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Discussion in 'DCS Freeware' started by selen, Apr 21, 2006.

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  1. selen

    selen Registered Member


    I've tried RegistryProt 2.0 and everything is OK but although it is mentionned in the Help, the history.log file is never created. Why ?

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  2. selen

    selen Registered Member

    68 readings and no one answer ...

    nobody knows o_O
  3. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Waiting for the DCS guys to answer this, seems indeed nobody knows.
    Is there a pathname to be entered?
  4. selen

    selen Registered Member

    thank you for your reply

    maybe, but where ? , I don't see any options nowhere o_O
  5. ghenderson

    ghenderson Registered Member

    Same observation as selen, no history.log file

    Been using RegistryProt v 2.0 since Feb '04. Recently, regprot began continually asking to verify established registry entries for my antivirus, firewall, etc. after a Win98 system lockup and power-off reboot. RegistryProt is no longer asking for verification of established registry entries on bootup but during this verification process, I mistakenly removed a registry entry that I do want and the associated program no longer autostarts upon boot up.

    Went looking for the history.log file described in the RegistryProt help file to see the registry key that I deleted. There is no history.log file anywhere on my hard drive. Could not find a setting or option within the RegistryProt directory to enable history logging.

    Other than this recent incident the program is pretty much invisible and has apparently worked well in the past, stopping some other entries from being written to the registry that I did not want. Saw the post by Jooske re "Waiting for the DCS guys to answer this..." Any word?


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