What is your security setup these days?

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by dja2k, Dec 15, 2005.

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  2. snowdrift

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    Re: "Bulletproof" Windows

    Yes, and I have added a few things... "free" things. I am not spending one more cent on security products.
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    you are maybe the 2nd person to have told me those. :D
    now I think theres something wrong with me. ^^

    okay I'll follow your suggestions :):thumb:


    btw... I didnt spend a single cent in my setup though.
    I was just evaluating a 30 day trial of deepfreeze.

    and about the usage of SafeOnline in my setup... it was there because I'm afraid that maybe some legitimate apps or my own OS might be recording my keystrokes :(

    P.S. I'll be updating my setup today. * PCTools Firewall and Peerblock will stay and I will find a free alternative to deepfreeze.
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  4. I don't think there's anything wrong with you, just your current behavior. Some people get like that after being hacked, and kind of need to be snapped out of it. (I did.)

    But I'm glad to hear you weren't using the payed versions of all that stuff. :eek:
  5. snowdrift

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    The "security" industry loves to whip up a frenzy to sell more product... it is a real gas.

    Combine that fervor to sell with a need of some to worry about things needlessly... and you get endless experimentation with security wares to assuage guilt/fear/paranoia. :D
  6. Konata Izumi

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    say, should I dump SafeOnline or not?
    although prevx cannot remove malware and malware wont execute in LUA/SRP environment...
    prevx seems useless but I just want to know if I was in contact with malware.
  7. snowdrift

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    Drop Prevx... try a-squared Free:

  8. Matthijs5nl

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    Another option is Hitman Pro, althought it not really free, scanning is always free so you can know whether you are infected or not. At the moment you are you can activate the 30-day removal trial so you are assured of one time free removal or you can manually delete it or try Malwarebytes to delete it. The advantage of Hitman Pro over a-squared Free is: much faster scanning, doesn't scan for harmless cookies, also uses a-squared + others so detection is somewhat higher probably.
  9. arjunned

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    Current setup:

    W7 (x64):
    REALTIME - AppLocker, UAC, Sandboxie 3.45.10
    ON DEMAND - Shadow Defender, MBAM Pro, Hitman Pro.

    W7 (x86):
    REALTIME - Prevx 3.0, AppLocker, UAC.

    Backup: Macrium Reflect Free

    Any comments/suggestions are welcome. :)

  10. Konata Izumi

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    Wow! Alot of people is already on Windows 7 x64... I'm so envious! :argh:
  11. Kees1958

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    I guess you mean BufferZone

    Regards Kees
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  12. Konata Izumi

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    no not bufferzone..
    how do you default deny on partition using SRP?
  13. Kees1958

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    Enter run
    Click extra rules
    right click, choose add new path/rule
    Just enter the partition root directory

    see pic

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  14. Konata Izumi

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    Thanks Kees :-*

    Windows XP SP3 Pro (MINIMALIST NO REALTIME APP? I can't feel safe with this. I'm afraid of keyloggers >__<)
    • LUA
    • ACL
    • DEP
    • SRP
    • Google Chrome (--safe-plugins, block 3rd-party cookies always)
    • IE8 (All settings: HIGH, SmartScreen Filter: ON)
    • Macrium Reflect Free
    • A-Squared Anti-Malware Free
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  15. xnevermore

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    Norton 360 V4

    running Windows7 x64
  16. Kees1958

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    Well download Trusteer Rapport or PrevX SafeOnline Facebook freebie(disable heuristics and age/popularity).

    For Trusteer change the settings to
    1. Allways (first choice when option)
    2. On partner and secured sites = the ones you add yourself (2nd choice)
    3. Never
    4. Partner sites

    For PrevX change the http setting to high, keep https on default (max).

    This will have two effects
    a) browser processes are being protected (both Trusteer and PrevX)
    b) keylogger protection (PrevX for all, Trusteer only on Partner and secured sites)

    I would add HitmanPro on demand it really is a good Dutch security application (thx to Loman brothers)

    Regards Kees
  17. Konata Izumi

    Konata Izumi Registered Member

    Thanks Kees! Hitman Pro is awesome!

    Windows XP SP3 Pro (MINIMALIST NO-AV Setup.)
    • LUA
    • ACL
    • DEP
    • SRP
    • PCTools Firewall Plus (Public Profile w/o ESV) [GLOW="green"]added!![/GLOW]
    • Peerblock [GLOW="green"]will be added[/GLOW]
    • Prevx SafeOnline (disabled all heuristics. HTTP/HTTPS protection set to MAX.)

    • Google Chrome (block 3rd-party cookies always)
    • IE8 (All settings: HIGH, SmartScreen Filter: ON)
    note: All download locations are sandboxed too.

    • Macrium Reflect Free
    • Hitman Pro (quick scan on-startup)

    Concerns: I'm sharing my PC with my cousins, they frequently install games (yes! I taught them how to install under LUA/SRP environment) which I don't like to have. Any solutions other than virtualization software?
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  18. makios

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    My new setup (see updated in my signature)
  19. pintas

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    I'm sorry Makios, all these acronyms confuse me.
    What does OSS stand for?
  20. adik1337

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    updated ... check my sig - comments/suggestions/bashing welcome :)
  21. G1111

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    solid setup :thumb:
  22. Noob

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    Been running out of ideas on what to test lately :p
  23. jmonge

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    Noob test a hips program or even BB ;)
  24. EscapeVelocity

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    Removed Mamutu, added back Winpatrol. Mamutu slowed down the computer significantly....its an old 2 GHz Celeron.
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    I think it should be Online security solutions;)