System Mechanic 12.5

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by DougWeller, Nov 12, 2013.

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  1. DougWeller

    DougWeller Registered Member

    I've paid for 12 Pro, but keep getting messages to upgrade to it. Now I've got an email saying 12.5 is coming out and I can get it for 14.95.
    12 has only been out a couple of months. Maybe this is a scam.

  2. brainrb1

    brainrb1 Registered Member

    If i were you i would just use Ccleaner :thumb:
  3. DougWeller

    DougWeller Registered Member

    :System Mechanic does more? Driver checks, startup checks, etc.
  4. garry35

    garry35 Registered Member

    i am also getting spammed by the same offers you describe, i have no reason to believe that its a scam or fake but just a speculative email sent in the hope of enticing potential punters. these offers often send a seemingly personalised offer to make it seem that your somehow special or priviildged to make it seem more attractive. in reality your details have probably been harvested somewhere or maybe just randomnly generated:ninja:
  5. zapjb

    zapjb Registered Member

    Imo & Ime one of the worst pieces of software ever written. I hope anyone who uses this has a recent image to restore from.
  6. philby

    philby Registered Member

    Absolutely right - my experience with a user at post #5 here.
  7. FAMG

    FAMG Registered Member

    I COMPLETELY disagree with the negative comments on here about sys mech ....

    I can understand if it is not great or corrupts certain linux systems ... also realize that you are guaranteed to crash and be disabled if you have any active cracks that could be looked at as malware or malicious .. howeveer, if you use a partition of set of folders to use as exceptions the system in my opinion and basically the entire "Consumer world" not the security world ... it is the most robust and nearly perfect program for keeping a home network and every computer in perfect working order, enhance performance, and the PROGRAM ALIGNMENT FEATURE is UNIQUE to the point i have seen nothing like it ....

    IN addition its true registry features are unique - they crush all registry fixers, keep backups, and registry compactor is awesome

    the solid state enhancmenet aspect rocks

    and the ACTIVE CARE ... that is set on my machines 11 at office and 4 at home ... they are set to run after 10 minutes of inactivity ... keeps fragmentations on all at or under 0.05%

    SECURITY wise ... you can use any single firewall you chose

    regarding an active system to block hackers or malware ... there is a feature people always overlook - SYSTEM GUARD .... its pretty darn annoying when you are forced to use a keygen bc (at least me .... have lost so many product keys, activators etc and have too many companies n emails to ever get the original information) ....

    ALSO - IF YOU think you are gonna screw up your machine - ON THE CONTRARY - IT HAS A STANDARD BEFORE N AFTER COMPARISON THAT YOU ACTIVATE and every change that is made can be checked to see what did what and what didnt

    would i image if you have a "NON STANDARD" system prior to just in case

    but i have used this on WAYYYY too many systems n servers the biz edition and pro version alike

    i would like to know what the heck is in the 12.5 sys mech .. the 12.5 will be coming out just bc of the holidays

    I know about this malarkey bc i have beta tested in earlier versions

    hope this adds to the discussion
  8. wat0114

    wat0114 Registered Member

    A constant email barrage of upgrade offers is completely normal from vendors of system utilities and the like. I get them all the time from Raxco and Perfectdisk, products which I haven't used in years.
  9. DougWeller

    DougWeller Registered Member

    I just got 12.5, haven't looked at it yet.
  10. zapjb

    zapjb Registered Member

    Save yourself, don't look at it.

    Don't pay attention to the SM rep who showed up with a FIRST post after a spider search turned these disparaging remarks about their employers software.
  11. Dragon1952

    Dragon1952 Registered Member

    A few days ago i installed 12.5 update and things went bad after that. The CPU at Idle was up a lot so looked at task manager and saw that Iologovernor64.exe was using the high cpu that i noticed when computer was idle. The Sys Mech GUI took a long time to open when before it was much quicker. In Ccleaner under Startup and Scheduled Tasks i disabled Iologovernor64.exe and restarted. The GUI opened up faster like before and Chrome launched and got to my home page quick again instead of stalling and going slow.
  12. roger_m

    roger_m Registered Member

    This is somewhat of a scam. Iolo do not charge for you to upgrade to the latest version of System Mechanic. All you need is is a current licence for System Mechanic to be able to upgrade. If you licence has expired you can't use SM anyway.

    Iolo do make it sound like you need to pay to upgrade to the new version, but all you are doing if you pay is adding a year to your subscription.

    System Mechanic is not a product I recommend due to Iolo's somewhat shady business practices.
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