Requesting discount for WilderSS members?

Discussion in 'Prevx Releases' started by Durad, Jun 19, 2009.

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  1. Durad

    Durad Registered Member

    haha good idea or not?

    :D :thumb:
  2. Blackcat

    Blackcat Registered Member

    You mean the same request as for NOD, LooknStop, Acronis, First Defense and Returnil ?
  3. PrevxHelp

    PrevxHelp Former Prevx Moderator

    We currently don't have any public discounts available but I think every user always finds a discount to be a good idea :D
  4. Triple Helix

    Triple Helix Webroot Product Advisor

    I know you get a great discount for mutiple years I thinks it adds up to 25% less!

  5. jrmhng

    jrmhng Registered Member

    Maybe you can have a troubleshooter's license. Most wilders peep are their friends goto guy for tech solution. So a site license for non commericial use would be good.
  6. benton4

    benton4 Registered Member

    Thanks to Prevx for such an awesome product- extremely light and does what it's ment to do. So, it saves me time and money as I don't have to deal withslow downs from bloatware, an infected system or having to purchase a new system altogether due to malware.
    To anyone who uses Prevx, you too are benefiting from the same savings I am. Thanks Prevx team!!!:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.