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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by HandsOff, May 31, 2004.

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  1. HandsOff

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    Comment and Question-

    A couple days ago I read that SP2 for XP-Pro was going to be released that would run even on pirated versions of XP. I was stunned. Then after thinking about it i said to myself, 'Could M$ really be mature enough, and well intentioned enough to make a selfless move in the name of staunching the flow of malware by immunizing illegitimate software users who present a huge threat by serving as resevoirs of malware infection?'.

    A day later M$ recants its statement (for all practical purposes), and I say to myself - 'Now that's the M$ that so many of us have come to view as the embodiment of corporate greed.' What get's me is that in my opinion they managed to shoot them selves in both feet with one bullet with this little gem of PR. Had they kept their mouths shut it would be business as usual, instead they may as well have stated: "We don't care about security, and by the way, their are numerous illegitimate copies of XP Pro out their to be had."

    Question - What is the status of SP2 for Home, and for Pro? It seems like its been in beta forever...did it get released while i was sleeping? And most importantly, is it really going to do anything for medium-power that already follow basic internet security? Is their a short answer, because nothing I have seen about it seems to be very revolutionary...

  2. MikeBCda

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    I don't know about specific status or dates -- but there was an item in Yahoo News a day or two ago (Reuters Technology, a handy addition to My Yahoo) that MS is now delaying relase of SP2 until sometime this fall.
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