibility since the Prevx 3.0 days.
  9. Tarnak

    Tarnak Registered Member

    Just updated, but I am still using my original beta key of the Closed Beta Tester group, which still says I have 365 days remaining.

    JCRUYFF Registered Member

    Wow that's a really big changelog.

    Maybe gonna give WSA a try again in the future.

    Propably my problem of CPU Usage of chrome with WSA if used for a very extended time is fixed.
  11. Tarnak

    Tarnak Registered Member

    What is the difference, for me, so I can tell.

    "- Invite-Only beta testers now receive their proper beta information on install"
  12. STV0726

    STV0726 Registered Member


    It's less of a changelog and more of a freakin overflowing goodie bag filled with delectable treats! :D

    * Very, VERY happy to see limited users now can correctly make their own system cleaner settings as that is a user-specific function.

    * I also like the one that deals with fixing corrupted or invalid configuration profiles.

    * I wonder what is meant by "automatic detection of highly illogical configurations." Does this mean if a user sets Windows security badly, or Webroot configuration? Does it display a prompt to warn you that you are changing something best left alone or set another way?
  13. Triple Helix

    Triple Helix Webroot Product Advisor

    It will currently still work for upgrades, won't work for a fresh, clean install, and will stop working at some undetermined point in the future with zero warning as changes are made to the authentication system to help support allowing PrevX users to convert.
    Anybody who downloads and installs from the Invite-Only beta executable will be sent to the Beta EULA if they click on it instead of the normal EULA.

    From Kit Webroot Q&A!

  14. Triple Helix

    Triple Helix Webroot Product Advisor

    It addresses issues where the agent configuration data is not "corrupted" per se, but still in such a state that the agent will not work correctly.

    Also from Kit Webroot Q&A!

  15. Rompin Raider

    Rompin Raider Registered Member're still working too hard! WSA continues to improve! :thumb: :thumb:
  16. PatG

    PatG Registered Member

    Man o man! With a change log like this one, makes me wonder how they keep up w/everything they have fixed, added, or subtracted. OUTSTANDING job! :thumb:
  17. Cutting_Edgetech

    Cutting_Edgetech Registered Member

    No automatic update here yet. Seems like the update is always available for me last here in the USA.
  18. kdcdq

    kdcdq Registered Member

    Cutting_Edgetech, I too gave up waiting for the automatic update. Instead, when I see that a newer version of WSA is available, I just download and install the latest WSA installer from here:

    You don't have to uninstall WSA before running the new installer. :)
  19. ProTruckDriver

    ProTruckDriver Registered Member

    After I seen the change log I forced updated all my computers also. :)
  20. Doraemon

    Doraemon Registered Member

    You b!t$%es are really doing a great job updating WSA. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

    Keep up the good work!

    Thanks!!! :eek: :D :cool:
  21. Thankful

    Thankful Registered Member

    The automatic update just happened.
  22. ams963

    ams963 Registered Member

    Just got the update. Running smooth. Still did not run a mbam scan to test all the fuzz about its scan time with the new wsa update.
  23. bembel

    bembel Registered Member

    I still don't understand. Are there illogical settings in WSAo_O Will they be alarmed or changed without notification ? What does it mean?
  24. PrevxHelp

    PrevxHelp Former Prevx Moderator

    It's to detect and correct an issue which previously existed when storing configuration options.
  25. Der Alte

    Der Alte Registered Member

    WSA, just fulfil my needs and expections for a securityprogram. Have no intension to turn back, to any other big and heavy ones. WSA is simply a nice piece of work. :thumb: :)
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