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Discussion in 'Paragon Drive Backup Product Line' started by jasonbourne, Dec 10, 2010.

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  1. jasonbourne

    jasonbourne Registered Member

    I recently have made an image backup of my system and I noticed an error while the backup is being done. It says, VSS technology has failed with error 0x11112..3 times before proceeding. Kindly see attached image.

    The backup is good and has been verified with no errors whatsoever. It's only now that I have noticed this aside from the "mount/unmount" problem that I can live with.

    I usually do backups via the Linux CD but this time I did it in Windows and noticed it.

    What is it? Can I have some explanations for it..why is it occurring?

    Is it bad? If so, how can it be corrected?

    Using Paragon Backup and Recovery 10.2 free.

    Also, I have been gifted a license of Paragon Drive Backup 9.5 Pro but have not used it yet. Is it Windows 7 capable?



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  2. Mech_An

    Mech_An Registered Member

    The error is not related to Paragon itsetlf. It indicates issues with VSS (Windows native technology).

    Check if VSS is started:
    To restart the Volume Shadow Copy service, please see the step-by-step instructions below:
    1. Right click on My Computer icon and select Manage
    2. Select 'Services and Applications' - 'Services' in tree-view on the left.
    3. Find 'Volume Shadow Copy' service in the list and double-click it to open the service properties 4. Click the Startup type list, click Automatic, and then click Apply.
    5. Under Service status, click Start if service is stopped OR click Stop first and then Start if service is running.
    6. Click OK.

    Then run backup again. Does it work with VSS or with Paragon Hot Processing?
  3. jasonbourne

    jasonbourne Registered Member


    Thanks for the reply.


    I incidentally see also that there is a VSS technology started a littele down the image..was it/has it started successfully or just in 1(disk 0) and not in 0(0 disk 0)? Are they different? I notice there are no errors of the VSS kind after it has started at 1(disk0).

    "Then run backup again. Does it work with VSS or with Paragon Hot Processing?"
    --well I see Hot Processing technology is started there...does that mean it works with it?

    Sorry not really knowledgeable in this. Just make a backup and return and check for integrity. Same as when I was with freeware Acronis.

    How about Paragon Drive Backup 9.5 Pro? Is it Windows 7 capable?
  4. Mech_An

    Mech_An Registered Member

    VSS can't work with FAT32 partitions and OEM partition with non-NTFS file system. Maybe partition 1 disk 0 is NTFS which is correctly proceed by VSS and partition 0 disk 0 is non-NTFS.

    To get confirmation please post here a screenshot of the Windows Disk management tool:
    * right-click on 'My computer' and choose 'Manage';
    * select 'Disk Management' in 'Storage';
    * maximize the window;
    * click 'PrintScreen' key on the keyboard to capture the screen into the Windows Clipboard;
    * use any graphical editor (Windows Paint, for instance) to paste the image and save it as JPG, GIF or PNG file;
    * attach saved image to your reply.

    Yes, when Paragon Hot processing technology is started, it means that current partition is archiving with it.

    If you have Acronis installed the issue with VSS could be caused by it. Acronis replaces native Windows VSS service by their ouwn service and Paragon backup fails to initiate VSS.

    Yes, it is. Version 9.5 is freeware clone with minor restrictions of the paid version 10.
  5. jasonbourne

    jasonbourne Registered Member


    Thank you for the reply and sorry for late reply. Been drunk due to the season drinking..lol!

    I'll check and post again here after a few days. Merry Christmas!

  6. jasonbourne

    jasonbourne Registered Member


    Happy New Year!

    Along the line of Acronis... have completely uinstalled Acronis(DiscWizard) when I used Paragon so there are no leftovers in my system. It still is the safe as I did a back-up the other day. Through "Hot Processing" and not via the VSS technology...

    Along the 9.5 freeware clone versus BR 10 freeware which in your personal opinion is best and well suited for Windows 7? Are the differences that important or hmmm......

    Thanks will wait for your reply.
  7. Mech_An

    Mech_An Registered Member

    version 9.5 probably is renamed 10 version w\o WinPE Recovery CD.

    Yopu can check the real version of freeware clone paying attention to the splash creen that appears when you start program in full scale mode.

    If it is 10 then I think that freeware clone is better because it has mode options.

    The bebefit of B&R Free is free update\upgrade and option to load it from My Account any time you need.
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