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Discussion in 'sandboxing & virtualization' started by Overkill, Apr 16, 2012.

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  1. Overkill

    Overkill Registered Member

    How does one save bookmarks outside of sandboxie with any browser?
    I've never used sandboxie when I know i'll be bookmarking and would love to be able to easily save them regardless of which browser i'm using although I mainly use chromium browsers.
  2. kupo

    kupo Registered Member

    I'm on Waterfox (Firefox x64) and I'm using Read It Later (basically a bookmark in the cloud). :D.
    You could allow to access bookmark in the Sandboxie settings though. You could see how in the FAQ available in Sandboxie page.
  3. cheater87

    cheater87 Registered Member

    There is a setting in sandboxie that lets you save bookmarks. You can also get a nifty program called Xmarks. :)
  4. CogitoTesting

    CogitoTesting Registered Member

    Use immediate recovery in SandboxIE, so that when you bookmark a webpage you can recovery it right away. If you are using IE such a bookmark will recover in its default folder, that it the favorites folder.

  5. Overkill

    Overkill Registered Member

    Ok I tried it and I see no options to save and quick recovery says I have nothing to recover?
  6. Montmorency

    Montmorency Registered Member

    Right click tray icon/Show Window/Sandbox/Defaultbox/Sandbox Settings/Applications/Web Browser/(choose your browser)/Allow direct access to (browser of choice) bookmark and history database
  7. Page42

    Page42 Registered Member

  8. Overkill

    Overkill Registered Member

    I finally got it figured out, now does this interfere with the security of sandboxie bookmarking outside the sandbox, and should I add "allow direct access to cookies" or no?
    Also, does the top option mean that when I launch my browser it will always open in sandboxie or that particular sandbox that I created?
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  9. bo elam

    bo elam Registered Member

    About allowing bookmarks, you trade little security for GREATER convenience. I think it would be very uncomfortable if it could not be done. Allowing cookies? I don't but cookies is not malware so if allowing them makes your browsing experience better, allow them.

    By choosing the top option, SBIE will open open automatically sandboxed in the sandbox of your choice.You can create a sandbox for each of your browsers and force them to open separated from each other. This is a great option and is available in the registered version.

  10. Overkill

    Overkill Registered Member

    Thanks Bo, Nah cookies ain't no big deal to me
  11. acr1965

    acr1965 Registered Member

    This is a great thread for needed info - so thanks everyone. I have a couple questions.
    1. what's the difference between the option in chrome/iron to "allow direct access to bookmarks" vs. "allow direct access to bookmarks and database history" ?

    2. maybe a dumb question, but if I allow access to cookies, can they be deleted like any other cookie (like ones you would want to delete such as tracking cookies, flash cookies, etc)?

    3. are there any significant security issues with allowing direct access to preferences?

    4. If I want to add an add on or extension to iron/chrome will I need to do that without the browser sandboxed? I guess that applies to firefox as well.
  12. bo elam

    bo elam Registered Member

    On Firefox, I don't use Chrome, if you allow cookies, you can get rid of them by using CCleaner or however you are doing it now.

    My NoScript and Adblock are installed in the real system but I install AnoymoX sandboxed when I need to change my IP or country or when I want to visit a blocked site. For people that love trying out addons, SBIE works great because you can install addons sandboxed, use it for a few hours and get rid of it when you delete the sandbox.

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