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    Other Firewalls Sticky Posts and Other Useful Links

    Firewall Questions for beginners


    Windows Firewall
    Windows Firewall with Advanced Security (Guide for Vista/Win7 - two-way control)
    Windows XP Firewall
    Windows Firewall Overview & Tips

    Free Firewalls, Addons, Utilities and IDS
    List of Free Firewalls

    Kerio 2.1.5
    BlitzenZeus Kerio v2.x Default Replacement Rules

    Zone Alarm
    Zone Alarm - Resetting Intrusion Counts
    Zone Alarm Plus/Pro Program Options (Updated for ZAP v4.0)
    No Log Pings/Worms

    Customizing Firewall Rules
    System Wide Rules
    Global Permit/Block Rules
    Application Rules
    Final Block Rules

    Ports/Services, Protocols, IP's and RFC's
    IANA Assignments - Port Numbers
    IANA Assignments - Protocol Numbers
    IANA Assignments - ICMP Parameters
    IANA - Special Use Addresses
    RFC Editor Homepage
    Dave's Port Reference
    Internet Protocol Numbers

    Intrusion/Port Scanning Trends
    Internet Storm Center

    Leak Tests
    Firewall Leak Tester + leaktest paper
    Another Vulnerability Demonstrator

    Other Useful Links
    Tassie's Tests/Tutorials/Topics/Tips Sites
    Protecting Your Privacy & Security on a Home PC

    Vendor Forums
    Kerio User Discussion Board
    LooknStop Firewall Forum
    McAfee Support Forums
    nVidia nForce Motherboard (firewall) Forum
    Outpost Firewall User's Support Forum
    Zone Labs User Forum
    Jetico Personal Firewall
    Symantec - Norton
    Online Armor - Emsisoft
    VIPRE - ThreatTrack Security
    Ad-Aware - Lavasoft
    Trend Micro
    Quick Heal

    Hardware Routers/Firewalls
    Hardware Router Need To Know 2006
    LAN & WAN Basics

    Practically Networked
    Wireless Networking Backgrounder

    Firewall Certifications
    ICSA Labs - Firewalls

    Microsoft Resources
    Microsoft Safety & Security Center
    Microsoft Security Newsletter for Home Users
    Microsoft Download Notifications
    Microsoft TechNet Security

    Other Resources
    Security Focus Articles Note: Security Focus has been bought by Symantec
    Home User Security: Your First Defense
    Home User Security: Personal Firewalls

    Learning Threads (threads by users for users)
    How to set optimum settings in ZA Pro?
    How to Optimize Security in Comodo V Thread 2
    How to Optimize Security in Kerio 2.1.5 -Learning Thread 3
    Hints on using Online Armor FW-a Learning Thread 4
    Jetico making me crazy.
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