Where to Buy Boxed NOD32?

Discussion in 'NOD32 version 1 Forum' started by Scotterpops, Oct 26, 2002.

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  1. rodzilla

    rodzilla Registered Member

    > Perhaps, you have information by now on what Gene Gold is doing and what NOD32 intends for the US? Is NOD32 to be marketed here primarily under the name VBlocker?

    NOD32 will not be marketed primarily under the name VBlocker in the USA. The VBlocker name will probably disappear in the near future.

    > NOD32 is discounted (although not yet quite like the two major anti virus players) in the U.S.A.

    "Highballing" ... ie: setting an artificially high retail price then routinely selling your product at a huge discount (which suggests to the purchaser that he/she is getting a bargain) is pure Snake Oil. We have consumer protection laws in Australia specifically relating to this practice.

    $79.95 retail/$24.95 from every software discount house in the country isn't going to happen with NOD32.
  2. controler

    controler Guest

    NOD does a very good job and I am possative the next version will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Straight Shooter? Gatway sucks too. They do not burn in their machines. In the past, if you had problems with either Gatway or Compaq, their tecnicial support would talk with you on the phone , then send a part out for you to install yourself. What a joke that was. Can you picture common people installing a new hard drive? yea right !!! or even a CD-ROM?
    All I am saying if I buy a Laptop is buy Dell or HP but that you get more for the money with HP.
    Build your own desktop PC. Go to the support site of the brand you think you want to buy and browse around. Can you find things? Drivers tecnical info , ect on that site? How easy is it to navigate?
    There is only a few general rules of thumb to follow.
  3. Paul Wilders

    Paul Wilders Administrator


    Interesting discussion indeed - but please let's not drift off too much ;). Feel free to open a new thread in regard to non-NOD32 issues elsewhere on the board, and let's stick to NOD32 issues over here ;).

    Thanks in advance.



    UNICRON Technical Expert

    I agree.

    hmm, so it is better then?

    Important to those who have shares in that AV company, not to those who just want to stop virises

    Mele20, I do not wish to quarrel with you. You have valid reasons to want a CD for your money and no one cant tell you your reasons are bad. However, I was mearly pointing out what you confirmed, then denied in your reply.

    Either way I wish you many years of happy virus free computing.
  5. Mele20

    Mele20 Former Poster

    >Important to those who have shares in that AV company, not to those who just want to stop virises

    I was referring to the user! I believe that it IS important in the US that a major software product be boxed. Important to the user that is. If boxed software was not important it wouldn't be sold everywhere. It would disappear very fast. Consumers here want boxed software. Smart companies who compete well in the US market understand this. I do not believe Eset will make major inroads in the US without a boxed product. Rod posted earlier today and said that Vblocker is about to be withdrawn. That is a bit puzzling. VBlocker had all the elements to compete well here. Boxed, free phone support and competitive in the marketplace with appropriate discounts and an outstanding antivirus application. People would buy this. A lot will not buy a d/l only product that has only a discussion board (no matter how great a board) for support or email from a company they have never heard of that is located somewhere many don't even know exist! The average user has never heard of Virus Bulletin. The results that NOD32 gets in the tests there won't sell the product here.

    I don't want to quibble with you either. :)
  6. headcase

    headcase Registered Member

    I've not had any probs buying on the internet.

    This isn't for NOD32 but those who do the manuals in PDF format.

    What I don't like is the manuals in that blasted PDF format.
    I hate that format.

    They are printed out on A4 paper, too large to comfortably read, too much wasted paper (white space).

    I wouldn't mind if the "electronic" manuals included with the programs download was in a word processor format e.g. the popular Word proggie, then I could size the printed page to suit me, size the fonts remove a lot of white space etc.

    I have a pdf manual where the printed part is less that 1/3rd the area of the actual page.

    Please, do your manuals in Word format.
  7. marti

    marti Registered Member

    The Adobe folks explain the PDF format,

    The cornerstone of the Acrobat family of products, Adobe® Acrobat® 5.0 enables you to create Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files — the worldwide standard for secure and reliable document distribution via print, the Web, or mobile devices. With Acrobat 5.0, you can rest assured that your documents display and print the way you intended and that they are protected from unauthorized access and alterations.

    Quote from http://www.adobe.com/acrofamily/main.html
  8. Mele20

    Mele20 Former Poster

    Marti says:
    >The Adobe folks explain the PDF format,

    I already know all that. It doesn't matter one whit! I HATE acrobat reader. I didn't even have it anymore on my computer until I got NOD32. I don't read anything (except the NOD32 manaual) that is available only in Acrobat Reader. I want it on the web or in some decent format like Word. This is all rather irrelevant as the NOD32 manual is outdated and not very helpful. So it doesn't really matter that it comes only in Acrobat Reader. I'll say it again, NOD32 is a fantastic antivirus scanner, but if Eset wants it to do well in the US they need to make some important changes and one of those is an online manual. I assume the reason the current one has not been updated is because there isn't much point in doing so when ver. 2 will be out soon and the current manual won't apply. I hope that with ver. 2, Eset will put the manual on the NOD32 website!

    UNICRON Technical Expert

    Hey Mele20, we finally agree on something! I too do not care for acrobat reader.

    Too much wasted paper for sure, difficult to format in a way that suites my purposes since I don't own the writer. For the same reasons word docs are not great for people who need the word reader to view.

    I vote plain text or rich text format. Anybody can edit and format those.

    All my instructors at University use pdf, much to my dismay.
  10. headcase

    headcase Registered Member

    Marti quote = The Adobe folks explain the PDF format,

    That is sales blurb from Adobe.

    I buy a proggie, I am also buying a manual. I therefore want to print it out, read it and learn about the proggie.

    So, I want to have it printed in a format that is easily readable, of a comfortable size etc etc., and enjoy the process of learning about the proggie.

    PDF format manuals are not "enjoyable", they are a pain in the "you know what". Most certainly I do not want a "huge" A4 thingy.

    A5 suits me. And I want to change the fonts to a style I like, and a size I like, the paragraphs in a style I like.
    When updates come out I can insert the details into the manual in the relevant places, even print a new one so the info is in the correct places - not all over the place.

    Large size text on A4 is nearly as hard to read as small text on a smaller pages.

    I have file manager proggie, Dir Opus ( absolutely super proggie). the manual is in PDF format. It is large, hard to understand, large size fonts, a lot of white space, update manuals only contain info about the new or updated features, but to understand them, the original manual has to be read in conjunction with the new updated one.
    The programmer flatly refuses to do the manual in another format. Reading between the lines as it were, he doesn't want anyone changing the manual. I just do not understand that thinking at all. they even brought out a manul in PDF that was set to disable printing, the programmer admitted that is was a good idea at the time.

    I'm so fed up with crap PDF I am refusing to buy any proggies with a PDF manual.

    I - like many other peeps - am eagerly waiting on the new Nod.

    Just a note to the Nod32 peeps, I recommend nod32 to all my friends etc and they buy it. A good proggie will generate sales.

    I got and paid for a great email client proggie, PocoMail. Fast, great, it leaves OE floundering at the starting post.
  11. Mele20

    Mele20 Former Poster

    >I'm so fed up with crap PDF I am refusing to buy any proggies with a PDF manual.

    I'm a bit confused. If you are that fed up with PDF manuals then why do you have NOD32?

    I just installed NAV 2003 trial and what a tremendous relief! The help manual is right there online ...so easy to use. I too, will never again get any application that has a manual in PDF. I'm taking Acrobat Reader off my computer again. It is one of the worst applications I have ever run across.
  12. Paul Wilders

    Paul Wilders Administrator


    That's stated by headcase as well:

    Seems a very valid argument to me ;)

    Personally, I prefer the better software above the easier manual ;). Best of luck!


  13. Mele20

    Mele20 Former Poster

    >Personally, I prefer the better software above the easier manual . Best of luck

    I have used NAV for two years and loved it. I beta tested NAV 2003. I left NAV primarily because I was very pissed off at their tech support which used to be outstanding, but has badly deteriorated. Still though, it is a great deal better than NOD32's. Symantec has a great site for searching for support which NOD32 does not. Symantec has farmed out web individual support to India and it's bad, BUT at the same time they have lowered the price for paid phone support and NOD32 has no phone support. I agree that NOD32 is the better scanner, but not by much and when you add it all together I regret having to say it , but NAV still comes out ahead. If Eset ever decides to really compete in the US market then NOD32 will be great because there will need to be changes made for the US market. NOD32 is very rough around the edges. (Maybe that will change with Ver.2) I had thought Eset had decided to compete in the US market because of Vblocker, but if that is being removed then that says Eset is not prepared to enter our market.

    Lastly, my home is DSLR Security Forum and most everybody there has NAV. I still support folks there who have NAV questions. So, I guess I am homesick too. This is a nice forum, but it's not DSLR and I want to spend my time there and I don't really have time for two sites. DSLR is all consuming.

    Also, your site is very slow and half the time I can't get here at all and I have cable modem. I keep getting logged out and all sorts of error messages here. Makes it difficult. Says I'm logged in but when I go to post this, I get told to register! I hope I can post this time...my third try.
  14. Paul Wilders

    Paul Wilders Administrator


    Good for you!

    We've heard that story mor than once. Said.

    followed by:

    Is kind of puzzling me o_O.

    As for your remark concerning Eset "entering the US market": I'm fairly sure this his happening right now already - even worldwide. I'm pretty sure Eset's marketing strategy is a good one.

    Well, give my regards to WildCatBoy! ;) The mere fact most posters over there have NAV installed is nice - it doesn't mean anything actually as for software quality. Anyhow: if they are happy campers, that's just fine.

    Good going!

    Well, be assured you are welcome any time over here, if only for a change once in a while ;)

    We are currently working on that. A matter of time really.


  15. :D

    My mouth fell open when I read you went back to Norton AV 2003..

    Here's why I SWORE off NAV any version...

    1. Puts so much garbage on the Registry that either reformatting or restore a clone is the only way to get rid of the garbage.. Registry cleaners can't catch them all, and Symantec's site is not complete with the info...

    2. Online support stink, especially from India. Those guys don't even understand what you're writing, let alone being able to solve the problem.. As for phone tech, yeah, right...I'll pay..

    3. No Forums in an understandable, currently kept manner. Symantec has designed it's site so the average user will only be able to see the positive stuff only..

    4. Live Update is only once a week, and Intelligent Updater ruined the Live Update feature fro me.. I had to Uninstall and reinstall NAV over and over, including doing it the way it says in their support pages..No update info that I know of..

    5. Their encyclopedia is full of viruses that no longer exist.. Or not harmful anymore due to the OS..

    Scanning time was 26 minutes for a 20 G Hd with 25% usage
    With Nod32 that went down to 8 minutes!

    Boot up time with NAV is slower, Nod is hardly noticable.

    It's seems to me you want the best of both, concerning Support, email support has always been fast. If not, use the Forum!

    What are you even doing here in a NOD support forum if you are using NAV 2003? I guess you are not 100% happy with NAV?

    Good Luck!
  16. nod32 user

    nod32 user Guest

    Man, what a turn-around, one minute I am reading the intriguing mysteries of buying 'online' or boxed Cd, then all a sudden we are in PDF formatting debate.

    Well, with the pros/cons online/CD buying, nothing anyone will say is going to make one iota of difference to either party if their mind is already made up.

    In a nutshell, it's up to you. I do both, only because of convenience.

    As for the PDF arugment, man, PDF IS the cornerstone of file sending via internet. When was the last time you heard of a bug/virus/worm/trojan in a PDF file. As for Word, oh dear god, give me a break.

    You only have to set up your parameters correct [if you know what you are doing] for printing and you DO NOT GET WASTED SPACE. Oh, I also mean using Acrobat itself, not 'Reader'.

    I work in a newspaper where we deal with PDF files ALL the time, sooo simple, easy, SAFE, everything blends, no stupid formats like Word, Excel, Publisher, etc. to deal with in our work environment. All types imbedded, no wrong fonts, etc. etc. Pictures/logos/all imbedded correctly.

    Don't get me wrong, some of the above formats work fine in an office environment situation, but IN-HOUSE only, NOT for electronic transmission. Every time we have a problem with a client sending in an advertisement, you can bet your bloody boots, it's in 'Word'. They just won't learn.

    Just my $0.02 worth.
  17. nod32 user

    nod32 user Guest

    Straight Shooter!!!

    MAN ARE YOU SPOT ON.... could not have put it more succinctly myself.

    I too had NAV installed, and got FPCS [frozen PC syndrome], updates, what bloody updates, would not work most of the time.

    Eventually had to uninstall and it took me over 30 minutes to clean out all unwanted debris in folders, registry, etc.

    NOD32 is given the 'nod' from me mate.
  18. :(
    Really Now, what is wrong with PDF?

    OH, so it spits out 3 or 4 wasted blank pages. Have you ever heard of Recycling? Like, Scratch Paper? Doodle? PUH-Lease, don't tell me you won't read a document in PDF.. You'd better call the IRS in America and tell them to immediately cease and desist in putting out all the tax forms in PDF format!

    It's not the easiest to read, but I don't have any problems printing it. On the other hand, I don't count pennies too...
    If the software is worthy of it, it's manual is getting printed!!!!

    This forum is "morphing" from a boxed software versus download, to a NAV 2003 benefits, to a PDF bashing area...

    I removed the flash entry. We had some complaints.
  19. Paul Wilders

    Paul Wilders Administrator

    This thread do have all components indeed. Please ladies & gents, stay on topic. No "other software bashing" allowed, and feel free to open a new thread on the appropriate forum for other issues.


  20. manxaura

    manxaura Registered Member

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :p

    NOD32 is safe to buy online. Hey I don't really like buying on line but NOD32 have been really great and always have helped when I have phoned. Though I understand the concern let my comments confirm that online buying with NOD32 is safe and supportive.

    "So don't loose any sleep over it"


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  21. Alison T

    Alison T Guest

    I don't know about the rest of your complaints but I think you'll find your problems with NOD32 (in the other topic) were caused by NAV's poor uninstallation. I was in the same boat when I changed from NAV2002 to NOD32. I don't know much about computers and I couldn't get NOD to work properly. Sometimes I had to start my PC 3 or 4 times before the NOD icons appeared. My son fixed the problem in a few minutes by deleting many NAV keys left behind in the Registry and NOD has worked flawlessly ever since.

  22. Paul Wilders

    Paul Wilders Administrator

    Welcome Allie,

    ..and thanks for the contribution ;). Nevertheless: let's all stay on topic - and NAV isn't the topic, over here on the NOD32 forum.

    Glad to hear your a happy camper, running NOD32, Allie ;).


  23. yarg

    yarg Guest

  24. rodzilla

    rodzilla Registered Member

    NOD32/Mozilla problem


    content deleted - NO "other software bashing" allowed on this forum - Forum Admin

    Yep ... you can only bash NOD32 here. :eek: (What did I miss ?)

    Interesting posts on that DSL link ... it appears that Mele abandoned NOD32 because of problems caused by known bugs in "other" software and now she's in more strife than ever. :'(

    It's unfortunate that all this happened right in the middle of the DoS attacks which locked me out for two days, but I'm pleased to see that other forum users came up with the right answers between them ... users helping each other is what makes a good support forum work.

    Thanks guys and girls!
  25. Mele20

    Mele20 Former Poster

    >it appears that Mele abandoned NOD32 because of problems caused by known bugs in "other" software and now she's in more strife than ever.

    I didn't "abandon" anything! I simply went and tried the "other" antivirus again after I had so much trouble configuring NOD32 to work with Mozilla mail. As far as I know, I still have a license for NOD32. I never said I was leavng NOD32 for ever! I was upset and having an awful time trying to reach this site and stay logged in and trying over and over to post and losing the post and a general mess. I had no idea until I got the letter last night that the site problems here were due to a DoS attack. I was curious anyhow as to how the "other" antivirus application turned out as I only had used the beta product. I would have tried the "other" again, in its final version, even if I was totally in love with NOD32. I have been waiting for the vender to put it up for trial and they just did.

    I never got an answer here from anyone that I could understand. Maybe I am stupid, but I could not understand how to configure NOD32 for Mozilla. Further, it irritates me that I have to configure it manually! Other vendors have this done automatically and I assumed NOD32 would also. (I'm wondering if it will even work at all with mail at AOL Cable which I may switch to since all the TW multimedia content is to be concentrated there). Finally, Jan came along and I know Jan can explain it, but none of the other posters here were able to explan it so that I could understand. I realize that they tried and I thank them for their efforts, but I still didn't understand. This is why I prefer a vendor who supplies tech support where the techs reply directly to each user on the support forum and why vendors should offer free phone support like the two antivirus vendors I have had in the past used to do.

    I got the "other" antivirus email working properly. It was just a misconfiguration in the third OE identity I have set up, but never use.
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