Spyware Terminator vs. SuperAntiSpy vs. Spyware Doctor vs. Spybot S&D et al

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by complearning123, Jan 28, 2009.

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    I have used them all. I bought Spyware Doctor full version. I like PC Health Optimizer free edition because it is loaded with utilities AND their Anti-spyware component is damned thorough and fast. Unbelievably fast, even the full scan.

    They have all, at one time or another picked up or detected something the other one has not. Why that is, who knows. I chalk it up to the great cyber unknowns of the time continuum. Why for example, when I tried to install software on two occasions using the exact same protocol and instructions it failed miserably, but on the the third desperate attempt, succeeded? Why, I dunno. I am not the Great BilleeGates the Mentalist nor am I the amazing JobsKarnak to expound these great mysteries.

    One of the things that really peeves me though, and I know I am brand new to this forum, so I ask you to bear with me while I vent a little, is when these companies offer trial software for free with no capabilities but detection. If you want the problem fixed, you have to upgrade to the fully paid version. Holding the neophyte plagued with desperation hostage? I think maybe so. I have bought full versions of course, like Spyware Doctor, but only when their free or trial versions have great present time problem resolution and I see that it is indeed something worth having in my toolchest to battle the maleficarum softwareasites. I remember being very young, a starving student plagued with that darned about:blank creepycrawlie and search as I might, all the google and search engines kept coming up with the wonderful, "ABOUT:BLANK BUDDY" as the miracle cure. I dl'ed it in desperation, and all it did for me was to tell me , "Yes, mr computer beginner YOU CERTAINLY have about:blank screwing your life up. If you want us to fix it, put out the cash now. I think that customer goodwill means something that you cannot put a price tag on. I bought and upgraded on Spyware Doctor because I was impressed with the product. I did the same with Advanced System Care. I was reading in the forum here in the comparisons between the different anti-spyware someone was being accused of trashing "Spyware Terminator" cuz he worked at SuperAntiSpyware. I like SuperAntiSpyware, never had any problems with Spyware Terminator, but I get a creepy feeling when dealing with Crawler and their EuLA is very troublesome to me as well.

    I aint no expert by any means, just an average joe trying to beat the hades outta some spyware and meanness that some brilliant but mal-intentioned kids and other robbers-of-happiness-and-need-to-get-a-life folks throw at us when they invent these viruses and nasty creepy-crawlies. Anyway, like they say in AA....take what you need and dump the rest. Thanks for being here, too bad about CastleCops' demise. I got a lump in my throat and a ball in my stomach, we need them and they will be truly and sorely missed.

    Have a great 2009 and howdy to all the forum members.

    I am stephen aka complearning123 !
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    Actually, the "A vs. B" policy is valid for antivirus only. I personally don't like such threads for any category, but it's not "illegal".

    BTW, the I read the whole post and other than the title, I don't see any "vs." in it.

    @complearning123, you could try MBAM and see what do you think. Welcome to Wilders!
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    Thats because each vendor uses different definitions and add them in different moments. You have big companies with lostd of employees and maybe a whole department in charge of defs, and you have small ones with maybe one person in charge of that (not saying the one-man-show is bad, there are some that are 1000x better than "large" companies).
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