Startup scan doesn't stop after Update 5357 (20100811)

Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security' started by goodie2shoes, Aug 11, 2010.

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  1. goodie2shoes

    goodie2shoes Registered Member

    Eset Startup scan doesn't stop after Update 5357 (20100811).
    Windows 7 x64
    Eset Smart Security

    Very High CPU loads: can't work with this machine at the moment.
    Problem occurred right after the update. De-installing is the only solution which works for the moment (but that makes this machine unprotected).

    What's going on?

    Edit: Re-installing E.S.S. made clear that it's definitely related to update 5357!
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  2. deepblue2000

    deepblue2000 Registered Member

    same problem here ! I tought it were a problem with the 14 windows update this night... but it isnt.

    Re-installed ESS, always the same problem, and the biggist problem, the ekrn.exe uses always 42-49 % of my CPU !

    makes my windows very slow !

    Windows7 Professional x64 / ESS x64 (German)
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  3. Forellenblau

    Forellenblau Registered Member

    Same problem here with Win7 x64 with all updates (incl. the 14 from today). The CPU usage on my PC is always at 52 to 57%.


    I disable the startup check until this is fixed.


    P.S. I forgot to mention that i am using not ESS but EAV
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  4. goodie2shoes

    goodie2shoes Registered Member

    Disabling those startup scan entries in the scheduler will be a temporarily solution [hopefully].

    But this needs to be fixed.
  5. George942

    George942 Registered Member

    same problem here
    startup scan does not stop
    there was also a program module update, but i dont know which one coused the problem
    i hope that someone from eset see this thread and fix the problem becouse it is vary hard to work on the computer that is slow (i have intel E6550 and EKRN.EXE uses 84-97% CPU sometimes 100%)
  6. CrouZ

    CrouZ Registered Member

    Same problem here. I run Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit and my CPU is stuck at 100% for the ekrn.exe process. It is almost exclusively kernel time (red).
  7. deepblue2000

    deepblue2000 Registered Member

    There is an update 5358 but still not fixed...
  8. AudiTuner

    AudiTuner Registered Member

    Same problem here with 5358. I had disabled pre-release updates a few days ago to fix this problem but now that those updates are (I'm assuming) out I'm having the same issue again.
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  9. Marcos

    Marcos Eset Staff Account

    Pre-release updates are made for the purpose of testing new module builds for a reasonable long time before they are distributed to all users. If those with pre-release updates encounter a problem and don't report it to ESET for further investigation, the problem will return once the module is released to all users and will most likely also affect some other people as well.
    If disabling Anti-Stealth resolves the problem I would stress that this module had been available on pre-release updates and no complaints were received from none of the several dozen thousands users who downloaded it.
  10. picomanico

    picomanico Registered Member

    Today, my ESET updated the anti-stealth module to 1020.
    With you happened the same right? It resolved that?
  11. deepblue2000

    deepblue2000 Registered Member

    no the problem is still there...

    I have now disabled the the 2 tasks in the scheduler an restarted windows,
    now all works fine again

    I hope the update will be released soooooooon
  12. Slice

    Slice Registered Member

    Same here, Win7 64 bit. Eset SS

    Was running fine, booted PC, updated signatures, and also the new 14 Windows updates for 10th Aug 2010, rebooted, Eset icon shows as busy (swirling icon) and high CPU usage. Noticed as my Virtual PC images were running much slower than normal.

    I had the same issue when using the previous version until I clean uninstalled and put the new version on.

    I did think it could be the windows updates but seeing as it was there in the previous version too, and NOD updated today seems likely to be NOD as above.

    Just renewed and beginning to regret that.

    edit: 1 hour later the icon is still swirling away.. a bit of code to double check on overly long times on startup scans would be useful? I mean a start up scan should just be brief as you er start up.
    BTW looking at file activity there is zilch, so what the heck is it scanning?
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  13. cool1007

    cool1007 Registered Member

    I'm having the same problem with update 5358 after the windows update this morning (Windows 7 x64).
  14. LeClerc

    LeClerc Registered Member

    Vista 64 bit Eset Smart Security 4 4.0.467.0

    Same here, I'm afraid. After this morning's definition update, I've had a startup scan going for hours.

    Now on update 5358 and it still hasn't stopped!

    Antispam module has an "!" next to it too.
  15. Marcos

    Marcos Eset Staff Account

    To keep the discussion on this topic at one place, we'll draw this thread to a close. There's an ongoing discussion here which also contains an announcement of a solution to this issue.
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