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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by blacknight, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. blacknight

    blacknight Registered Member

    Hi, do you know a site where I can upload a JPG image of a natural landascape and the site says to me the country of that image, the place that the photo picts ? :)
  2. Mrkvonic

    Mrkvonic Linux Systems Expert

    Not familiar with anything like that and sounds to me - virtually impossible. Unless you're talking very specific landmarks in specific lighting and photo conditions ... But oak is oak, in US or France.
  3. GlobalForce

    GlobalForce Regular Poster

    You talk'in random landscape images from differing sites? On a continuing basis?
  4. 1boss1

    1boss1 Registered Member


    It's not "exactly" what you want but close, when you upload your image it will show very similar ones with links to the sites. These sites may mention where the image was taken.

    That is probably as close as you will get, try it Tineye can be surprisingly accurate.
  5. dw426

    dw426 Registered Member

    I know of no website that can do this, but it's very possible and is done all the time in the world-wide intelligence communities and also in various agencies that deal with geography/natural disasters, an example being the U.S.G.S. It's done with satellite imagery and human intelligence. For instance, on your newscasts I'm sure you've seen the various "terrorist videos" where someone is broadcasting from a camp or some other location. Intelligence can often get an IDEA of where this person was at the time of the broadcast by noting the surroundings, such as types of trees, the surface of the ground (i.e, more rocky than flat, the color of the soil, and so forth), even the rock formations, plant life and such.

    Every tree, plant, animal, you name it, has native habitat or can only occur under certain conditions. People who have either lived in an area of the world or have studied it can very often tell where someone or something is just by looking at the background of, in this case, these videos. The more developed nations of the world hire these people for just such a purpose. So yes, such a thing exists, but I know of no way a website could be set up to do this on its own lest it has IMMENSE databases of EVERY tree, flower, animal, rock known to exist OR has a team of people that look at the uploaded photos and give a response, which would just not be feasible to do for us "normal folk".
  6. blacknight

    blacknight Registered Member

    A my friend today bet with me that I would not have been able to recognize the place of a photo that he sent to me. I 've studied it and the geologic conformation of the landscape, and I have a nice hypothesis. I believe that I've found...:)
  7. blacknight

    blacknight Registered Member

    Thanks a lot, :) I remembered a site like this, but I couldn't remember his name and address.
  8. blacknight

    blacknight Registered Member

    Ya, so I thought, let you read my answer to GlobalForce.

    Folks, I post the picture, and I say my idea, many of you live in USA, tell me your opinion.. :) ( Salt Lake ? )
  9. wembleyy

    wembleyy Registered Member

  10. GlobalForce

    GlobalForce Regular Poster

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  11. blacknight

    blacknight Registered Member

    Ya...ten euro for the Hungers in the world. No results with Tineye... For the site that you posted I must register, I believe..tomorrow..Where I live now the dark cover the Earth, my bed is waiting... Thanks to you all. Good night. :)
  12. GlobalForce

    GlobalForce Regular Poster

    Forget registration. The abstract outlines conceptual ideas our web at large has yet to implement. I.E., technology not yet available for prime time. For all practical purposes, your first response is closest the truth. While Tiny may be capable of matching original image names, they specifically state not being able to identify objects within the image. *No worries, we don't currently have ;) conventional time travel options either.
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  13. bonedriven

    bonedriven Registered Member

    That's what I'm thinking too.

    I uploaded one,and magic didn't occur. I don't quite see the point of the site.
  14. 1boss1

    1boss1 Registered Member

    Which one Tineye?

    I pasted in the URL of your Avatar, take a look at the results (temp link valid for 72 hours)

    It found dozens of hits, all pretty accurate.
  15. bonedriven

    bonedriven Registered Member

    Hey,thanks for the search of my avatar. But it doesn't count...Coz my avatar is a famous figure. :D
  16. iceni60

    iceni60 ( ^o^)

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