VIPRE - which firewall does it use?

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by FanJ, Nov 2, 2013.

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  1. FanJ

    FanJ Updates Team

    In a recent thread about G-DATA I learned from Securon that VIPRE has been bought by ThreatTrack Security (I didn't know that).
    Their forum is now:

    I also didn't know that there is now VIPRE Internet Security 2014.
    Does someone know which firewall it uses?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. henryg

    henryg Registered Member

    Looks like it was acquired from GFI.

    GFI's "lifetime" licensing was pretty bad... One re-format and you had to purchase a new license.

    I hope ThreatTrack Security CEO Julian Waits, Sr. changes the policy about their lifetime licensing...

    (Sorry... I did not mean to hijack the thread.)

    I believe that the firewall is their own... in-house. However, it still does not function with Windows 8.1. Only their A/V does.
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  3. Securon

    Securon Registered Member

    Good Morning! Hello FanJ...and henryg...the Current Vipre firewall is the newest edition of the old Kerio firewall...due to the fact that Sunbelt's firewall was the Kerio firewall as mentioned. I Think I'm historically correct. Now it in the Internet Security is of course included...and does have Hips. But the integration of a Hips firewall it seems has presented problems over time with the app. Now too bring us up to date...tomorrow I will contact Threat Track to re-establish my license key...and upgrade to the Vipre 2014 I.S. At that time I'll keep you appraised as to how it integrates with my set-up. Until then...Sincerely...Securon
  4. henryg

    henryg Registered Member

    Securon, many thanks...
  5. FanJ

    FanJ Updates Team

    First I would like to thank both henryg and Securon for the additional info.

    More about the history of ThreatTrack Security can be found here:

  6. Securon

    Securon Registered Member

    Good Evening! As promised I just recently re-installed the new Vipre I.S.2014 version. It wasn't the firewall was the overly long install...and outrageously long Deep Scan...over 3 hours...and they omitted exceptions in the scan options settings. Most vendors provide digital fingerprinting or cache reduction once the initial full system scan is run. Sorry too say Vipre has to be re-engineered to reflect progress...the competition is providing superior options.I forgot to mention that during install Vipre scans for uncompatable software. I had to remove Webroot...this too me is totally unacceptable...Webroot has been intelligently designed to be compatible with all vendors products...why can't Vipre...Threat Track? Now in all fairness Vipre isn't alone in this disgusting practice...but I know most of us can't and won't condone this behaviour. In long Vipre. They should of continued with was bug free...and certainly as effective. Sincerely...Securon
  7. imdb

    imdb Registered Member

    and yet, they managed to sell any? o_O
  8. stephentony

    stephentony Registered Member

    There is no mandatory removal of WSA before installation. At least as of today there is not. Installed Vipre IS 2014 a few days ago to go with my WSA license. It tells you of possible incompatibility but you can go ahead and install. I am having zero issues 3 days in. The two seem to co-exist quite well together. In fact the two together have almost no impact on system resources or internet surfing. Of course, your mileage may vary.
  9. act8192

    act8192 Registered Member

    Well, not quite. Sunbelt firewall is very much based on Kerio, and they added behavior, tiny HIPS, web watch. Nice packet filtering GUI, actually nicer than Kerio if you can believe it.

    Vipre took that and stripped the packet filtering section badly. They have (or had) a ton of posts on their forum from people who got Vipre and found out the hard way that they can't do what they could do in the Sunbelt firewall.

    I can't give you a link, because I see they moved the site and deleted all of the Sunbelt firewall posts and all the old Vipre posts :( so we have no history.
  10. NickHSunbelt

    NickHSunbelt Support Specialist


    Exceptions can be added under Manage > Always Allowed.

    VIPRE does also use caching for both Active Protection and scans. You can enable this for scans by enabling the "Use Rapid Scan" option. This should be enabled by default on manual scans but not on scheduled scans.
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