Webroot Acquires Prevx

Discussion in 'Prevx Releases' started by Scoobs72, Nov 1, 2010.

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    Thank you for writing what I think too. ;)

    @Prevx, if you don't want to lose customers and want get licenses prolonged you shouldn't wait to long with clarifying what way Prevx is now on as a separate software product. (Prevx 4? Will there be a Prevx5?)

    I guess it's very hard to find here people who are happy about getting soon some sort of total protection suite from Webroot instead of the small Prevx we have now.

    Implement your knowledge/agent into Webroot software, fine. But please keep Prevx alive as it is and develop *this* further too. And most important: assure your current customers that it will be this way, else it's going to end in disaster! ;)
  2. Einsturzende

    Einsturzende Registered Member

    Maybe within webroot they actually release a full functional trial finally :rolleyes:
  3. cruelsister

    cruelsister Registered Member

    I think the Board Doth Protest too Much. From a business point of view it would make the most sense for Webroot to totally dump current Spysweeper technology (saving costs) and replace it totally with Prevx (better product thereby increasing sales).

    Would there be any problems if Prevx changed its name to Spysweeper? Would any here mock a Suite containing a PF-Sophos-Prevx Combination?

    Any issues giving Webroot money instead of Prevx for equal protection (plus Webroot might actually be cheaper)?
  4. overangry

    overangry Registered Member

    I tried to get a refund for my 3y subscription, and was told "we see no reason to refund you".
    I subscribed a little over a week ago, why would I want a refund?

    1. I purchased a license from Prevx, a company that I trust and respect.

    *It has been purchased by Webroot, a company that doesn't have that level of trust
    (not that, that couldn't change in the future)

    2. Prevx, would further develop their software making sure it was of the highest standard.

    *I fear Webroot will not have that commitment to the Prevx brand. And Prevx will end up like many others before it, just a memory.

    I wonder will the support remain as it is, it's in Webroots hands not that of Prevx.
    Prevx now dances to Webroots tune.
    I dare say some Prevx employees are unsure of their own future let alone that of the product:(

    I have yet to hear anything from Webroot or Prevx(moderators excluded) what the future of Prevx beholds.

    A quote from Prevx support:
    "If anything we will be able to better provide support to our customers going forward".

    What does this statement meano_O o_O

    Honestly, I would have expected some reassuring words from customer support, outlining future commitments and changes if any, detailing why I should stay with Prevx.

    It seems, the times have already changed:gack:
  5. simmikie

    simmikie Registered Member

    because you have a new boss, and he is not the same as the old boss. :doubt:
  6. guest

    guest Guest

    Yes, of course!? As most people here aren't solely relying on Prevx (that just now had btw another bizarre false positive as I reported already by mail) and running it as 2nd (!) AV-Solution completing for example Avira they *do* have problems with *any* suite getting out of this merger.

    Most people as I understand don't want those overbloated suites but have fallen in love with Prevx because it can be used as a small addendum to *whatever* other solution one likes! That's exactly the reason why I bought it and why it has to stay available in the form it is now.

    People like you can buy the new bloated total protection suite (including anti-SPAM, parental control, firewall and what not!), I have no problem with that. As long as I can optional opt-out of any Webroot-cr@p that I DON'T NEED AND DON'T WANT and am able to get my small Prevx agent, doesn't care about how it's called though. ;)

    But we don't know anything about the plans they have made and until this is resolved I won't prolong my license. Simple fact.
  7. Eagle Creek

    Eagle Creek Global Moderator

    Second that.
    Webroot was "ok", but for sure not more than that. If it would be PrevX' great engine that will be incorporated in Webroots scanner.. well... why not?

    Time will tell, but experience has learned us those "relationships" can cause also huge ****ups ;).
  8. trjam

    trjam Registered Member

    Prevx is a behavioral blocker that will be merged into their suite. Watch and see.
  9. Triple Helix

    Triple Helix Webroot Product Advisor

    Much more as I see no need to have the Sophos engine anymore now that they have Prevx's Cloud Database! More info will be release in due time as they see fit! I for one will stay with Prevx and hope they stay on Track with there great customer support and wish all the best to the Prevx Team and to the future!

    TH ;)
  10. pegas

    pegas Registered Member

    A very fierce discussion here ... :eek:

    OK as I told yesterday I am rather surprised than disgusted from the merge. Though I am still questioning one thing ... what benefits Prevx get from Webroot and please don't repeat this babble again "... Webroot's innovations, customer service and support ..."

    In spite of all my mixed feelings I have a faith that Prevx will deliver us with v4, v5 in the fashion we are accustomed to (light, small, effective and unbloated piece of software) ... and that we, users, even don't notice Webroot foots in Prevx products. To testify my loyalty to Prevx I renewed my license today for the next 365 days. I honestly believe that I won't regret it. If so, yeah I have lost much more in my whole life than 35 bucks in the end.

    So I urge you, all loyal Prevx users, please don't abandon your licenses and/or stop your renewal now. Be rather mild and kind to Prevx and show them your support and belief.
  11. kasperking

    kasperking Registered Member

    hmmm...webroot has acquired prevx not to sell prevx but to make webroot more sale-able...will that happen...well :p
  12. Fad

    Fad Registered Member

    I will be sticking with it for the forseeable future as I have just tied myself into another year license...
    but, even at the first sign of it heading in the wrong direction I will drop it like a hot brick like I did with Giant etc, and many other unrelated softwares over the years.

    A case of watch this space I guess.....
  13. Pleonasm

    Pleonasm Registered Member

    Many of the comments in this thread are based on the implicit assumption that Prevx, in the absence of a merger/acquisition, could have successfully continued as an independent company. That assumption may be false. In a world where the complexities of confronting malware are increasing, small privately-held players are at a distinct disadvantage due to capital constraints.

    Thus, the real choice for users might be: (A) the gradual demise of Prevx or (B) the integration of Prevx into a more established solution. In that light, the second option seems less distasteful.
  14. Pleonasm

    Pleonasm Registered Member

    Perhaps the benefit to Prevx is that the company is able to continue to survive? With a relatively small number of paid users, the economics of the situation may have allowed no other choice than to be acquired?

    Stated differently, in the estimation of Prevx, it is clear that a future in which they are bundled with Webroot was perceived to be superior to a future in which they attempted to compete as an independent anti-malware vendor.
  15. Jav

    Jav Guest

    no, we are of course not that naive...
    We do understand what it is like in business environment and etc.
    So, I think you are wrong.

    Most of the assumptions (ok, at least mine) were based on the fact that we have our own reasons to hate/dislike webroot.

    Webroot "first Internet security company" has a long and disappointing history.

    That's why, people are sad that Prevx is becoming part of it.

    Nevertheless, I still have personal respect for some of the developers/employees in prevx. So I have my hopes on them.
    Good luck.
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  16. tobacco

    tobacco Frequent Poster

    Sorry to hear that Overangry

    That response from prevx verifies the change in attitude i've noticed the past 6 months. If prevx has any credibility whatsoever, any recent subscriptions should be refunded if asked for - "PERIOD"

    Based on the recent development and the "SMUG" :thumbd: response to Overangry, i am removing prevx and will no longer recommend it to anyone.
  17. shadek

    shadek Registered Member

    As I've said before. Judge Prevx for what it is in the current state at all times. I haven't seen anything bad with this deal as of yet and as long as I don't, I'll simply stick with Prevx.
  18. Pleonasm

    Pleonasm Registered Member

    Interesting. Given the potential choice between (A) Prevx ceasing to exist at all and (B) Prevx continuing to provide anti-malware protection within the Webroot solution, you would prefer option A, based upon your dislike of Webroot?
  19. Scoobs72

    Scoobs72 Registered Member

    Smug? Or just adhering to the terms and conditions of the product when it was purchased?...which doesn't say "If we are purchased by a company that you personally don't like, for whatever reason, then you can have a full refund for your purchase".
  20. Jav

    Jav Guest

    There is always option (C)...... :rolleyes:
  21. nessy90

    nessy90 Registered Member

    To assume something brings the potential to make an ASS out of U & ME.
    Ok make youre feelings known but to carry on as if the world has ended is rediculous, wait and see.

  22. tobacco

    tobacco Frequent Poster

    Yes, scooby, "SMUG" Give your head a shake!o_O He just paid one week ago for "3 ~ Snipped as per TOS ~ years"!

    Things like this don't happen over night and they kept the lid on it. Users such as overangry made their subscription decision based on prevx, not webroot prevx. Therefore, at the very least, any subscriptions longer than 1 year should be refunded if asked.

    If not, prevx loses all credibility!
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  23. Triple Helix

    Triple Helix Webroot Product Advisor

    I just installed Webroot AS with AV on VM and there is no sign of any ASK Toolbar or any other Toolbar!


    Capture02-11-2010-11.17.06 AM.jpg Capture02-11-2010-11.19.50 AM.jpg
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  24. trjam

    trjam Registered Member

    Ooooo, thats so neat how you made that word thingy with the bolded portions. I read it about, oh, 5 or 6 times and realized it was assume.:D In 50 plus years I have never seen such a cool way of making a point. You are talented.. Anyway, folks we can run this one in the ground and it wont matter.

    It is what it is and time will decide who is right or wrong here. A year from now they mave have one of the hottest products on the market or, a year from now Joe is working for BullGuard.:cool:

    But Prevx is still here and still has customers and a support forum so it it time to get back to work. Sit back and wait because in my Christmas Day predictions for 2011, this is only the start of this stuff. :thumb:

    Joe take care and prosper.
  25. Kernelwars

    Kernelwars Registered Member

    why work for bullguard when immunet is there:D
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