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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by Davidj, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. Davidj

    Davidj Registered Member

    I am wanting to print the information included in the log for each day's backup. I have tried to find a way to do this with Print Screen, but the screen only shows about 6 to 8 of the steps taken by the program, without scrolling. Normally my backups will show 17 steps.

    I have tried FastStone Capture Version 6.3 which is supposed to capture a scrolling window, but it has not worked either.

    Has anyone found a Screen Capture program that is capable of capturing the scrolled section of the log? Is Snagit capable of doing this?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. dbknox

    dbknox Registered Member

    I have in the past had the same trouble as you and after trying many screen capturing programs gave up on them all. When I want to print a schrolling page I use a nifty program called "Pdf redirect" it makes a Pseudonym printer and prints out the pages in PDF format, I then save it to the desktop you will know if it is doing all the pages when you click on the page in the window to open it see if this works I use the free edition. It works on every program I have tried so far. ( as long as you can do a print preview).
    Can't hurt to try, I find it very useful for copying webpages.
  3. Davidj

    Davidj Registered Member

    Thanks a lot Dennis. I will try it tomorrow.

  4. Davidj

    Davidj Registered Member


    I tried the PDF reDirect v2 software and I know how to use it, if what I am trying to convert to a PDF file has a way to click on PRINT. However, I am using ATI Home 2009 with Windows Vista, SP1 and when I go to tasks and logs there aren't any PRINT buttons available, so there is no way to print the page, that I know of. In the past I used Print Screen to make copies of the log page and then I could print them. However, as explained above, I couldn't print all of the log because the scroll was too long.

    Is it possible you are using an earlier version of ATI, that allows you to print the log? If you could supply me with a little more information I would appreciate it.

  5. K0LO

    K0LO Registered Member


    What about using the "Save Log" button to save the log info to a text file, which can then be printed?


    The screen shot above is from version 10, so the Save button may be in a different location if you have a different TI version. Or, browse directly to the log files at C:\Program Data\Acronis\True Image\Logs to view the log files directly.

    The files are stored with a .log extension, but they are in XML format. Make a copy of a log file and change the extension from .log to .xml, then open it in Excel to view a nice table that you can print or sort or edit to your heart's content:

  6. Davidj

    Davidj Registered Member

    Mark, I appreciate your input, but that is not exactly what I was looking for. I clicked on the save button and saved it to a file. The file had to be at least 3 pages wide for some entries. Also, I don't know how saving the file caused this, but I scrambled all of the steps in the Event log so that instead of seeing steps 1 through 17 sequentially, I now see them shown in this order: 15-9-3-6-4-5-7-8-16-11-13-1-17-14-10-12-2. And this wasn't just for this particular date, but all dates. So far I haven't been able to determine how to fix this problem.

    The screen shot below shows where the save button is located in ATI Home 2009. The same button may also be seen by right clicking on the log date in the Event log.

    View attachment 210653

    The next screen shot shows what I want to create a screen capture of, and how what I did scrambled the sequence numbers - on ALL event logs.

    2009-07-21_Scrambled log.jpg

    Shown next is a log for July 17, 2009, but there are no images for this date. The program (Acronis) deleted the backup image for this date.

    ATI 2009 Home 7212998 Log.jpg

    The event log and all the steps it made is what I want to create a screen capture of. However, so far I haven't found a Screen Capture program that will incorporate all of the steps, in other words, it needs to scroll down and incorporate all the steps in the screen.
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  7. K0LO

    K0LO Registered Member

    Perhaps you accidentally clicked on another column header to sort by that column. Can you click on the # column to sort the log by number?

    I'm not sure how to accomplish your objective given the limited size of the log window in the Acronis GUI. I would think that importing the log into Excel would allow you to do anything you want with it, but that does involve more work. Perhaps you could write an Excel macro to automate some of it.

    *I see from your screen shot that you are sorting by the "Message" column. You need to sort by the "#" column.
  8. crash79`

    crash79` Registered Member

    If I wish to print the screen I use Ctrl and P
  9. Davidj

    Davidj Registered Member

    Yes, I have done this and appreciate you realizing what I had done. I didn't know that this could be changed. Is there a source that tells about other things that could be done with similar things within the Events Log. You saved me a lot of time trying to determine how the numbers got scrambled.

    John, If I want to make a "screen print" of the part of the page I am viewing I hit the "Print Screen" key and then open the screen print in Word. If I do Ctrl and P it prints the whole thread.
  10. Davidj

    Davidj Registered Member


    Using Snagit 9.1.2. Downloaded a trial version yesterday and it is able to do what I wanted. See screen shot below.

    7-24-2009 1-06-11 PM Acronis Log 2.jpg
  11. Acronis Support

    Acronis Support Acronis Support Staff

    Hello Davidj,

    Thank you for using Acronis True Image

    Could you please attach the log file of the operation to your next post? Also, could you please describe in some words how you managed the backup operation? Please specify your settings.

    Thank you.

    Oleg Lee
  12. Davidj

    Davidj Registered Member

    Hello Oleg,

    Since Acronis ATI Home 2009 did not include the FIFO feature that was included in ATI 10 And 11, I am using the method described by Vlad, post #4 in . This method is discussed further in threads 234343 and 231951. Dmitry Nikolaev, one of your fellow technicians, recommended the use of this method in thread #235819, post #2.

    Here are the settings I used to create my Full Backups.

    1. Partitions to backup = Disk 1, which consists of 2 partitions, C:\ and D:\
    2. Target backup archive = Create new backup archive
    3. Scheduling = Daily, Run this task daily: start at 4:00 AM, everyday
    Run with credentials is checked. If missed, run the task at start-up is
    4. Backup method = Differential is checked. Create a new full backup after
    0 incremental or differential is checked. Remove old archive is not
    5. Files to exclude = none
    6. Backup options = Compression Normal, Backup priority = low, HDD writing
    speed = Maximum and Archive splitting = Automatic. Everything else is set
    at default.
    7. Automatically consolidate backups when: = number of backups exceeds 7
    8. Task name = My Computer Backup 1
    9. Summary

    Regarding the colors for the calendar I have observed that when starting a new task the first 7 days will be green. When the eighth backup is created that day will turn to red, and the oldest backup image will be dropped from the image archive. From that point on, if there is no trouble, the dates will continue to be red. When the program deleted some of the images, it turned those days white on the calendar.

    Here is the log file you asked for.

    View attachment 2009-08-02-041101.log
  13. Acronis Support

    Acronis Support Acronis Support Staff

    Hello Davidj,

    Thank you for the provided information.

    I assume that you are worrying about Backup date not found error message, is that correct? Actually, the program wasn't designed from the very beginning to perform the backups in this way. The method shared by VladV is considered to be a workaround, and this error message can be safely ignored.

    I should tell that there is another way to create only full backup files by means of Acronis True Image Home 2009. You should use the batch file available here, pay attention to Batch file for managing backup sets saved locally.

    If you want to keep only full and no incremental or differential backups you can set the amount of backups in each set to 1 so each set only consists of one full backup.

    Thank you.

    Oleg Lee
  14. Davidj

    Davidj Registered Member

    Hello Oleg,

    No that is not what I am worrying about. In thread #238281 you addressed this problem "Backup date was not found" adequately. This problem is also discussed in thread# 234343.

    As far as the color of the squares on the calendar is concerned, after searching on Wilders, I found that the color of the squares is not reliable enough to be of any practical use.

    The only problems I have right now are when I do a restore the date and time are changed to the day before, and I'm not really sure what I am restoring. However, the restore, as far as I can tell, is O.K., but I'm not happy. The images below, for August 1, 2009, illustrate what I am talking about.

    8-1-2009 9-44-43 AM.jpg

    8-1-2009 8-57-24 AM.jpg

    The other thing that I have had trouble with is a few times some of my archived images were deleted by the program.

    The thing that really puzzles me is that I validate these backups every day (Windows) and quite a few days (using the Rescue Boot CD) and the always validate. I always validate the day I am going to restore too with both methods.
  15. Davidj

    Davidj Registered Member

    Hello Oleg,

    Thiss morning I discovered something related to the change of the date and time when I do a restore, and sometimes when I do a validate. I always wondered why sometimes, when using the Rescue Boot CD, the date and time would match the date and time shown for a validation in Windows, but other times it would be a different date and time. Now I know, it depends on whether I swap HDDs or not.

    To give you some background as to what I do when restoring/validating, using the Rescue Boot CD. Here is how my system is setup: I am using a HDD tray so I can sway HDDs . I have two caddies. In one caddy I have Disk 1, which is formatted with 2 partitions, C:\ and D:\. The other caddy contains the "swap-out" Disk, which I will refer to as Disk 3. I have another HDD installed in the computer rack, and this is Disk 2. Disk 2 is formatted with 2 partitions E"\ and F:\, and F:\ is where my backup archives are stored. All three of these drives are WD 500 GB, SATA II and formatted alike.

    This morning, 08/08/2009, I opened ATI Home 2009, build 9709, and decided that I wanted to do a restore of my C:\ and D:\ drives. I first validated the archive in Windows. Then I shut down my computer, swapped the Disks (1&3) and tried, using the Rescue Boot CD, to do a validation of the archive MyBackup(43).tib, created 8/8/2009 at 4:00 AM. When I clicked on validate it did not show the latest archives, so I had to click on the "Browse for backup" button. Normally the latest dates are shown, but not when I have swapped the Disks. I looked at the files in the Disk 2, F:\ partition and found the correct image. However, the image said it was created on 8/7/09, instead of 8/8/09. Also, the time was changed from 8/8/09 4:10:31 AM to 8/7/09 11:00:15 PM. All my full backups are scheduled to begin at 4:00 AM.

    Despite the difference in the date and time, using the Rescue Boot CD, the archives validated and restored. I checked out the restored Disk by looking at what I had done on 8/7/09. One thing was that I updated my ESET Smart Security, version 3.0 to version 4.0.437, and the new version was on the restored Disk. I also checked some files that were changed on 8/7/09, and they also appeared to be O.K. However, all the changes were made prior to 11:00 PM. My full backups are scheduled for 4:00 AM, so I may have lost some e-mails that might have been received between 11:00 PM and 4:00 AM. How would I know.

    If anyone is having similar problems, especially in relation to the swapping of the HDD, I would like to hear from you. I would especially like to hear from Xpilot in regards to the swapping of the drives, and Faust and jehosophat, in relation to the workaround, described by VladV, that allows users of ATI Home 2009 to create X number of full backups and then deleting the oldest backup.

    Screen shots related to this post are shown below, in next post
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  16. Davidj

    Davidj Registered Member

    Here are some screen shots related to post #15 above.

    Screenprint Acronis Log 8809.jpg

    Screenprint Acronis Backup 8809.jpg

    Screenprint Drive F 8809.jpg
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