Snow Leopard and Paragon 9 NTFS for Mac

Discussion in 'NTFS for Mac & ExtFS for Mac' started by nogarap, Nov 8, 2011.

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  1. nogarap

    nogarap Registered Member

    Help? Anybody?

    Having wasted so much time with Bootcamp in OS X, I bought Paragon 9 NTFS for Mac based on generally good reviews, but unfortunately it hasn't fulfilled it's promises.

    I have done a clean install of Snow Leopard on a macbook pro
    Installed Paragon NTFS, and that part worked fine.
    Created a 55Gig partition using OS X Disk Utility.
    Then formatted same with the NEW Paragon NTFS application.
    Wonderful so far, I now have my NTFS partition, ready for Windows7.
    I installed a Genuine Windows7 setup disk and it installed all the files.

    When the Windows7 setup 'reboots' to complete the installation, it hangs at a black screen, with just the blinking white cursor to look at. 30 minutes later, still the same. I even left it overnight...still the stupid black screen with a blinking cursor.

    All I have now is an NTFS partition will all the installation files in it, but no Windows7!! :doubt:

    I have tried deleting Paragon NTFS 3 TIMES.....and began again. Still the problem remains.

    Earlier, this identical problem existed with OS X Lion as well. I just thought
    I'd try it with a clean install of Snow Leopard since I had the SL setup disks.

    I have sent a request for help to Paragon 24 hours ago but so far no reply.

    So, anybody in here experience this problem? Any help would be appreciated.

    My aim is to have 4 separate partitions on my macbook pro. I would like OS X Lion, Snow Leopard, User Files, and Windows7 in the 4 separate partitions.

    Bootcamp just broke my heart! I really was hoping Paragon 9 NTFS was going to be my 'saviour'! Have I wasted my money on Paragon NTFS for Mac? ...:'(

  2. WillFM

    WillFM Registered Member

    Use bootcamp to repartition the HFS+(OSX) Partition to the size you want it (with all 4 partitions in mind).

    Then, I would suggest doing the FAT32 -> NTFS re-formatting on the Windows 7 installer, when it asked you what partition you'd like to install to, just click the advanced button at the bottom, and then delete/create a new partition. and only allocate the 55 GB's you want to use for Windows 7 there. and you should have no issue hanging black screen, with blinking curser.

    Also a note to keep in mind is the Partition Table that is used to allow both OSX and Windows to run on the same drive is a special hybrid partition table, that combines MBR and GUID partition tables (Sense Windows doesn't understand GUID, and OSX can't boot on MBR), and it can only support up to 4 Partitions. Lion, makes a special recovery partition, so really theres only 2 extra partitions that can be made after Lion has been installed.
  3. nogarap

    nogarap Registered Member

    To WillFM:

    That was great information. I followed it with success. Thank you very much for your help and willingness to share your information.

    Good job!
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