Watchdog to Obama: Schmidt policing online privacy is like Madoff heading SEC

Discussion in 'privacy general' started by lotuseclat79, Mar 22, 2011.

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    Using Schmidt for such a post would be a great way to gain more control over the internet and would be a huge step for the Big Brother movers and shakers. If you want more access to peoples' lives and to track them effectively, while being able to keep the public from getting too spooked..this is the guy you go to. Think about it, for the most part, Google, under this guy got away with a lot of things. The ones who really went after him were governments. The public pretty much sat on their hind quarters and thought it was cute to hunt their houses in Google Earth and Street View. Google knows how to do this stuff. They'll completely obliterate your privacy and store away records of your life, all while giving you unlimited email, a way to travel the world from your desk chair, and fantastic, detailed directions complete with pictures.

    And this is the guy that headed it all.
Thread Status:
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