What is your security setup these days?

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by dja2k, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. Arcanez

    Arcanez Registered Member

    of course AppGuard:thumb: ....and some other stuff :D
  2. jmonge

    jmonge Registered Member

    ams963 and Arcanez:thumb: :thumb:
  3. jmonge

    jmonge Registered Member

    i love AppGuard but my faborite one is webroot secure anywhere;) it is just rich in features
  4. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf Registered Member

    DefenseWall 3.18
    Faronics Anti-Executable 5
    Shadow Defender

    Macrium Reflect ~ System Explorer ~ SeconfigXp ~ AdMuncher ~ OpenDNS ~ Opera
  5. modano

    modano Registered Member

    setup in my sig. :) should I add something:)how is it? :)

    P.S EPIC thread :D
  6. searaider

    searaider Registered Member

    Greetings, setup on my signature.
  7. BonskY

    BonskY Registered Member

    Trying this great setup (Window XP SP3)

    • Webroot Secure Anywhere Essential (Firewall disabled)
    • Outpost Firewall PRO
    • Sandboxies PRO
    • Filehippo + Window Update On
    • Open DNS
    • Firefox (WOT + Ghostery + Adblock + Https Everywhere + Qualy’s browser check)
    • Backup: Important files on a Crypted USB stick away from my PC and to my Ubuntu One account.

    Have a nice day! :cool:
  8. Sevens

    Sevens Guest

    BullGuard Antivirus 12
    DefenseWall Personal Firewall 3.18
    COMODO Time Machine (C Drive only)
    ViceVersa Pro 2 (D backup)
  9. The Seeker

    The Seeker Registered Member

    Re-added Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO for added peace of mind.
  10. justenough

    justenough Registered Member

    modano and searaider, nice setups, you might want to keep a system image in a safe place just in case. I use Macrium Reflect, there are other good ones.

    Edit: Wait, searaider are you running both KIS 2012 and EAM at the same time?
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  11. jmonge

    jmonge Registered Member

    Originally Posted by ams963
    Webroot SecureAnywhere Essentials
    Emsisoft Antimalware
    Online Armour Premium
    Malwarebytes Antimalware PRO
    SUPERAntiSpyware PRO
    Zemana AntiLogger
    Secunia PSI
    Keriver 1-Click Restore

    I think I'm full :D

    WAY TOO MUCH:) :D :argh:
    with just Webroot SecureAnywhere Essentials and
    Malwarebytes Antimalware PRO
    you are set to go:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  12. Dark Shadow

    Dark Shadow Registered Member

    ams963 with all that security running,you be very lucky if you dont eventually get a BSOD.I hope you a least excluded each other.
  13. EASTER

    EASTER Registered Member

    And i thought i was bad in HEAPING it on with everything imaginable. No wonder malware never stood a chance on my net machines.

    He's going to have to take up active research and testing malware crap locally because nothing vicious could possibly invade such a mass of security of that magnitude :D
  14. ams963

    ams963 Registered Member

    nice setup wolf.....solid and very strong:thumb:......
  15. ams963

    ams963 Registered Member

    no need for mamutu....eset got hips......also backup solution/imaging software would strengthen your setup big time if you're not using one already;)
  16. ams963

    ams963 Registered Member

    I know buddy.....but I like fireworks:D
  17. ams963

    ams963 Registered Member

    I have to say I am very lucky ;)
  18. ams963

    ams963 Registered Member

    you have no idea:D .....
  19. ams963

    ams963 Registered Member

    I'm waiting to whack those malware :ninja: .....bring 'em on :cool: ......
  20. ams963

    ams963 Registered Member

    Internet Security:
    Webroot SecureAnywhere Essentials
    Emsisoft Antimalware

    Webroot SecureAnywhere firewall + Online Armour Premium

    Sandboxing/Isolating Software:
    Sandboxie Paid

    Malwarebytes Antimalware PRO

    SUPERAntiSpyware PRO

    Zemana AntiLogger

    Hitman Pro Paid


    adblock plus(malware domains, fanboy's ultimate list)
    bitdefender quickscan

    Internet Explorer
    quick heal dna scan

    Secunia PSI

    Junk Cleaning/optimizing:

    Password Manager:
    LastPass Free

    Data Encryption:
    EgisTec MyWinlocker 4

    File Shredder:
    Egistec Files Shredder

    Online Backup:
    Windows Skydrive

    OS Backup:
    Keriver 1-Click Restore Free

    Emsisoft emergency kit
    F-secure easyclean
    Norton power eraser

    Secure DNS Services:
    norton dns- and
    comodo secure dns- and

    do I need anything else?:)
  21. Page42

    Page42 Registered Member

    Small item I'll note... you might think about changing your Norton DNS to and
    You're using the V1 settings, which still work.
    V2 came out around September 2011, and is now called Norton ConnectSafe.
    My thinking is that v2 is more advanced somehow (because it is the most recent version) but I have no solid info to base that on. ;)
  22. searaider

    searaider Registered Member

    Greetings, sorry for the delay, yes I am, and no problems at all.
  23. tomazyk

    tomazyk Guest

    One classical HIPS and Behavior Blocker and you're fine :)

    Then you can start new thread "BSOD of a day" and post new picture every day...
  24. KelvinW4

    KelvinW4 Registered Member

    Thats a good idea:thumb: :thumb:
  25. jmonge

    jmonge Registered Member

    hips programs it's a must these days:thumb: :thumb: