Sandboxie 3.22 released today

Discussion in 'sandboxing & virtualization' started by chrome_sturmen, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. chrome_sturmen

    chrome_sturmen Registered Member

    I dunno if this was otherwise related here, but sandboxie 3.22 was released today. I just got it set-up and it's got some cool new features as compared to the last version.

    Here are some release notes from the site itself:

    Released on 13 January 2008.

    This page lists the changes to Sandboxie from version 3.21.

    This version improves the overall stability and usefulness of Sandboxie through various bug fixes and enhanced functionality:
    Improved support for sandboxed program installations, in particular for online installers such as Windows Live and the Google Pack.
    Improved support for Windows 2000.
    Improved support for sandboxing 16-bit DOS programs.
    Resolved conflicts with several third-party security applications.
    Sandboxie no longer recreates shortcut icons and associations every time it is started.
    Support for internationalization in Immediate Recovery.
  2. rendez2k

    rendez2k Registered Member

    Can't wait to test that. On the Sandboxie subject, how good is it for testing software or do people just tend to use it for web browsing etc?
  3. chrome_sturmen

    chrome_sturmen Registered Member

    I can't really speak for people in general, but I have heard it does well in some cases for the purpose of testing software. I myself use it to keep my web browser from channeling malware into my system, and to keep that browser free of internet clutter, and my settings intact.

    For the purposes of software testing i'd be much more likely to use fdisr, or shadowserver, depending on which approach fit the focus best.

    For it's light footprint and low resource usage, i'd say it is well suited to testing software that isn't designed to go beyond the realm of what sandboxie is designed to handle.

    These various tiers of virtualization can be layered together very capably and can provide a user with quite a bit of control over the system and near immunity to malware, if correctly used...

  4. ErikAlbert

    ErikAlbert Registered Member

    I use Sandboxie only for sandboxing Firefox and locking my data partition, while I'm surfing on the internet. If I download something, I store it in my system partition[C:], because my data partition[D:] is locked and inaccessible.

    I don't test any software in a sandbox, which is not always technical possible, when the softwares installs drivers and services.
    I test softwares always in a thawed system partition, which makes it possible to test reboot-softwares as well. I use the function "Freeze Previous" to get rid of the software, if I don't like it. This is one way to do it, I have other possibilities to remove unwanted softwares, but this is the most easy and lazy one.
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