SpywareGuard 2.2 released!

Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by javacool, Aug 31, 2003.

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  1. groelands

    groelands Registered Member

    Thank you, now I understand it's functionality better.

    Gerard Roelands
  2. tj500005

    tj500005 Guest

    Spyware Guard 2.2 why does is the definitions date is 8/30/03? It says it's up to date but how could it be?
  3. tj500006

    tj500006 Guest

    my mistake. I needed to to run update. anyway showing 1/22/04 now.. Still a 14 mo. old. Same question still applies.
  4. snowbound

    snowbound Retired Moderator

    That is the latest update.

    Check out # 218 for explanation why. ;)

  5. $impl?_?i?h

    $impl?_?i?h Registered Member

    Hey nice update, thanks very much :)
  6. john42

    john42 Registered Member

    Does anyone know how to uninstall spyware guard. I've tried but have to date been unsuccessful. thanx o_O
  7. MikeBCda

    MikeBCda Registered Member

    Let's start with the (supposedly) obvious -- did you exit SG before trying to uninstall, so it's not showing in the tooltray icons? Otherwise it's still active in memory. You might also have to turn off the 3 protection items (Options) and save the new settings before shutting it down.
  8. Luc

    Luc Guest

    Re: SpywareGuard 2.2 released!-----> PROBLEM

    After installing SG (minimal setup, but also with full setup) I get an unknown error:
    'System error &H80004005 (-214746259) non descriptive error'

    Can anybody help me?
  9. Ruud

    Ruud Guest

    Hi, i 'm using the SpywareGuard anti-spyware program.
    Now is the def file from 1/22/04, is that not very, very old?


  10. snowbound

    snowbound Retired Moderator

    Well, 1/22/04 are the latest defs and the reasons why it is seldom updated is explained here,


  11. Alphonse

    Alphonse Registered Member


    I thank you all very much for developping these products.
    Is it possible - on the homewebsite javacoolsoftware - to create a notification what's the most recent update for spywareguard under the icon products ? Because when someone is new one of the first looks is the icon products and after downloading spywareguard I know for sure the following question will be: "please help, because of having errors in updating". After some time I read the some answers in wilderssecurity-forums.
    Forgive my poor english, please.

    regards, Alphonse
  12. fred hogg

    fred hogg Guest

    I have downloaded SG 2.2 to try it out. I have not used SG before. When I double click the icon it will not open. When I look in the Properties it is set up for Windows 95 and I use XP? Can you help please.
  13. babybert

    babybert Registered Member

    I am not sure if this is even the right place to post this. I have been searching all of the wilders forums and I am stumped. The other day I find out that I had shinwow and came across spyguard and mrublaster. I downloaded them and managed to get rid of adware and other spyware that my spyware killer and pestpatrol didn't find.

    Now I can't access my Astrobingo site. I know it sounds crazy, but this seems to be coincidental? I keep getting page cannot be displayed errors. I also try my downloaded version of the bingo game and it won't open either. It is very frustrating and I don't know what to do. I've tried to uninstall both programs and they are both not found.

    Please help!
    Thank you! :)

    If I can't get to this site, why can't I uninstall Spywareguard? Please I am desperate!
    Last edited: May 12, 2005
  14. babybert

    babybert Registered Member

    OK forget it, tell me how to get rid of it. This and MRU blaster. They are causing me nothing but problems. PLEASE!
  15. dcdc

    dcdc Registered Member

    I am a relative novice myself, but I have been using both SpywareGuard and MRU Blaster for some time without any problem (Spyware Blaster as well). The only thing I can think of as far as the Astrobingo problem goes is that something may be misinterpreting it as malware for some reason. Maybe a coincidence? Is it possible that some of your AS has led you to inadvertently delete a cookie associated with that site so that you can't get back in? Cookies sometimes contain passwords and other essential information related to their site.

    As for the two AS applications you mentioned, I never liked Pest Patrol because it seemed to have a problem with false positives, but recently on my own machine when I ran a free scan, none showed up. Maybe they are improving their product.

    I don't think Spyware Killer is a very good product. See the Spyware Warrior site for some comments on it. I never see it mentioned as a top AS application. Try both Spybot and Ad-Aware SE (both free, but consider a donation to Spybot). The Microsoft AS is free also, formerly Giant AS, which I understand was essentially the same as Counterspy when MS acquired it. I like Spy Sweeper very much, but it is not free.

    I also run regular scans with the free versions of Spyware Doctor and a-squared.

    If you have Windows XP, I would suggest you create a Restore point before you download either any major or any "dubious" files. That way if you have trouble uninstalling them or something just does not seem right to you for whatever reason, you can just roll your system back to the pre-install point in time, and you can still go forward to the later point if you choose. I have done so a couple of times. Works great for me. The Restore point description I use is "pre (product X) download", where product X is the file in question.

    Sorry I cannot be of more help. Hopefully the more techie types here can assist you.
  16. Sholix

    Sholix Registered Member

    I've been reading about the update questions other users have had but I find the responses don't help me.

    My Update was last done on 08/30/2003.
    This is said to be the backup.
    And I get the same error message others get when trying to update.

    I've tried exiting the program and restarting, but still cannot get the latest update {1/2//2004}.

    Is my only recourse to uninstall SpyGuard and do a fresh d/l and installation?

    Any and all serious suggestions will be considered.

    Thanks in advance.
  17. snowbound

    snowbound Retired Moderator

  18. Sholix

    Sholix Registered Member

    Many thanks.
    I'm now current with the rest of the Community. :D

    Oh yeah!
    Is there an OPTION somewhere that I'm overlooking, to do a manual update on the programs' interface?
    Last edited: May 19, 2005
  19. snowbound

    snowbound Retired Moderator

    Your welcome. I'm glad u got it worked out. :)

    The only way to update Spywareguard through the interface is the Live Update option.

  20. noel

    noel Guest

    Definations database

    i installed spywareguard recently. Brand new install.
    the definations database date is 1/22/04.
    Updatre tells me there is no more recent version available.
    A database over a year old cannot possible be good.........
    Is this the most recent database? and if so, why is it not updated?
    ..or do I have another issue with the program?.....
  21. ghodgson

    ghodgson Registered Member

  22. Gandalf

    Gandalf Registered Member

    Have just installed v2.2 and updated successfully. One small query: I got the following and allowed it, presuming it to be a false positive. Is this OK?

    On 10:39:55 06/10/2005 a new BHO installation attempt was detected.
    BHO: {4A368E80-174F-4872-96B5-0B27DDD11DB2}
    ProgramID: SpywareGuardDLBLOCK.CBrowserHelper
    User Action Taken: KEEP BHO

  23. ghodgson

    ghodgson Registered Member

    Dear Gandalf, This is spywareguards BHO download blocker, and is legit. If you have spybot S+D installed open it, look in tools and then BHO's, there you will find all your BHO's including this one [which I have too]. All the legit BHO's have a green tick......... as should this one.
  24. Gandalf

    Gandalf Registered Member

    Cheers, Gordon have checked SS&D and it is indeed there marked with a green check mark.
    Many thanks
  25. Bubba

    Bubba Updates Team

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