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Discussion in 'sandboxing & virtualization' started by mhallerman, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. mhallerman

    mhallerman Registered Member

    Hello. Is there any way to quickly tell and delete any files and folders created from an app "sandboxed" via SafeSpace? For example, if I save a webpage to the desktop or anywhere else it rightly gets created and tracked by SS to open within safespace from then on going forward, but I would like to later on either get a comprehensive list of all the files on the pc that are likewise protected and to delete them all at once - is there any way to do this currently?

    I am an existing sandboxie user and I guess I am used to the feature where once you purge the sandboxie sandbox, all files & folders created within the sandbox are deleted at once.

  2. Tidyup

    Tidyup Registered Member

    Hello Mark.

    I was about to respond to your post on our forum, but will respond here instead :)

    At present, there isn't a way of listing all of the tracked files which exist on your computer. However, the default configuration has been designed to ensure that the number of files being tracked is minimal, and only the files which you expressly wanted to download.

    Most areas of the file system where trash data and unwanted changes occur are virtualized, and these changes are automatically removed when you purge.

    I am currently working on a commandline utility which will list tracked files in a target directory (and subdirectories), and this should give you the information you need. I will let you know when this is ready.

    Best regards,


    Artificial Dynamics.
  3. mhallerman

    mhallerman Registered Member

    Thanks Kris - I figured posting in both areas would give me twice the coverage ;)

    Sounds good - if you want someone to beta that, please let me know. All in all though, very pleased with the product so far...

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