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  1. Peter 123

    Peter 123 Registered Member

    And in addition to the detailed information given by Boost, here a whole article on the Sandboxie-website dealing with the topic "Detecting Key Loggers":

    Here in the Forum I think you will find something appropriate in this thread (in case that you need still more information):
    ("Sandboxie Configuration Recommendations")

    But it is a quite big thread. You will have to search a little bit. ;)
  2. Osaban

    Osaban Registered Member

    Boost and Peter 123, many thanks!
  3. ALiasEX

    ALiasEX Registered Member

    I'm not quite sure what your issue is so I may be of no help:

    If you have allowed Firefox to have direct access to bookmarks, history, etc. these will write to the real system.

    In Sandbox Settings you can add folders that will invoke Quick Recovery.
  4. Sully

    Sully Registered Member

    If you really want to understand SBIE and the recovery or access to files, create a default sandbox, use it for varied purposes, and explore c:\sandbox directory.

    All your questions are answered there, as you use SBIE you will see for yourself what it does. Then as you modify the settings, you also begin to see the differences.

    If you aren't going to see for yourself, you will have to rely on threads and faqs to tutor you. Hands on approach is the best method.

  5. timestand

    timestand Former Poster

    That what i say before. Best is to try and see. Now may be more listen since you say rather than say I insult. Ok?
  6. wat0114

    wat0114 Guest

    LOL I complained about it, lightheartedly, in the Sandboxie forum, lamenting it looks like a slice of pizza :D Seriously, though, it is a great 3rd party security app, one that I use enthusistically on selected home pc's.
  7. crofttk

    crofttk Registered Member

    When someone asks a question, as Greg S did, they have already admitted to you that they don't know the answer. In a sense, they are extending trust to you that you will not throw their ignorance in their face, and simply answer the question. Some people, including myself, would interpret a response such as, "I can see from your question how ignorant you are...", or words to that effect, as bad manners at least, if not an insult. Sully's response was in a somewhat different tone. Maybe I put too strict an interpretation on your English, which I have already apologized for. It's understood your English is not so good. Ok?
  8. timestand

    timestand Former Poster

    I explain already. Thanks you and Ok.
  9. John Bull

    John Bull Registered Member

    A big thank you to all posters.

    Without the comments made on this thread, I would never had installed Sandboxie.

    Since I did, I use it every time I logon to the Internet via Firefox and have never so far had a single problem. Just a feeling of sheer confidence and safety I have never had before.

    John B
  10. acuariano

    acuariano Registered Member

    i check everything in IE8,autodelete,restriccion policy-ie8,drop my rights,sandbox pdf reader.
    is this good enough?
  11. John Bull

    John Bull Registered Member

    Just a point.

    I have heard that Sandboxie (which I installed as a result of this thread and am delighted with it) lengthens response times and some users have even discarded it for this reason.

    My experience so far is one of admiration. When at work, long response times drove me mad, but being retired and just an enthusiastic browser, response times do not worry me so long as they are not ridiculous.

    Question :- Does Sandboxie increase response times ? If so, by much ?

    John B
  12. MaxEntropy

    MaxEntropy Registered Member

    There's a short delay when starting a sandboxed browser session. Haven't noticed any delay during actual browsing. Of course, it may depend on your browser, plug-ins etc.
  13. John Bull

    John Bull Registered Member

    Thank you.

    That is what I get - no response delay detected at all. I simply do not know how the users come up with comments like I referred to, but they have. Must be something to do with their own set-up and NOT a Sandboxie matter.

    The trouble is that people read such adverse comments which can dissuade them from using the product. It made me think for instance and I know a lot about these things. Ah well, that is the problem with a free society, we have to sort out fact from fiction. OK for us, but it does affect the market image of a product.

    John B
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  14. timestand

    timestand Former Poster

    You are correct. I note jmonge alway say sandboxie slow down until we all say it dont. Then he try last sandboxie beta and say there no slow down now. I think he try to sell Defensewall ok.
  15. Sully

    Sully Registered Member

    I have seen it do this before, on earlier versions, nothing in say last 2 years.

    More often though is the startup. I find though that you start FF up, or Opera or whatever, there is a delay, as things load. After the initial run, if you close the browser down then open again, it is fast to start. In SBIE it feels the same to me. It takes a few more seconds initially, and then successive restarts are "almost" as fast as normal.

    All that being said, when I open a browser, it will usually remain open for a good while, so as long as page rendering etc does not slow down, it makes precious little difference.

  16. timestand

    timestand Former Poster

    You correct. Same find here. By way can Sandboxie block buffer attack.
  17. crofttk

    crofttk Registered Member

    I noticed big delays with sandboxie back when I was running more layers of security than I do now. With NIS 2010, Prevx, and Defensewall all running, I could get IE7 startup times of say 45 seconds.

    Now with only NIS2010 running realtime and free Prevx detecting realtime, I don't notice the dealy for Sandboxie enough to bother timing it. As far as I'm concerned, when I open my browser sandboxed, it's perceptually no more of a delay than how my walk slows down while I'm simultaneously pulling on a pair of gloves to do yard work with.

    Agreed, everyone will give a different answer depending on their setup and their own value judgment of their particular time delay, if any is "perceived".
  18. Peter 123

    Peter 123 Registered Member

    As this question was not anwered until now:
    Well, to my mind it is good, but (if you like) you can configurate Sandboxie even "better" (tighter), especially in order to protect against keyloggers.

    Here only some keywords:
    - Internet access only for the IE (and the pdf reader in your case).
    - Restriction for programs to run within the Sandbox: only allowed to the IE (and - if necessary for you - perhaps for programs like Java, the pdf reader etc.).

    For more details please refer to the links posted somewhere above in this thread (concerning the other thread about Sandboxie configuration here in the Forum and also links to some information directly on the Sandboxie website).

    Concerning the question about possible delays:

    From my experience I would distinguish three cases:

    - As already mentioned by other members too: a small delay when opening the browser in the sandbox (I would say about 10-15 seconds, it is not always the same). To my mind not annoying at all.
    (Plus the few seconds until the nag screen disappears, which opens sometimes - not every time - when using the free version. ;) )

    - When surfing / opening websites / playing media within the browser / downloading etc.: no delay at all.

    - And this is a special problem of my computer I think:
    When surfing in the Sandbox, it happens quite often that the scrolling of websites and the scrolling of the list with my bookmarks (in Firefox) suddenly becomes very slow; sometimes also the jumping from one open window (website) to another. Usually this problem disappears only after closing the sandbox (and starting a new session of the browser within the sandbox).
    Until now I found no explanation for this problem and I also have not heard about other users being confronted with it. Therefore I assume that it has not to do directly with Sandboxie but rather with the (quite old) graphic card of my notebook. Anyway, if others have the same problem, please tell it. ;)
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  19. bo elam

    bo elam Registered Member

    John I have been using Sbxie for a year and a half and you ll find
    it easy to learn and use as time goes by. My PC feels the same
    whether I am using Sandboxie or not and the browser is slowed
    down only when doing a cold start. Afterward speed is the same.
    I suggest you use it on default for a couple of weeks and then
    do the changes suggested to "harden"the sandbox.
  20. Hugger

    Hugger Registered Member

    I had noticeable delays opening and closing FF Sandboxed when I was using NIS 2010 and Prevx SafeOnline on Windows 7 x64 Pro.
    Removed them and use Sandboxie, MSE and Key Scrambler.
    I'm not noticing any delays.
    I might install Prevx again at some point but for now I'm comfortable with the protection I'm getting.
  21. acuariano

    acuariano Registered Member

    Peter 123 thanks for your response.
  22. pegr

    pegr Registered Member

    I also sometimes experience this problem with Sandboxie, although most of the time it's fine. When it does happen, like you I close the sandbox and start a new session, which usually solves the problem. I've never managed to identify the cause but it's not just the browser that can be affected. I sometimes also get the problem when running Outlook sandboxed.

    It might be worth enabling the Sandboxie accessibility setting temporarily, purely as an experiment to see if it makes any difference. It did in my case, although I prefer not to have the accessibility setting enabled permanently as it weakens Sandbox security slightly and I only get a problem of slow mouse movement inside the Sandbox occasionally.

    Just wanted you to know that you're not alone in experiencing this. :)
  23. Peter 123

    Peter 123 Registered Member

    You are welcome. ;)

    It is indeed very interesting and helpful for me to hear it. It is the first time that someone can confirm my experiences. Thank you very much, pegr, for telling me. :)

    I did not know this. I hardly use Outlook (and when I do so, then not sandboxed).

    Perhaps it would be useful to describe the problem in the Sandboxie Forum. Several times I already considered to do it, but as it is not easy to make such a description and English is not my native language I never put it into practice. :D
  24. pegr

    pegr Registered Member

    I've never bothered to post in the Sandboxie forum because I can't reproduce the problem on demand, so I can't really provide enough information on which to base an investigation as to the possible cause of this behaviour.

    As most people don't seem to experience this, I suspect that it only occurs with specific system configurations, which might be quite difficult to diagnose. If you are getting the problem a lot, as a first step try enabling the Sandboxie accessibility setting and see if it makes any difference.
  25. John Bull

    John Bull Registered Member

    Pegr and Peter 123.

    I joined the Sandboxie Forum, asked a question, but never really got an answer, so I left it. I got my answers from Wilders - as usual.

    Mind you, Tzuk is a genius, must be one of the world`s best and he does run and read the Forum. He also answers posters. He answered me, but it was not clear and I did not pursue it further. Wilders came to the rescue bugles blaring.
    John B
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