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Discussion in 'Returnil Betas' started by Coldmoon, Jun 22, 2010.

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  1. Franklin

    Franklin Registered Member

    Returnil 2008 and Returnil Virtual System Lite 2011 on new 40 gig Corsair SSD using memory caching. Win 7 32 bit, Xeon Quad 8 gig ddr2 1066.

    Boot out of virtual mode FF profile is corrupted or changed. If an update is done for Malwarebytes in virtual mode it may or may not be corrupt at rebooting out of virtual into real mode.

    Excluding C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes where updates are kept seems to solve the prob.

    For a test I deleted CCleaner.exe from it's programs folder in Returnil mode and rebooted back to real mode.

    The shortcut to CC on the task bar was blank so went to CC's Program's folder and the icon was blank as well with the following popup showing on trying to execute.


    Is anyone else using any full system virtualization with an SSD and seeing the same? Tried SD and getting the same corruption as Returnil.
  2. Coldmoon

    Coldmoon Returnil Moderator

    Hi Franklin,
    Can you try RVS Pro 2011 and let me know if the same issue is present in that version?

    Regarding Lite 2011, perform the same tests but run MS/Sysinternals' Debug View (capture all including the boot) and:

    1. Turn the Virtual Mode on
    2. Update MBAM with the folder you specify NOT excluded
    3. Save the DBV log and restart
    4. Check the MBAM DB file for corruption. If it is corrupt, send us the log file from DBV and an MSINFO32 report

  3. Franklin

    Franklin Registered Member

    Hi Coldmoon, I tried both my favourite ( 2008 ) and lite 2011 with the data corruption happening with both.

    But I think I "may" have sorted it by turning off trim?

    With 2008 and trim disabled I updated Malwarebytes and deleted CCleaner's main exe then rebooted.

    The corruption wasn't or didn't seem to be there as with trim enabled?

    For anyone else that may be having a similar prob you could try the same.

    Corsair - Turn Off Trim
  4. Coldmoon

    Coldmoon Returnil Moderator

    It may be related and I have added your report to the TRIM investigation.

  5. MadMonkey

    MadMonkey Registered Member

    Request: Option to configure Returnil and turn on Virtual Mode at install.
    (Have Virtual Mode active from first start.)
  6. Coldmoon

    Coldmoon Returnil Moderator

    Wish list item noted, but I cannot give you any estimates on its eventual development/adoption at the current time.

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