ProSecurity HIPS Owner/Developer Joins Comodo

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by 3xist, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. 3xist

    3xist Guest

    The announcement is here:

    P.S- For those who don't know, CIS= Comodo Internet Security which will be in public beta in a few weeks which will have the up coming CAV 3 & CFP 3 (Including Defense+) Fully integrated.
  2. Longboard

    Longboard Registered Member

    That is interesting news.
    Melih seems to be holding true to a pattern of benevolence and continued accruing of some serious expertise.
    Be interesting to see how this evolves.
    Might rock the boat for a few vendors?
  3. aigle

    aigle Registered Member

    That looks interesting. :thumb:
  4. Einsturzende

    Einsturzende Registered Member

    Great news for Comodo and CFP users
  5. simmikie

    simmikie Registered Member

    seems like a potentially good situation for all involved. the former Prosecurity developer can concentrate solely on writing code, and R&D, and not website admin, sales, marketing, licenses, or the public. Defense+ could quickly reach it's next level of refinements, and effectiveness.

    i look forward to benefitting from the potential results.

  6. Perman

    Perman Registered Member

    Hi, this is true at the first glance and on surface. but the undercurrent is:

    The effectiveness of this proven expert and his contribution to Comodo are largely dependent upon how well he can accept and how smoothly he can be absorbed into new corporate culture.

    I have seen many cases where brilliant brains are deliberately wasted. Hoping Melih will make this an exception.

    Furthermore, the former dev of ProSecurity has morally owed an explanation, perhaps an apology to his loyal fans( including some die-hard followers to this dead date). Evading any of these may seem a norm in modern China ( seldom in ancient China), but in modern Westerners' views, is a big no no.

    Now the last chapter of PS, perhaps the final page has become a history. but, some including myself has sour after taste in the mouth.

    Buyers beware, always. My grandparents used to say so.
  7. 3xist

    3xist Guest


    As mentored, The ProSecurity Owner/Developer has already contributed to CIS.
  8. farmerlee

    farmerlee Registered Member

    I too have a bitter taste leftover, i cannot even use the most recent release of PS as the activation does not work anymore, they could at least make it freeware or something.
  9. 3xist

    3xist Guest


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  10. nick s

    nick s Registered Member


    Following in the footsteps of some other HIPS developers, Jie has treated his paying customers badly.

  11. bellgamin

    bellgamin Very Frequent Poster

    HOWEVER -- the following NON-free HIPS are treating their customers verrrry GOODLY...

    SystemSafetyMonitor :thumb:
    OnlineArmor :thumb:
    Prevx :thumb:
    DefenseWall :thumb:
    A-squared :thumb:

    Maybe there are others -- that's all I can think of off-hand. Can anyone add to the HIPS hall-of-fame?
  12. starfish_001

    starfish_001 Registered Member

    Exactly a lifetime subscription to a product I can not activate any more. Very poor.

    Could have provided an activation fix for paid customers and walked away. To simply walk away without a word is very poor show. o_O
  13. aigle

    aigle Registered Member

    So what about rtdefender?
  14. Perman

    Perman Registered Member


    I thought Melih has said that Comodo has NOT acquired PS's codes, and the Dev was trying to sell them, but failed ?

    Could the following be true, nothing but true ?.... Comodo's upcoming CIS will NOT have any of PS's components, perhaps just few or more than few traces of his memory ? AND PS from now on will really become a STANDING ALONE product, a homeless orphan ? May GOD bless it !

    PS: just learn that HE has a new title in Comodo--Team Leader--HIPS development. Apparently Comodo has approached him to jump onto their wagon for a long while. Never be too late I guess. Great news for future users of CIS--providing CIS is a Freeware.
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  15. bellgamin

    bellgamin Very Frequent Poster

    I wonder if HE will be as unreliable and indolent when working for Comodo as he was in supporting paying customers of ProSec.

    I also wonder if the eventual goal is to replace Defense+'s code with an updated, Comodo-friendly, re-branded version of Prosecurity. If so, it would be a good idea. Whereas D+ is (at present) a very convoluted HIPS with a GUI that is unfriendly/illogical to configure, ProSec was just the opposite -- that is, PS was both easy & logical to configure.

    As for a Comodo suite -- the weak sister at Comodo is now (& has been) their AV. Very poor protection -- too low even to be allowed to be tested. The other AVs from Comodo's same geographic area are QuickHeal & K7 -- both of them weak sisters, also. IMO, their AV is another place where Comodo urgently needs to hire outside talent.
  16. silver0066

    silver0066 Registered Member

    I wonder why he would join such an awful company.

    Have you ever tried to uninstall their Firewall D+ product? Their forums, for over two years, have several threads of 10 to 20 pages each about the bugs and the inability to uninstall it. I have to reformat my Vista snapshot in order to get it back working. Vista is not worth it to me.

    I will stick with XP SP3 and never put another Comodo product on my computers again!!
  17. doktornotor

    doktornotor Registered Member

    I find it particularly amazing how you mention Symantec products in your oooh junk cannot uninstall post @ Comodo forums. I guess you've never used them. A sane person would never mention "Symantec/Norton" and "working uninstall" in the same sentence.

    Meanwhile, may I suggest this simple batch to wipe the traces of Comodo on your box, instead of reading the 20 page thread. (You've already been told to do it to which you failed to respond and continued your bashing here, in addition to the above qutoted thread. Very mature. :rolleyes: :thumbd:

    P.S. CFP uninstall is off-topic here, if you have anything else, move to Comodo forums or create yourself a new thread.
  18. silver0066

    silver0066 Registered Member

    You are way off base. If you would read the forum you would see that I tried ALL of the methods mentioned. I also responded to that.

    And, by the way, there are some good uninstallers out there that will completely rid your computer of all Norton products......and if you would try the new Norton NIS 2009 beta, you would see that it's uninstaller works very well. I am not bashing. I am reciting a horrible experience with this company, as have many, many others in their and this community.

    These forums are here to inform the users about security products, and if I can help someone from having the same bad experience as many others have had, then I am doing a service, not bashing.
  19. doktornotor

    doktornotor Registered Member

    Please stop hijacking this thread for off-topic Comodo bashing, your uninstall issues have zero in common with the topic of this thread. Go create your own one which I'll happily ignore. :mad:
  20. LowWaterMark

    LowWaterMark Administrator

    Let's all bring this thread back to its proper topic, that being ProSecurity HIPS Owner/Developer Joins Comodo, not anything or everything else about Comodo products.
  21. The_1337

    The_1337 Registered Member

    Well the good thing is that comodo is free so there's no more worries about ripping off customers.:eek:
  22. 3xist

    3xist Guest

    Well we do know is that Comodo simply hired the developer & Pro Security says bye bye. Who knows what he is going to assigned to? It might not be CFP 3/CIS.

  23. Perman

    Perman Registered Member

    Hi, I was thinking that..

    If Comodo/Melih would have purchased PS by adopting the same White-Knight style to BoClean, paid users and perhaps more and more PC users will be benefited from it.

    Simply hiring him implies two things: (1) PS not worth of being saved or being developed further (2) fire sale (deeply cheap type of hiring a talent) style of human resource management.
  24. Woody777

    Woody777 Registered Member

    He obviously was not making any money with ProSecurity so why develop a product that was of marginal value to him. A new job opens up so why not take it & it offers new opportunities & there you go. I myself really hope that he makes the last version available as freeware somehow. He hasen't so that may mean he might still have plans for it. I am glad that I did not spend money for this application, although it was a great software it was obviously a personal project & not commercially viable.
  25. alex_s

    alex_s Registered Member

    Very true. 9 wemen cannot make a child in one month. And I think the weakest chain here is Melih. He doesn't make an impression of too good manager and clever person.

    Though, the whole story is interesting :)
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