Spec Obsession Disorder

Discussion in 'hardware' started by Robin A., Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. Robin A.

    Robin A. Registered Member

  2. Cudni

    Cudni Global Moderator

    It is not always easy to come up with ideas for articles, so this one is good as any but in the end
  3. Keatah

    Keatah Registered Member

    It's a good one! I remember fritting and fretting over what to get, a 486DX-50 or 486DX2/66. God that was a difficult choice to make.

    We need to leave a lot of the specmanship behind and focus on the usability of the applications and end-user experience. If the product doesn't do what you want it to do, then no amount of specmanship will make it so.
  4. safeguy

    safeguy Registered Member

    Nice article and I do agree with the message it's trying to bring forward. However, specs still remain an IMO important (but not necessarily the sole or primary) factor in one's list when choosing which item to purchase. While I do highly value experience and design, these 2 elements are subjective. While figures do not necessarily indicate real-life usage quality, they have a part to play in price comparison objectives.
  5. RJK3

    RJK3 Registered Member

    Haha, yes I remember that... although my dilemma was SX vs DX. Then I looked back a few years later and remarked how little it mattered, meanwhile I was concerned with AMD K6-IIIs vs Intel Pentiums...
  6. Keatah

    Keatah Registered Member

    And how little that meant!! Today I just say i5 or i7 (mostly i7) and call it a day. Computing, now, is all about software and not how fast you can run it unless you're doing niche specialty stuff.
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