Whoo Hooo!!! Vista Rocks!!!!

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by DVD+R, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. midway40

    midway40 Registered Member

  2. Lamehand

    Lamehand Registered Member

    indeed, vista rocks, a broken toy with a purpose.


    This has nothing to do with security what so ever, and i don't want to put MS down for doing this, i had hoped they had come to there senses and built a real OS without all this crap in it.
    It's a big company but i've seen big company's fall aswell, size is not an issue and when they go down there will be a very large dustcloud.

    It is better to stay informed, read up on things and then make a informed choice what to use, and i mean from both sides of the wall.
    I, for one, don't like to be spied upon by my own system(s), so no vista, thank you.

  3. EASTER.2010

    EASTER.2010 Guest

    Do you guys ever wonder why forums like these and plenty of others never get any real visit's from those Microsoft's reps who could benefit from both criticisms we find and point out needed improvements in their OS?

    Because they don't need none of us or our opinions. That much is very clear.

    They are a fundamental corporate greed machine now they have tapped a world-wide resource for funding courtesy the first few O/S's everyone grabbed up.

    At least thats the impression and bad taste they have left IMO.
  4. Lamehand

    Lamehand Registered Member

    They might think they don't need the 'common' man for there bussines, but that could turn the wrong way and bite them.
    Here in the EU i see more and more governments and other organisations turn away from Microsoft looking for an alternative OS. Even in my country there are plans for this.
    And once a government starts pushing the alternatives, the rest is likely to follow.

    Not listening to your customers can cost you dearly, and being arrogant is just a way of showing stupidity.

  5. zcv

    zcv Registered Member

    I timed a laptop purchase for mid January so as not to get Vista pre-installed and to get the Vista upgrade for free.

    I now dual boot Vista with MCE and under those circumstances am having fun with Vista. Under no circumstances would I have gotten a system with Vista only becasue of the many unresolved software comapatabilty/driver issues. Also can see that some of the decisions that MS made, such as UAC implementation, are going to have to be revisted in a SP. It'll be fun to see how all this plays out.
  6. luciddream

    luciddream Registered Member

    ^^^ Right on. My g/f bought a laptop last year and got the free upgrade to Vista "when available". She was just recently sent the CD and I told her for the love of god do NOT install it yet. Last half of 2006 was a good time to buy a PC because you got an already installed, somewhat stable (are any Microsoft OS's really THAT stable?) OS and also the Vista disk for free that you can install if/when you so choose.

    So for the time being, we have a perfectly good frisbee/coaster.
  7. Ice_Czar

    Ice_Czar Registered Member


    As an exAdmin over at Hardforums, we did have a regular Microsoft developer who would look at your memory dumps and help sort out issues, he did it from a purely personal conviction and his sig expressly stated as much. Doubtless he dervived some feedback of worth, but most of them hang out on one of microsoft's forums, few venture "off the reservation", lest they endanger themselves :p
  8. mata7

    mata7 Registered Member

    I’m using vista since day one, I never have a single problem, I can do all that I did with xp with vista and everything work without any limitation, I love it so much :) , and thanks Microsoft for this new OS
  9. Metal425

    Metal425 Registered Member

    No, there are to many bugs.
    I run Ubuntu Linux..beats Vista any day.
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