Truecrypt 6 los a useful feature

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by testsoso, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. testsoso

    testsoso Registered Member

    by version until 5.1a truecypt was able to creat a truely hide volume. and this is gone with version 6!

    by v5.1a, you can create a hiden volume in a partition ,and than quik format the partition in FAT32, and the hiden volume is still can be used. the advantage of this is no one will expect that in a FAT32 partition, and even with some files on it, is a truecrypt volume.

    and if they use tools like winhex to exame the drive, we can easly say, the empty space was erased with ramdon passes. and no one could proved it otherwise.

    the v6 changed the header place of the hiden volume, so it is not posible to do so anymore.

    by the version 5, truecypt place the header of the hiden volume in the end of the partition.

    but in the version 6, they placed it in the front of the partition, just behind the header of the outer volume, and this cause the failure.

    i like to sugest the devloper change it back again, think about you will able to have a hiden windows in the second FAT32 partition, and decrypt the deco OS, so you have a truely hiden OS, which is only bootable with your rescue Disk, and has the full deniability.

    TECHWG Guest

    Am i missing something here? I just installed the new version, and you can still create hidden data areas, and you can still mount the original container area, and protect the hidden from damage, so how is anything different?
  3. testsoso

    testsoso Registered Member

    Yes, you are missing some thing, i was talking about:
    "you can create a hiden volume in a partition ,and than quik format the partition in FAT32, and the hiden volume is still can be used."

    that is, after unmount the volume, the partition shows as unformated in windows, and than do a quik format as FAT32. than the outer volume is gone, but the hiden volume is still there, and can be used.

    you can even put some files on the newly created FAT32 paritition, as long as they don't touch your hide one.

    by the version 6, you can't mount the hidden volume anymore, after you quik format it.

    TECHWG Guest

    Oh i get you now... yes, well thats not really a feature, but more like a loophole which was pretty cool. I think they have good reasons for wanting to re-organize how they do things. If we accidentally find something cool, and its gone in new version, we cant grumble really.

    TECHWG Guest

    Well according to what i have read, the header is backed up seperatly in the latter part of the container, as its own integrated backup, so in theory it will still mount if the original header is destroyed.... And you can always make your own backup.
  6. testsoso

    testsoso Registered Member

    i'm not complain about it, if i use this feature, i can use it in the old 5.1a version.

    but i just think it comes realy close to perfection, now i think it is not too difficult for the TC developers to do follows:

    1)make a CD version of TC, which can boot the PCs
    2)than will TC fill the free space of the 2 partition(FAT32) with full random data.
    3)than make a encypt hiden System in the free space.
    4)save a bootable rescure Disk of a USB

    by doing this you will leave no trace of your windows system, that you have ever used truecypt, and you can boot the hiden OS with the USB.

    if anyone ask you about the random data in the free space, yes you can say, it was wiped with eraser, and nobody can say it otherwise.

    i believe this will be the most secure system for the privacy.
  7. ex3

    ex3 Registered Member

    sounds like nice technique,
    could you go into bit more details in to how to do it?
  8. testsoso

    testsoso Registered Member

    i have said, it is not difficult for the developers to add this feathures, i haven't said, we can do this for now.

    all the needed features are almost there, the developers need just change back the header of the hidden volume to the end of the partition, not place it in the begining of the partition, which will be destroyed by format or add files to the partition.
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