Windows 7 x64 Error during the installation of the lnsfw1 driver: 1 23 ?

Discussion in 'LnS English Forum' started by Colossus5510, Jan 18, 2012.

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  1. Colossus5510

    Colossus5510 Registered Member

    o_O Hi there

    excuse the bad English

    I've got a great broblem with Look'n'Stop!

    I Look'n'Stop! For testing uninstalled for some time now I Look'n'Stop! reinstalled and I get the error message (Error during the installation of the lnsfw1 driver: 1 23) .

    many thanks for your help.

    Greeting Colossus
  2. PhantomPhenix

    PhantomPhenix Registered Member

    Looks like your previous installation of lns didnt completely remove itself.

    Uninstall Look 'n' Stop firewall - reboot.

    Delete folder Soft4Ever
    Located in C:\ProgramFiles\Soft4Ever

    Open regedit.exe - Delete lnsfw1 regestry key located in -

    Start menu - R Click My Computer, select Manage, select Device Manager, select View and select Show Hidden devices.

    In the middle window click the Non-Plug and Play drivers triangle, R-Click lnsfw1 and uninstall it.


    Download a fresh copy from

    Disable antivirus, hips, etc. Some security software will stop lns driver installation.

    Re-install Look 'n' Stop.
  3. Phant0m

    Phant0m Registered Member

    The Windows registry PNP_TDI list was corrupted and preventing Look 'n' Stop product from installing, hence the error message. The Windows PNP_TDI has been rectified, which lead to a successful install of Look 'n' Stop on this user PC. :)
  4. liwin

    liwin Registered Member

    thanks for sharing, how u fix u pnp_tdi registry? i cant handle it. thanks
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