System lock ups since NOD32 v 5 installed

Discussion in 'ESET NOD32 Antivirus' started by enduser999, Sep 17, 2011.

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  1. roadierider

    roadierider Registered Member

    No difference.
  2. enduser999

    enduser999 Registered Member

    I have had another total system lockup. Uninstalled version 5 and went back to version 4.
  3. roadierider

    roadierider Registered Member

    I've had to rollback to v4 on my main XP box (XP Pro), which became too unstable with v5 installed, plus I had the USB issue. My wife's laptop (XP MCE) is fine with v5, and I was able to work around the USB issue by plugging the drive in prior to the OS loading. For some reason, this trick doesn't work on my XP Pro machine, but that may be motherboard-specific (Asus P5E in a custom-built rig), which doesn't support boot from USB (it's 4 years old and will be replaced this winter). My laptop (Win 7 home premium) is also fine with v5 -- been running for 2 weeks with no problems whatsoever, plus no USB issues (HPDV6-6110). My main box is running software-based RAID, so each lockup necessitated a volume verification and repair upon reboot, which takes about 4 hours (750 GB of usable storage) -- a pain in the you-know-what to say the least. Coupled with my USB problems (inability to run my backups), this was a totally unsatisfactory situation. I am also not pleased to discover that v5 has had the email notification functionality removed, which was in v4, and I used it for remote status monitoring when the machines were left on for their weekly care and feeding.
  4. enduser999

    enduser999 Registered Member

    What! They removed email notification? Oh my god. Another reason why I won't be upgrading any of my clients and friends to v5. I have their machines notify me of problems. Sigh.

    I reverted both my machines back to 4. Both of them experienced lockups with v5.
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  5. roadierider

    roadierider Registered Member

    I was surprised to see that too -- at first I thought I was missing something, but I verified it by sending an email to ESET. Their reply indicated that the home edition of v5 no longer supports that functionality. A questionable move, if you ask me, being that the ESET AV package is used by tech savvy folks in the first place, and those are the types of users that would use such a feature.
  6. invirispirate

    invirispirate Registered Member

    "Me too." How debilitating, and time-wasting. Back to 4. Question...the v5 box set I purchased with the intent of entering the new code when my current license expires in January, will that work to renew v4 if they don't have this issue resolved by then?
  7. enduser999

    enduser999 Registered Member

    I can not see why not.
  8. roadierider

    roadierider Registered Member

    My emails to tech support would indicate that your license should work in either version, as I was instructed to uninstall/install v4 & v5 at different times to test various things related to this issue. Each installation required my using my original v4 product key, which worked fine in both versions.
  9. fifogigo

    fifogigo Registered Member

    I also am experiencing lockups since installing 5. I tried a few things (which didn't help), and have to say i'm horribly dissapointed in 5. It's so bad i can't even listen to mp3's without them stuttering, and that hasn't happened since my 386. Also firefoxes.memory usage ballooned to an "average" memory usage of 2.6gb. Bad job guys, bad job.
  10. fifogigo

    fifogigo Registered Member

    Though one thing I did see that may help, right before and during when this happens a file named local.db in the programdata\eset folder gets hit with a large number of file reads. it also made it up to 800mb + in size.
  11. roadierider

    roadierider Registered Member

    I just rolled back my wife's laptop (Win XP MCE) to v4 --it was running v5 for the past 3 weeks, but there was some weirdness, and then errors regarding a bad user data file. The only machine that seems to be OK with v5 is my new Win7 laptop -- all of the XP machines run better with v4. I have to say that I am disappointed in their releasing a version that obviously wasn't ready for prime-time. Their QA manager should be a little embarrassed. If this is the case going forward, I'll need to switch to another AV solution. Bugs are one thing, but poorly tested software is something different altogether. I know a little bit about this -- I used to be a developer for the PC Anywhere team for Symantec, then a development manager for a number of technology companies before switching careers. I know a lot about the software development and QA testing process. Although I like the product, I would have no choice at this point but to give v5 a grade of C or less. What a shame.
  12. Marcos

    Marcos Eset Staff Account

    V5 was tested by several hundreds of thousands beta testers in addition to the internal QA and all but cosmetic bugs that were found and reported were fixed before releasing the final version. From my point of view, v5 was tested to such an extent that no prior version was.

    It is obvious that after an official release when a new version is downloaded by millions of users with different system configurations new bugs and issues will emerge. ESET puts a lot of efforts to pinpoint and fix reported issues either by releasing module updates or new builds.
  13. fifogigo

    fifogigo Registered Member

    Personally i'm not arguing with a "V5 was tested by several hundreds of thousands beta testers in addition to the internal QA", but one thing you can't say is just because it had all of those testers, that doesn't mean that it will react the same way on every system. Even in that scenario, it will not cover all possible configurations, and at that, as a program I paid for that did not live up to it's expectations on my configuration I see no reason why I can't complain about the issue on a public forum. I'm not saying the company is bad, i'm not saying my configuration is bad, but in my setup it DID react poorly where V4 works fine.
  14. rcdailey

    rcdailey Registered Member

    Since I have a support ticket in, I'm not going to make a lengthy comment. If you (and particularly me) are running XP SP3, then you probably have older hardware. In my case the system was 8 years old. I did find out after entering the ticket that I also had some hardware issues. I ended up replacing the box, but re-using the hard drive, memory (2GB), and a dialup modem card (only for fax). The replacement box is old, but the same brand (Dell) and checked out clean. So far it works, but I will not try v. 5 again until I hear back from support or positive comments here. I recall what an independent BMW repair guy once told me when I asked why there were so many problems with a used BMW I had bought from the place. He said, "It's an old car."
  15. DJ BIS

    DJ BIS Registered Member

    Wanted to report same problems as well. XP Pro SP3 | Dell Precision 670 Desktop Dual Xeon 2.2GHZ.

    Booting up takes a LONG time. Sometimes close to 10 minutes for all start-up programs to fully launch, etc. Sometimes it locks-up when its shutting down.

    The biggest problem for me: connecting my USB drive, locks it up every time. If I disable protection it seems that I can avoid the problem when I connect the drive. But this is a very annoying bug.

    Since mods are not communicating very much on this forum about a solution I think I am downgrading.

    Kind of a shame I have to deal with these problems on a paid app. Version 4 was always great.
  16. bcronin

    bcronin Registered Member

    I had two such hangs yesterday. I have reverted to 4.2. I can't afford to have to power cycle my system and end up with disk corruption as I did yesterday.
  17. billegate

    billegate Registered Member

    see my problem with v5
    I also revert to v4
  18. piranha

    piranha Registered Member

    may be I am lucky but both v4.2 and 5 runs well on my old Intel Celeron 2.4 Ghz with only 1Go memory and XP SP3. Same thing for my son new laptop, both v4.2 and 5 runs well with win 7.

    Marcos is right. Beta testers, Eset internal test cant simulate all configurations that exists. I understand your disappointment but there is nothing more to do than downgrade to v4.2 and wait for the bug fix.

    It is a forum here, your bug is rare according to all users in the world. So please dont discredit Eset. If all of ones who are satisfied posted here we will have difficulty to find and read your complaint !!
  19. DJ BIS

    DJ BIS Registered Member

    For the USB connection, try temporarily disabling protection on NOD32 (as a way of avoiding the freeze/crash) and do it BEFORE you plug your drive. It worked for me.

    However I've decided to revert back to v4 due to hang ups with the OS during start-up and shut down as well.

    ESET is working on these WIN XP issues, but they yet to figure it out. At least they are working on it though.
  20. billegate

    billegate Registered Member

    Thanks for this interesting tip but it come too late for me I revert to v4 and I dont intend to go back to v5 until the problem is completely solved. If I knew that my problems came from nod 32 I should have avoid a lot of lost time
  21. Ayrton

    Ayrton Registered Member

    I too had the same issue. Finally able to downgrade to v4. that solved all. Sorry to say, but v5 went public too soon. Better had to test more before sending it public.
  22. billegate

    billegate Registered Member

    you are right it came too soon but what is ashamed is that ESET is still proposing this version on their site without informing that XP owners will get trouble. In a case like this it should be mentionned before upgrading but I understand that they would not recognized that they have made a mistake
  23. DJ BIS

    DJ BIS Registered Member

    I agree, XP customers should be informed. However, it appears that not ALL XP users are having problemso_O So it would be bad to scare a whole group of users when the culprit lays among just a few XP users. But still, a small friendly message could be displayed on the setup file itself or on the download page? I dunno.
  24. layman

    layman Registered Member

    I experienced the problem with thumb drives, as well.
  25. Oswald2

    Oswald2 Registered Member

    I have also rolled back to v4 this morning. I thought the problem was with 5.0.94 and USB drives (see the other threads), so I rolled back to 5.0.93, and while that seemed to reduce the frequency of the problem, I was still getting frequent lockups on my home computer with XP Home SP3 for EAV. ESS on Vista and Windows 7 has had no such problem. So for the XP machine, I'll just stay at 4 until something changes. Obviously, I'd like to move off the old XP machine, but finances dictate that I keep it going for a little while longer.
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