Which is your main Update checker? (with poll)

Discussion in 'polls' started by progress, Jul 15, 2009.


Which is your main Update checker?

  1. FileHippo Update Checker

  2. Secunia PSI

  3. SUMo

  4. UpdateNotifier

  5. UpdateStar

  6. Other

  7. None

  1. ams963

    ams963 Registered Member

    I like secunia psi...completely hands-free with it's automatic updating...
  2. Francis93

    Francis93 Registered Member

    Secunia before, now NONE. :thumb::thumb:
  3. NGRhodes

    NGRhodes Registered Member

    Zen works in the office, Ubuntu's built in update manager at home.
  4. ExtremeGamerBR

    ExtremeGamerBR Registered Member

    Rarely use the FileHippo Update Checker. Normally I do not use anything.
  5. nikanthpromod

    nikanthpromod Registered Member

  6. guest

    guest Guest

    • Microsoft Update

    • PortableApps.com Platform Updater (for portable programs that follow PortableApps.com Format specification)

    • KC SUMo (for installed programs ; also tweaked to scan folder with portable programs that don't follow PortableApps.com Format specification)
  7. Cloudcroft

    Cloudcroft Registered Member

    Secunia online.
  8. mrpink

    mrpink Registered Member

  9. Kyle_Katarn

    Kyle_Katarn Registered Member

  10. J_L

    J_L Registered Member

    For SUMo, you should get Lite or Portable version that doesn't have opt-out bundles.
  11. kupo

    kupo Registered Member

    Anybody else used this? Seven updater -http://sevenupdate.com/-
    Provides automatic updates for software
    Full update history
    Application Repository - a list of applications that can be updated with Seven Update
    Add an application to Seven Update by clicking a link on a web site
    Automatic search and download of updates (depending on settings)
    Hide & restore updates
    Intuitive user interface
    Hash verification, no corrupt files!
    Displays download counts and sizes.
    Informative progress, know exactly what Seven Update is doing.
    SHA1 Hash Verification – uses SHA1 to determine if a file needs updated
    Register DLL/OCX files in the system
    Create shortcuts
    Ability to read the registry for directories
    Write, update and remove keys/values in the registry
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  12. poison

    poison Registered Member

    I just downloaded SUMo and Nod32 alerted me. I guess it's a false positive?


    I submitted it for analysis anyway.
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  13. kupo

    kupo Registered Member

    Your AV's are reporting the toolbar's and rk in the sumo.exe. I think that it is safe although annoying, but the developer needs it for funding. If that is bothering you, just download sumo lite in the download page for sumo.
  14. poison

    poison Registered Member

    Thanks. I also tried the nork version but the following was reported..


    I think I'll give SUMo a miss for now and try again at another time.
  15. guest

    guest Guest

    You should try SUMo LITE, not "nork".

    Here is a direct link: http://www.kcsoftwares.com/files/sumo_lite.exe

    You can find it at the download page where it reads "Free of all sponsors download links" (CTRL+F this to find faster).
  16. poison

    poison Registered Member

    guest, I totally missed the free of all sponsors link on my first and second visit :s Thanks for the direct. :)
  17. TonyW

    TonyW Registered Member

    But the sumo_nork version is supposed to not contain the Relevant Knowledge bundle. There are options to install other stuff though.

    The AV detections some are seeing relate to Relevant Knowledge, and not to SuMo itself or other bundled software.