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Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security' started by BellaBoo, Sep 28, 2012.

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  1. BellaBoo

    BellaBoo Registered Member

    hello :)

    i am getting the very same errors: 80244004 windowsupdate_dt000, only since 19 sept 2012 [which appears to follow an update to windows defender].

    from all my reading, this first occurred back some time mid 2012 and from what i understand, eset corrected the anomoly that prevented the windows automatic update facility! this link refers as does this link!

    i made such changes without success [even after a reboot] and so returned ess5 back to its original state. i then endeavoured to reinstall ess5 but the online downloader recognised that i already had the same installed and so stopped itself! fair enough.

    i found this link on wilders and so checked my 'help/about':

    nothing untoward there either, that i can see at least.

    please tell me it's an eset issue with an easy fix :)
  2. BellaBoo

    BellaBoo Registered Member


    okay, so i fixed this for myself too and i've written to Support for Microsoft Update to compile the information i found in the links i referred to above and to add 80244004 with a KB article to help out future sufferers of this anomoly.

    in the end, it was so very easy to fix, taxing to say the least having to tinker with default levels, but my stumbling block was that ESET in its KB article indicates the anomoly had been repaired! it's not! obviously!

    i don't know if other internet security suites and their default levels have the same or a similar conflict with windows update, but it sure seems ESET certainly did in the past and still does.
  3. dwomack

    dwomack Eset Staff Account

    I'm glad to hear that you were able to resolve the issue. To help us either update our module and/or KB Article to reflect the new issue you, can you please share with us what exact changes you made to the settings to resolve your issue?

    Also, if you could please provide an ESET SysInspector log?
  4. BellaBoo

    BellaBoo Registered Member

    hello :)

    and thanks! i'm happy about the result too but not so much that i've had to mess with the defaults!

    i literally followed what i found in the first 2 [plus 1 other] links and i proceeded:

    1: i altered the default https scan - no happiness [reverted to default];
    2: i altered the default ssl scan, added the certificate, check listed [reverted to default] - still no happiness; then
    3: i altered the default https scan - bingo!

    so, adding the certificate AND altering the default https scan provided success.

    AND what was most exceptional, is that ESET suggested the very same in its KB article [for the pre v.5 versions of ess] and as i said, that article was my stumbling block...

    see under the heading:
    it most definitely applied to this current version of ess5 that i am running on my computer.

    i've created a sysinspector zip file and i've just now emailed it [per the link provided above] marked to your attention.

    thanks very much for your interest :)
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