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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by mattbiernat, Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. mattbiernat

    mattbiernat Registered Member

    There is a post here:

    It is closed because the topic is too old so I would like to start another thread to see if there is anything new out there. Basically I am looking for skype alternatives.

    My current issues with Skype:
    - feels bloated, really slows down my computer
    - 75mb of RAM, not really a problem but why so much for simple VOIP?
    - privacy concerns

    So what do you guys use?
  2. berryracer

    berryracer Suspended Member

    Skype, why? because it is simply the best.

    Just grab the Business Edition which doesnt have the Skype Browser call plugin and no bloat

    When you go to the Skype Site, click on Get Skype, then choose Business

    its the same Skype minus the bloatware
  3. moontan

    moontan Registered Member

    i use Skype,

    there's really no alternative to it.

    first, almost everybody already uses it.

    and two, i can call ordinary phone lines with it for pennies a minute.
    i cut down a lot on cell phone airtime and am saving quite a bit of money using Skype instead.

    Google has something similar to Skype called Google Voice.
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  4. Pinga

    Pinga Registered Member

  5. Solemn

    Solemn Registered Member

    I heard Jitsi might be nice. It's got quite the bit of security padded onto it and it's decently packaged.


    Problem for me is that for programs like this, it helps if everyone was using it. While Skype is definitely not perfect, it has the advantage there in community popularity. I also checked through its Privacy Policy & Terms and it seems that privacy-wise users are "okay". I remember reading somewhere though that there is concern regarding Skype since it maintains possibilities of listening in. (took it for what it was however)

    Sometimes the easiest method of avoiding all of this is using a voip server like Ventrilo or Mumble depending on your needs. They are however directed for different uses than say 1 on 1 calling or video calling.
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  6. moontan

    moontan Registered Member

  7. mattbiernat

    mattbiernat Registered Member

    I don't need to be able to call phone lines. I am mostly using Skype to talk to my family in Europe. They all have computers and they are all using Skype. It wouldn't be a problem to switch since I am their IT guy who sets up everything from security to voip to netflix.
  8. Wroll

    Wroll Registered Member

    RetroShare (only chat now)
    SIP account with Jitsi
  9. jdd58

    jdd58 Registered Member

    My wife and daughter use Tango on their smart phones. There is a Windows app also but I've never used it.

  10. jnthn

    jnthn Registered Member

  11. Pinga

    Pinga Registered Member

    Any decent SIP client will do that. Of course, you'll need a SIP provider such as Sipgate to make it work. I'll name just two, both open source and actively developed:


  12. Narxis

    Narxis Registered Member

  13. bonedriven

    bonedriven Registered Member

    I use skype but don't like it. The compromised Chinese version is still out there after the infamous tomskype incident happened many years ago. Looks to me the company doesn't give a **** about it. You can never get to if your ip address is within China, you are automatically directed to or whatsoever. I had to send an skype installation file to my parents in China, but a friend of mine who's in Korea now using an Iphone bought in China said she could only find tomskype in appstore.

    This company is not trustable at all IMO.

    I'm looking for alternative too but google voice is not available to everyone yet. And it seems google doesn't have it on priority.
  14. arsenaloyal

    arsenaloyal Registered Member

    Well Microsoft bought skype about year ago,so the company tou are reffering to now is Micrsoft :p

    i use Skpye.. Why ? heck all my contacts use it so i got no choice.
  15. mattbiernat

    mattbiernat Registered Member

    This one was very buggy for me.
  16. bonedriven

    bonedriven Registered Member

    In fact, I knew MS bought skype. I don't like MS either. :p

    As far I know, MS is very supportive of the censorship and surveillance of internet in China.
  17. funkydude

    funkydude Registered Member

    As far as I'm aware the new Windows 8 Skype app is written from scratch, so maybe it will shed some of the bloat like the facebook nonsense.
  18. mattbiernat

    mattbiernat Registered Member

    So what's the alternative? Google doesn't have a better reputation either. Im gonna give teamviewer a shot I guess. I wish there was a better solution.
  19. PJC

    PJC Very Frequent Poster

    Any experience with oovoo o_O
  20. mattbiernat

    mattbiernat Registered Member

    Yes I did try ooVoo. It's sound quality doesn't even compare to Skype. But I think this is the problem for most of these apps.
    Also huge issue: oovoo comes with adds. Not a problem for free version. However if you purchase 1 year subscription, that does not remove adds!!! That's a deal breaker for me right there.
    I honestly don't understand why Skype has monopoly in this market.
  21. PJC

    PJC Very Frequent Poster

    I guess Spype remains the best App.
    There are some ''contenders'', but nothing special...
  22. ams963

    ams963 Registered Member

  23. Pinga

    Pinga Registered Member
  24. jo3blac1

    jo3blac1 Registered Member

  25. bonedriven

    bonedriven Registered Member

    Skype huge vulnerability allowing hijacking any account with just a new email address.

    I don't know if it's been there for a long time or it's just another MS ********.
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