Why Look 'n' Stop cause Windows 7 Blue Screen?

Discussion in 'LnS English Forum' started by isail, Dec 6, 2011.

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  1. isail

    isail Registered Member

    PC: DELL Optiplex 960
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit or 64bit with SP1 (MSDN)
    Look 'n' Stop Version: 2.07 32bit or 64bit

    Recently, my pc turns blue screen again and again, and immediately it restarts itself, after booting, there turns out a window saying:

    OS 版本: 6.1.7601.
    区域设置 ID:2052

    BCCode: d1
    BCP1: 8078B084
    BCP2: 00000002
    BCP3: 00000000
    BCP4: 9B8A0D44
    OS Version: 6_1_7601
    Service Pack: 1_0
    Product: 256_1


    First, I thought maybe some hardwear caused this blue screen, so I sent a e-mail to DELL for help, Dell technical supporter asked me to give them my files in C:\Windows\Minidump\

    After their analyzing, She told me that it's my Look 'n' Stop caused this issue, then I closed Look 'n' Stop each time when logining into Windows 7, or I uninstalled Look 'n' Stop, my system never shows bluescreen again.

    But I did not give up, I format my C:\ & installed Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1 (offcial ISO from MSDN ), and only Look 'n' Stop 2.07, it turns blue screen agian.

    So, I'm puzzled... is there any one can help me?

    (I can sent you the files in C:\Windows\Minidump\)
  2. lucijamtrv91

    lucijamtrv91 Registered Member

    I think than is avira is caused the bsod before than LnS...try uninstall avira and see what happend.....
  3. isail

    isail Registered Member

    I did't install AntiVir at all, fresh new OS without any antivirus software

    The signature blow is another PC
  4. Phant0m

    Phant0m Registered Member


    You can e-mail me the Minidumps.
  5. Osaban

    Osaban Registered Member

    This is quite interesting, I do get occasionally blue screens, 1-2 a week, and I always thought it was Avira AND Look'n'Stop having a conflict (it takes 2 applications to create a conflict), but now reading about your experience I'm baffled...
  6. isail

    isail Registered Member

    Many thanks, your e-mail address is?
  7. Phant0m

    Phant0m Registered Member

  8. Osaban

    Osaban Registered Member

    Hi Phant0m,
    I can appreciate privacy with PMs, but given the circumstances is it too much to ask if you could share your opinion on the matter?
  9. isail

    isail Registered Member

    Thank you so much, dear Phant0m!

    An e-mail has been sent from a @qq.com
  10. Phant0m

    Phant0m Registered Member

    Are you using Microsoft NIC driver or straight off the manufacturer site? Is the NIC driver latest? If you using Microsoft NIC driver, visit the manufacturer site for the latest NIC driver.

  11. isail

    isail Registered Member

    I've already installed Intel's newest adapter driver, still it causes windows 7 bluescreen( some error points to lnsfw.sys).
  12. Phant0m

    Phant0m Registered Member

    If you still have the minidumps, I wouldn't mind having some sent.
  13. Hadakajime

    Hadakajime Registered Member

    I too have problems with BSOD's.

    I now usually get at least one every session. Sometimes I get more than 3 crashes in one night. I have disabled Look'n'Stop 2.07 and the crashes seem to have stopped so far...

    Windows 7 32bit
    Eset Nod32 v5
    Look'n'Stop 2.07
  14. Osaban

    Osaban Registered Member

    Ever since I uninstalled Look'n'Stop from my Vista machine, BSOD's also stopped. Whether it was a conflict with other applications I don't know, I'm fine with Windows own firewall.
  15. Hadakajime

    Hadakajime Registered Member

    I'd like to mention that I've seen LooknStop installed on about 6 or more different machines so far, and all but one have proved to be stable and reliable and secure.

    Really, I have no complaints at all about LooknStop. I love to use it and refuse to try anything else.

    It's just a shame it's causing stability problems on this one machine:

    [what an old school beast!! :D ]

    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32bit
    2 x AMD Opteron 250, 2405 Mhz (130nm, 64bit procs)
    MSI K8T Master2-FAR (MS9130)
    4 x Infineon 72D128320GBR6B 1GB DDR 333 CL 2.5 ECC (disabled) RAM (matching part numbers and production dates)
    ATI Radeon 3850 AGP 8x 512MB
    Catalyst 12.4 AGP hotfix drivers
    Eset Nod32 v5 antivirus
  16. SimonW

    SimonW Registered Member

    I'm also starting to get blue screens 1-2 times a week. Before this I can't even remember getting any on this particular PC.

    I haven't updated or changed any other software or drivers (I run LnS alongside nod32 v4) for many, many months.

    In fact the only thing that been updating is Windows Update itself.
    I only update the required fixes and not the optional updates.
    Perhaps something that has been updated through this method is causing the conflict.

    It is a shame as I love LnS and don't want to change it :oops:

  17. Hadakajime

    Hadakajime Registered Member

    The BSOD message I keep getting always says something like:


    for lnssvc.exe
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