What is your security setup these days?

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by dja2k, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. m00nbl00d

    m00nbl00d Registered Member

    For about ~ a month that I've removed all low integrity level file system from my system, except chrome.exe. Registry included. So, chrome.exe is the only thing running with a low integrity level, and it can't write to anywhere. :D Changes attempts to Windows protected areas are being redirected.
  2. Dark Shadow

    Dark Shadow Registered Member

    Removed MSE
    Added PrivateFirewall
  3. Kees1958

    Kees1958 Registered Member

    If there only was a program which made this easy to set low integrity for everyone. Same here, only chrome is comodo dragon and redirect is realised through run as invoker (I am on 32 bits windows, so might as well use windows build in file and registry virtualisation to the max).

    Admin - LUA - Protected mode (or high - medium - low rights), hopefully this third level will be used in future more often to contain/sandbox threatgates.
  4. Fuzzydice45

    Fuzzydice45 Registered Member

    Testing WSA antivirus at the moment and so far i'm loving it. The performance is amazing and the detection tests from av-test look promising.
    With the abundance of top notch free security solutions available I have never found the need to pay for security software, but I might have to buy WSA.
    I just need to keep an eye out for discounts now... :D
  5. tomazyk

    tomazyk Guest

    Added Norton Security Scan to my setup.
  6. Mongol

    Mongol Registered Member

    This deal from the Prevx/Webroot forum here still seems to be going: http://store.downloadcrew.com/p18893-webroot_internet_security_essentials_2011_5-pc
  7. woomera

    woomera Registered Member

    switched from Bitdefender to AVG Pro and from Dragon to Firefox, so im running:
    • AVG
    • Emsisoft
    • Comodo FW
    • Firefox
  8. Lucius

    Lucius Registered Member

    Hi! May I ask why did you change Bitdefender to AVG? :doubt:
  9. Sherlock_Holmes

    Sherlock_Holmes Registered Member

    KIS 2012 :D
    Also enabled the antibanner and tweaked a few scan settings
  10. woomera

    woomera Registered Member

  11. Dark Shadow

    Dark Shadow Registered Member

    I Also imagine it must of felt like you went from a brick to a pebble or a row boat to a sail boat.:p
  12. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf Registered Member

    DefenseWall 3.18
    Faronics Anti-Executable 4.21
    Shadow Defender
    [SIZE="+"]Macrium Reflect ~ System Explorer ~ SeconfigXp ~ AdMuncher ~ OpenDNS ~ Opera[/SIZE]
  13. jmonge

    jmonge Registered Member

    how is Faronics Anti-Executable ?
  14. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf Registered Member

    Running smooth (v4.21) along side DW + SD, will try v5 when I get a chance.
  15. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf Registered Member

    To a regular user, probably not, a good FW and a good AV (or Suite) should suffice, but your not a regular user jmonge, now are you. :D
  16. jmonge

    jmonge Registered Member

    man we are here to learn every day man:D ;)
  17. Dark Shadow

    Dark Shadow Registered Member

    Anti Excutable 5.0 :thumb: Appguard and AE seem to play nice together.A double Anti Excutable.:blink:
  18. Brandonn2010

    Brandonn2010 Registered Member

    Back to Panda, and no HitmanPro.
  19. KelvinW4

    KelvinW4 Registered Member

    why not :argh:
  20. tomazyk

    tomazyk Guest

    Removed Norton Security Scan (schedule can not be disabled...) and looking for alternative...
  21. operamail

    operamail Registered Member

    Switched from WFW to OutpostFW. So far so good.
  22. 1chaoticadult

    1chaoticadult Registered Member

    Might give Anti-Exec 5 a try.
  23. Dark Shadow

    Dark Shadow Registered Member

    Here is what I like about Anti-Excutable.Example a program you may not want ever installed on your system of course malware and rogues, but lets say a legit one as well.If you deny the install it goes in the execution control list and in the event the program tries to get installed again in the future its denied.Example screen shots.

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  24. jmonge

    jmonge Registered Member

    nice program:thumb:
  25. Boyfriend

    Boyfriend Registered Member

    Incredible protection by Anti-Excutable :thumb: