The Best Free Softwares Anti-Malware of the LAST MONTH: July, 2009.

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by PROROOTECT, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. Longboard

    Longboard Registered Member

    So: just checking a few things: ran the current gmer.exe clean sweep
    BUT NOW:
    How to uninstall gmer files, drivers, .dll's etc ??

    net stop gmer = 'specified service does not exist' ??
    "\windows\gmer_uninstall.cmd" = does not exist ??

    Cannot see any gmer files anywhere.

    PROROOTECT Registered Member

    Hi Longboard,

    I always remove the precedent version of GMER (GMER icon ... .exe) - from My Documents to Trash. That's all, very easy.

    Now, no real-time monitoring ... only 'on demand' versions now ...:blink:

    I have also GMER v1.0.14.14536 with settings tab = GMER.exe - I notched some Internet defense hmmm ... You can download always this version, look to GMER site, link in my Signature.

    PS. I posted PM for you.:thumb:


    PROROOTECT Registered Member

    New Version of our Process Hacker: v1.4.0.0 Link on my Signature, please.


    Full support for Windows7 SP0,
    Basic support for Windows 64-bit,
    Ability to unload drivers,
    ... and more;

    Also some 'FIXED' positions: look in Changelog.txt.

    Thank you wj32.


    PROROOTECT Registered Member

    for Added on my precedent post, please:

    ... and now: Process Hacker is PORTABLE. Bravo, wj32.

  5. Longboard

    Longboard Registered Member

    So nothing left behind after a scan now ??

    PROROOTECT Registered Member

    Yes, NOW nothing after scan. I have this same result like you, now ...

    It is better, not?

    Higher and higher.


    PROROOTECT Registered Member

    I repeat for everyone, who wants to hear:

    The BEST way against Rogue softwares appeared suddenly on your Desktop: to come out from your login (Start/close up your session) - and return ... no Rogue already, yes?
    Never touch the Rogue with your little mouse, never.
    All of our mouse are taught never touch poisons.
    All of our mouse are very intelligent.


    Results of my 'Web Search Engines' best TEST, if you search: ProtectShield_free.exe :

    (nomber = top links) - worldwide search: 9 links 8 (= FindWide without 'Alternative Search ' results): 7 (A Page of pure gold, with thumbnails!:argh: )

    Scroogle Scraper ( 7

    Google: 6 3 ; dogpile ; : Yauba ; ; AllTheWeb: 2

    ixquick: 1 (but not stored your IP address here ...)

    cuil: nothing

  8. Longboard

    Longboard Registered Member

    I think so :thumb:

    PROROOTECT Registered Member

  10. StevieO

    StevieO Registered Member

    Yes RSIT is very useful.

    Thanx for the update

    PROROOTECT Registered Member


    PROROOTECT Registered Member

    OK., I repeat another one (and best):

    Fast Duplicate File Finder FREE from MindGems (Must Have - Software Products!) NEW version v1.1.0.0 from August 23, 2009 (Born 2 days ago!):

    * Greatly improved scanning speed
    * Much faster auto check on long duplicates list
    * Added option to skip zero byte fils
    * Ctrl+A selects all files in the list
    * Ctrl+i inverts the checked status of selected files

    My tip, the Best. If minimize to System Tray, it is able to Protect system files and folders (boxes for tick in Options tab).

    4.01 MB in C:\Program Files\Fast Duplicate File Finder.

    Information for me, PROROOTECT: 'Scan finished. 31 duplicate groups found. 163 duplicate files found.' And: 'Check the files you want to delete - 132 files checked'.

    OK. Seems to be OK.


    PROROOTECT Registered Member

    A BIG DAY!

    Thank you for Espresso idea: I put on Manual my Avira's service sched.exe and I'm very happy.
    Look here Post #21:

    Without sched.exe in my task manager Process Hacker: I have 17 Processes.


    And then: my Windows Firewall in my WindowsXP SP2 find never nothing ...

    Now my firewall is called: Seconfig XP (notched all cases)!

    Look to this Post #220:

    Windows Firewall - I put on Off. It is another goood idea: run faster without Windows Firewall! :argh:

    In Process Hacker/Working Set(= Use Memory), without sched.exe already and with little condition - wait for low & tiny avguard.exe 1.75 MB Use Memory, after restart of your computer :

    My most fat svchost.exe (I have 3 - three - svchost.exe services only!) has with Windows Firewall 26.2 MB, and 24.5 MB now without Windows Firewall.

    Current Physical Memory: before 292.0 MB, now 277.7 MB.

    Handles: before 4295, now 4224.

    Threads: before 266, now 257.

    And Non-Paged Usage: before 8.64 MB, now 8.41 MB.

    A big differences!

    With firewall stopped I have faster start of my computer.

    My PC still smaller, lighter ... run even FASTER!

    You see I am independent, free? Do not shoot at me - rather draw conclusions!


    PROROOTECT Registered Member

    New version of ur Process Hacker in the wilde!


    The link - in my Signature, please.


    PROROOTECT Registered Member

    'All the password protection in the world is just a waste of time and money.'

    """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" Hugger (Hackensack, USA)

    It is possible to live without password?

    Undocumented migrants are numerous here ...

    Help these - with RockXP free NEW version v4.0 : Yes, - great source!

    Korben says:
    'RockXP is a tool that allows you to retrieve password. To do that, RockXP uses a third part tool called Pwdump2.exe which is an open source software (Sources are included in RockXP). This tool retrieves HASH password of Windows.
    Unfortunately, some Antivirus detects this tool like a virus, but it's NOT. So if you have downloaded this software from this website, I guarantee a 100% free of virus software ...
    So, now you are free to use this tool ... Thanks to you.'

    Go daddy, GO!..


    PROROOTECT Registered Member

    * Following 'Seconfig XP' your story on wilderssecurity here ... look Post # 18 in 'Block ports permanently' thread here:

    Revolution, my dear Watson!


    * I deleted CLT test ...

    CLT has changed the address of my Beep (driver not Plug-and-Play), for this: C:\ ... CLT\driver.sys

    I deleted CLT and restore Windows with Restore Point - and now my Beep driver works again!

    I hear again the Windows sounds, with reports of discoveries of my antivirus.

    Restore Point restore the address of drivers, goood.


    PROROOTECT Registered Member

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