ThreatSense.Net Queue -- how to see what's in it?

Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by LuckMan212, May 14, 2005.

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  1. LuckMan212

    LuckMan212 Registered Member

    I've got a question about v2.5- this new ThreatSense.Net thing is cool. I got a "Possible NewHeur_PE" on one of my EXEs so I right clicked it from the Quarantine and chose to submit it to ESET for further analysis.

    After this, I am not sure how to "send" the queue. I was told it was added to a queue, but no status was given and I am not sure how to check this queue and make sure it is sent.

    Is there some "out basket" or other log of events that I can check to make sure it has gone?

    In my opinion this is still a little confusing and the UI could be improved.
    But I am happy to see such a feature nonetheless! ;)
  2. rumpstah

    rumpstah Registered Member

    Hi LuckMan212:

    A partial answer to your question has started here.

  3. LuckMan212

    LuckMan212 Registered Member

    I had actually seen that thread but I wasn't sure it answered the question. Were they talking about the NT Event Log, or NOD32's private event log? I wasn't sure. Anyway I did find my answer just playing around, I see now in my NOD32 control center under Event log, there is a note saying the file was submitted.

    I still think there should be a way to "see" what is queued up for submission to ESET, sort of like being able to look in the Quarantine.
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