Updated- TrendMicro HouseCall v.7.1

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Dermot7, Mar 28, 2010.

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  1. Dermot7

    Dermot7 Registered Member

  2. 3GUSER

    3GUSER Registered Member

    The application is nice and works fine but Trend Micro doesn't have good enough detection rates to even use it as a second scanner or dedicated cleaner
  3. codylucas16

    codylucas16 Registered Member

    I really despise the bad name Av-Comparatives has given Trend Micro. TMIS has never failed to stop and infection, detect an infection or remove an infection for me once. It's done a better job than MSE at all three of those for me.
  4. Dermot7

    Dermot7 Registered Member

    I agree. Seems G-Data and Avira always come out with good results from them. TM's malware removal has always been highly regarded afaik, and their
    web-protection (in e.g suite) is very good. Housecall is used by many IT Pros
    I've heard also.
  5. gery

    gery Registered Member

    TMIS did a good job for me also .The only downside of it was the heavy browsing and resources it required on my laptop. Web protection was very effective and it never gave me false alarms like many other applications do.
  6. 3GUSER

    3GUSER Registered Member

    A few months ago I had very bad experience with Trend Micro . I was about to install a new antivirus (change TM) and before I install the new AV I decided to give TM a chance to run full scan . It didn't find anything , scanned 3 hours (too much) . The new antivirus scanned much faster and found quite a lot of trojans. Trend has never been a good competitor IMO.

    Anyway , a single opinion is not that important.
  7. Securon

    Securon Registered Member

    Good Evening ! Speaking from experience I took Trend Micro Internet Security and Internet Pro on repeated Trial excursions during the past three months. My only observation was a very positive one both were very user friendly and didn't noticeably slow my system down at all. The only negative was the scanning took too long and the pricing of the product in comparison to the competitors a tad pricey,this is primarily in reference to the Pro Security Suite. Now, I can't really comment on the effectiveness of the integrated Malware scanner as nothing other than low grade cookies were detected, no Trojans or Worms or Scareware. I'm sure with their new Cloud based scanner Trend Titanium, they'll be back as a force to be reckoned with. Sincerely...Securon
  8. raven211

    raven211 Registered Member

    Only problems because they're still using the IE-like interface with its components. :mad:
  9. dansorin

    dansorin Registered Member

    since the testing is done the same way for all the competitors, you have no reason for saying this.
    I use at work TrendMicro for many years, it let through trojans on quite few occasions. The last trojan that TM missed, was detected by ~37 from the 40+ scanners on virustotal.
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