what you think of ubuntu 12.04

Discussion in 'all things UNIX' started by mack_guy911, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. mack_guy911

    mack_guy911 Registered Member

    is ubuntu 12.04 is best os for you or its still a turn off ?

    so far i found ubuntu 12.04 more like this :D


    some things really good worth to use it as your main os and some things so irritating and turn off they alone reason for drop down ubuntu :rolleyes:

    so whats your view o_O
  2. Kerodo

    Kerodo Registered Member

    I think it's easily good enough to use as my main OS. I just had to tweak one thing in grub command line to get my graphics brightness working, and that was it. I am very pleased with 12.04. I think it's very polished now, and everything works great.

    The only reason why I probably won't stick with it is that I love fooling with things, and probably will end up back in Windows again soon for more experiments. That plus the occasional look at other distros.

    But yes, I love Ubuntu 12.04 and I think it's about as good as it gets, at least for me....
  3. cet

    cet Registered Member

    I love it.Unity is the best thing I have ever seen.No awn no docky,it is there to use easily.I tried and everything works fine.I will install this a few days later.
  4. Hungry Man

    Hungry Man Registered Member

    Haven't booted into windows in weeks.
  5. BrandiCandi

    BrandiCandi Guest

    probably because you can't compile kernels in windows, I suspect. :p
  6. Hungry Man

    Hungry Man Registered Member

    lol it is a perk
  7. moontan

    moontan Registered Member

    i am very impressed. :cool:

    configuring sound was really easy, a first for me using Linux.:thumb:

    the only slight negative i see is that i think they could have combined both 'taskbars' into one to save screen real estate.
    but no biggie.

    the selection of apps included is very good and well thought.
    the Software Center is a joy to use.

    with this release, i think Linux is finally ready to compete with the 'big boys'.

    very nice! :thumb:
  8. vasa1

    vasa1 Registered Member

    After largely ignoring the Dash button when on 11.04 and 11.10, I'm getting to prefer it for launching programs. I still haven't understood the HUD though :(
  9. moontan

    moontan Registered Member

    well, i'll take Dash anyday over Metro. ;)

    where's the HUD?

    i don't think i've come across it yet.lol
  10. vasa1

    vasa1 Registered Member

    Just tap the alt key and look at the top of your screen. I'll post a link to an oldish video in a while.

    Edit: there's an embedded video in this blog: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/939
  11. moontan

    moontan Registered Member


    i don't think it works.
    but seeing the video in Youtube i don't think i really want to use that. ;)

    beside, i'm a mouse jockey. :)
  12. moontan

    moontan Registered Member

    ok i found it.
    i missread your post and thought it was the Tab key.
    not enough sleep.

    anyway, i disabled HUD because i don't see myself using it.
    and it was interfering with EasyStroke mouse gestures.

    although HUD can be remapped to any key you want...

    here's the instructions:
  13. steve161

    steve161 Registered Member

    Just went to 12.04 from 10.04. Although I am still playing around with Unity, I am liking gnome3 more.
  14. dw2108

    dw2108 Registered Member

    I do NOT know what has happened to the LINUX/UNIX families of OS's. This is BLATENT BLOATWARE! Gimme BL3 any time Linux wants to use more that 16 Megs of RAM!

    Sorry, but 7 Thumbs down. (Rather have Win 7 or Vista on my PC!)

  15. funkydude

    funkydude Registered Member

    What do I think, it lasted for about 20 minutes on my laptop before I rolled it back to Mint. That's roughly 10 minutes longer than 11.10, so I guess I'm slowly adapting to Unity. It does seem to get more bearable every time I try it, maybe one day when they add some form of customization.

    Waiting patiently for Maya and more cinnamon goodness.

    Are you WINEing your games? What do you think for that performance wise?
  16. BlitzenZeus

    BlitzenZeus Security Expert

    Ubuntu barely used over 400MiB of ram with running applications, and no swap usage when I was running it. Ram was never an issue for me, and the system I ran it on only has 2GiB of ram.

    I might run it again later if I can get the sound to stay working, on boot too frequently the sound didn't work. If I ran the command "sudo alsa force-reload" it might have worked, and it might not have. If that didn't work I would reboot, and try it again, sometimes the sound would work again after reboot, otherwise I had to run the command again to see if it fixed the problem. I used the most recent drivers from the website, and I read that sound was a issue with many people testing 12.04

    If everything is working it's fine for general use, I might throw it on a system with no operating system, but it's just as easy to put on the Win 8 customer preview right now where I didn't have any problems with drivers as manufacturers have been making their drivers available to support it even during it's beta.

    I do have to say one of the little things which is kinda of a big thing to some people is I miss the software to use all the special keys on my keyboard, and mouse, even remap them. I know with some software you can assign them, but this is far from user friendly to fix. To some there is a sense of accomplishment to make something work, and maybe even provide a tool for others to use so they can use their specialty hardware, however outside of that it's a hassle.

    I also had to edit a configuration file for bluetooth to stop trying to use my transceiver as a normal transceiver, the wireless devices sync with the transceiver, not the software on the computers, and I had to comment out a certain brand of devices just to make them work. These wireless devices work in the bios, and in boot menus without any special drivers, which is the reason I bought them.
  17. Hungry Man

    Hungry Man Registered Member

    I haven't tried any games yet. I'm setting up the Dolphin emulator though tonight. It'll be interesting to see hwo performance is on that.

    I'll try WINE for a game soon, probably. Borderlands has a platinum rating for WINE so I'll see how it works.
  18. vasa1

    vasa1 Registered Member

    Sorry to get all nit-picky, but ...
    Disabling and remapping aren't equivalent and the askubuntu answers, as of now, deal with remapping. My guess is that they won't make it simple to disable.
  19. moontan

    moontan Registered Member

    the article also says how to disable it, not just remaping. o_O

  20. vasa1

    vasa1 Registered Member

    Again, it's disabling ways for us to interact or use to invoke hud. But hud is still running. There's a "hud-service". IMO, disabling hud means stopping hud's activity and not just ways to interact with it at our level.
  21. moontan

    moontan Registered Member

    i see what you mean now.

    yeah, of course, it would be better if it was not running in the fist place.
    especially if you have no intention of using it! lol :p
  22. moontan

    moontan Registered Member

    one thing i don't really care for is the global menu bar.

    i have tried to figure out, in vain, why this is supposed to be an improvement.

    not a big deal really.
    but it's a lot of mouse mouvement for no benefit that i can see...
  23. chronomatic

    chronomatic Registered Member

    I'm really liking it except for Pulseaudio. After all these years of development it is still a piece of junk. My music will randomly stop playing, and when I look at syslog, I see a bunch of PA tracebacks. I had this issue on 10.x and 11.04 but did not see any PA problems with 11.10. Now in 12.04 (fresh install) they are back. I HATE Pulseaudio. :ouch:

    I am debating whether to compile OSSv4. In the past it completely solved my sound issues, but with the way Ubuntu is highly integrated today, I am hesitant out of fear I will break something.

    Also Rhythmbox has no equalizer (yes I tried both the 3rd party equalizers, they don't work in 12.04). I guess I will have to go back to Banshee.

    Other than these issues, I am liking it quite a lot.
  24. vasa1

    vasa1 Registered Member

    I like it because it isn't there occupying permanent screen space and because I can bring it up whenever I need with Alt+F or Alt+E or whatever. I agree that if one relies on the mouse it can be a pain.
  25. apathy

    apathy Registered Member

    I like it, very polished but I won't use Unity. MATE works great for me. Using mate in ubuntu 12.04 is refreshingly light and stable.
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