The unofficial Shadow Defender Support Thread.

Discussion in 'sandboxing & virtualization' started by Cutting_Edgetech, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Osaban

    Osaban Registered Member

    I'm sorry it didn't work. In my experience I've heard of SD locking computers, but very few people complained about it. As you can imagine programs are coded to work with most machines although there might be the occasional one behaving differently.

    If I were you and wanted to investigate further, I would uninstall all security programs (including Sandboxie and key scrambler), install SD on a fairly clean Win7 and see if it still locks. If SD works on a clean system then I would install one by one all other security and see if there are any conflicts. Hopefully somebody else might have other ideas.
  2. Blues7

    Blues7 Registered Member

    Could this be the result of too many kernel or system level drivers interacting?

    I know that I've had issues with SpyShelter in the past when I tried it out for a short while on my XP Pro SP3 system.

    But there seems to be a lot going on there that might cause such conflict.
  3. pegr

    pegr Registered Member

    It's most likely a conflict between Shadow Defender and one of your other security applications that is causing this, but the way to be sure would be to do what Osaban said in order to isolate and identify the cause.

    When you have found the conflicting application, you may find that you can sidestep the issue by always making sure that you always exit Shadow Mode when restarting the system then manually enter Shadow Mode once the system has restarted.

    If the system then starts normally but you still have trouble entering Shadow Mode, you could try temporarily disabling the real-time protection in the conflicting application before entering Shadow Mode then enabling the real-time protection again after Shadow Mode has been entered. I found this to be effective while testing the Panda Cloud 1.9.1 beta, where I was experiencing similar problems with system freezes and lockups.

    If none of the above helps then you may have to make a choice between Shadow Defender and the conflicting application, once you have identified it. In that case, you might want consider alternative light virtualization applications, such as Returnil or Toolwiz Time Freeze for example, to see if they work with your setup.
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  4. Alicelost

    Alicelost Registered Member

    Hi all
    is Shadow Defender good to prevent malware infection ?
    and is the new version safe to buy?
  5. sdmod

    sdmod Registered Member

    The "new" Shadow Defender is from an anonymous vendor who does not appear to be the original developer/owner of Shadow Defender. People who buy the software are not receiving support and emails remain unanswered etc. The software itself is not greatly different fom earlier versions which were supported by the developer but it appears that maybe the Shadow Defender site has been hacked or hijacked in some way and the new "owner" has not come forward to say any different. Some people have used the new version but many people are sticking with version which is the last good proved version where the known and trusted owner was still in charge.

    best wishes

    Patrick (ex Shadow Defender mod)
  6. Alicelost

    Alicelost Registered Member ok cool sdmod thank you

    dose anyone know where i can but a license for ?
    or if i buy a license for the new version will it work on ?
  7. Osaban

    Osaban Registered Member

    I can only suggest to you to buy a license from the "official SD website" which nobody knows how legitimate it is. Having said this, every one who did, got a license number which works with any version of SD. Nobody so far has been ripped off, but the original developer is not available.
  8. Alicelost

    Alicelost Registered Member

    i understand thanks
  9. The Shadow

    The Shadow Registered Member


    While I completely agree with everything that Patrick (sdmod) has said about the current SD website (especially their lack of communication or support), here are some additional very personal observations:

    After running a trial version of SD v1.1.0.325, I liked it so much I decided to buy a license. So 3-months ago I purchased (and promply received) my license from the current website. At that time I decided to install the latest build ( and I must say that I have not experienced any problems whatsoever with this build. While I can not point to any functional changes in the current build, one thing that is a noteable improvement (in my eyes) is the driver-signing (VeriSign). Up to the current build (331) SD's driver was not signed. I also believe that no matter which version of SD you decide to use it's pretty apparent that this forum will be your only reliable source of support and knowledge-base!

    And fwiw, another member recently discovered that you can buy an SD license from Softonic at a $10 discount.
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  10. Alicelost

    Alicelost Registered Member

    Thanks for all the info everyone
    Shadow defender is up and running thank you
  11. LoneWolf

    LoneWolf Registered Member

    Shadow Defender is an excellent piece of software, been running it here for over 2½ years w/o any issues. (but if you have an issue Wilders is the place to ask)
    It has proven time and time again to be one of the best investments in software I've ever made for my computer.
    Enjoy. :D
  12. Peter 123

    Peter 123 Registered Member

    I had a similiar problem when running this version of Shadow Defender on Windows XP. (The locking in my case happened later, not already after about 10-15 seconds.) I went back to version which worked without any problems. And I continue to use this version also now on Windows 7 (x32).

    ---> So my advice would be to try Shadow Defender
  13. Blues7

    Blues7 Registered Member

    A couple of quick comments and questions...

    I finally got to play a little with SD today to see how it interacted with my XP Pro SP3 system and everything appeared to be smooth sailing. :thumb:

    Sandboxie and my other security apps appeared to play nicely and I didn't notice any issues during my brief test run.

    Downloaded a small app and placed it on my desktop to see if it would be removed upon reboot and it was.

    So, everything appears to be as it should be and I have now password protected SD for future use.

    Now, my questions...

    1. I noticed that my AV updated while I was in shadow mode. (I have no exclusions set).
    If I had wanted to keep the update and were to click on "commit now", would I have to know which file to navigate to via explorer in order to commit the update?

    In other words, is there no "list" of files that have changed or updated since you entered "shadow mode" from which you can choose?
    (I guess that would be too easy. ;) )

    2. Had I wanted to save the downloaded app, I would either have to navigate to it via explorer using the "commit now" feature, or alternatively right click on the file and use the context menu to do so. Is this correct?

    Lastly, for those of you who remain in shadow mode most of the time, do you come out of shadow mode to do your updates (to programs, security apps and AV for example) or do you set exclusions or use "commit now"?

    Though I only see this app playing a limited role in my security arsenal, it's always interesting to see how others with more experience employ it.

    Thanks in advance.
  14. The Shadow

    The Shadow Registered Member


    Your assumption is correct in that there is no list of changes to choose from -- wouldn't that be nice? :D

    Again, that is correct.

    This will be a case of 'different strokes for different folks', but here's my routine. After booting-up I wait several minutes before enabling shadow mode or opening my browser (allowing time for auto-updates/notifications). I usually find non-web-based apps/housekeeping to run during that time. I rarely use Commit Now and I never use the Exclusion List as I see that as an opening for nasties!

    It plays a major role in my security arsenal (I wouldn't surf the web without it)!
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  15. Blues7

    Blues7 Registered Member

    Thanks, SD.

    I probably wouldn't surf without it either if it weren't for Sandboxie which I employ in a very restrictive manner with my browsers (as well as some other potentially vulnerable apps).

    Much appreciate your reply. :thumb:
  16. Alicelost

    Alicelost Registered Member

    Hi all Been using Shadow Defender now for the last 4 days
    and its running like a dream , Great product and I Am very happy with it,

    Alice , :-*
  17. sdmod

    sdmod Registered Member

    That' good Alicelost, Just remember not to defrag when you are in Shadow Mode. You can defrag the drive with Shadow Defender installed but Tony said not to do it in when in Shadow Mode. Good luck :)


  18. Wendi

    Wendi Registered Member

    There's nothing to be gained in attempting a defrag in shadow mode, as it would all be to no avail upon restarting! :doubt:
  19. Seven64

    Seven64 Guest

    I haven't been able to make it work on my computer, just wants to go in an endless loop of restarting.
    On XP it worked (with FirstDefense), now with 7X64bit no luck. Tried .280,.314,.322,.324, .325, and .326 :'(
  20. The Shadow

    The Shadow Registered Member

    Did you actually try 64-bit versions of Shadow Defender? I ask because you say you tried v280, v314, and I don't think there was a 64-bit version until v320. :doubt:
  21. sdmod

    sdmod Registered Member

    I know that there was version Shadow Defender 64 bit because I have it. I think that might have been the first 64 bit one.

  22. zyy

    zyy Registered Member

    Hi I'm new here.. does anyone knows how to exclude my AVG internet security? I'm having a problem about it.. even if i add the AVG folder.. the updates wont save..

    please help me,, thanks
  23. The Shadow

    The Shadow Registered Member

    Okay, but I still wonder if Seven64 actually tried 64-bit versions of SD (as several others here claim to be running SD 64-bit successfully with Win7 64-bit).
  24. The Shadow

    The Shadow Registered Member

    AVG updates are apparently saved in some other folder (which you haven't identified/excluded). But as I'm not an AVG user I don't know where its updates are saved - sorry...
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  25. sdmod

    sdmod Registered Member

    Just a thought, the problem might be registry settings rather than just excluding folders.
    I just come out of Shadow Mode now and again to update my virus defs etc