Question to McAfee users on updating.

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Acadia, Feb 24, 2005.

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  1. Acadia

    Acadia Registered Member

    I just switched from Norton to McAfee 9.0 within the past two weeks. I have always updated my AV manually. Norton would only take about a minute at the most to download and install unless it was an unusually large update. However with McAfee, even with my Internet Explorer set at all of the McAfee recommended settings for ActiveX, popup stopper, etc., it was taking me forever to get the weekly update, and that is if it worked at all. I therefore switched over to automatic update and it now appears to be working but it still takes 2-3 minutes to do everything. Is this normal updating speed for you McAfee users; any idea why updating manually was not working but automatic does?

    Thank you,
  2. AnthonyG

    AnthonyG Registered Member

    This was the same results i was getting with Mcafee home too. It was an awful piece of software and i am amazed the same people made mcafee enterprise.

    My opinion would be to try and get yourself a copy of the enterprise.
  3. Ashak011

    Ashak011 Guest

    I use McAfee 8 and the updates are set to automatic. It can take a while but the biggest pain for me is that I have to re-boot the computer after every update. I don't know if it's the same with everyone's machine but I find it very annoying when after the updates, McAfee security centre shuts off.

    I renewed the license pretty recently but let's just say my experience with McAfee hasn't been hassle free. Will definitely consider going back to KAV when the license runs out. I am currently using Avast! on my kids pc and will keep an eye on that as well.
  4. Blackcat

    Blackcat Registered Member

    As far as I know, there are different development teams for the Home and Enterprise versions.
  5. AnthonyG

    AnthonyG Registered Member

    If thats the case its clear to me that they have put all their best software developers on the enterprise.
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