problem with macrium rescue cd.

Discussion in 'backup, imaging & disk mgmt' started by The Red Moon, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. The Red Moon

    The Red Moon Registered Member

    Ive downloaded a 154mb iso for macrium reflect from the windows 7 forum which creates a winpe environment.

    Ive used the in built windows 7 burn function and buurned the iso to a cd.
    Im stumped as to what to do now.I rebooted my computer and windows did not allow me to boot with the cd.
    What am i doing wrong?

    I installed macrium reflect and tried to create a rescue cd and it wanted to download the WAIK but i disallowed that as i thought the iso i had burned would allow me to restore etc.
    On the windows 7 forum he instructs to just download the iso and burn to cd but ive done that but i dont know how to create a working rescue disk now.

    Any help please.?
  2. Jim1cor13

    Jim1cor13 Registered Member

    Hi Beethoven1770 :)

    I use whs latest ISO for awhile now and it works great. Here is the tutorial link that has the skydrive download link for the latest version he made which is 5.0.4995 In order to download, you must get a skydrive account which is simple to do. Not sure which ISO you downloaded, the older one or this newer one, but the above is the latest he has created some months ago.[2]=Backup%20Restore Scroll down a bit and you will see his link to his skydrive account.

    Second: Have you made sure the first boot device set in your BIOS is CD-ROM?

    The only other problem would be if your system was not 64 bit capable as this ISO he made is x64. Most PC's over the last 5 or 6 years should have 64 bit capable hardware.

    Hope that really is a nice boot disk, both backup and restore functions. I have used it often.

  3. Kerodo

    Kerodo Registered Member

    I recently created my Macrium Win PE rescue disk and all went well. All I did was follow the prompts from within Macrium and let it do what it wanted to do, including downloading the 1.67GB ISO. Macrium handled everything itself and created the rescue disk fine. No need to reboot or boot off any CD etc. I tested the rescue disk and it works great.
  4. The Red Moon

    The Red Moon Registered Member

    My computer is 64bit.
    My boot order is correct.I now have the iso which i believe is the latest and dont know what to do with it.
    Ive tried creating within macrium and its having none of it.
  5. Jim1cor13

    Jim1cor13 Registered Member

    Hi Beethoven1770 :)

    The ISO you downloaded from sevenforums needs to be burned to a CD. If you downloaded the one from Skydrive link, it will be version 5.0.4995

    To burn the ISO file to CD:

    I do this simply in Win 7, by right clicking an ISO file and choose on the context menu "Open With" and click on Windows Disc Image Burner. Make sure you have a blank CD in your device, and simply burn it. Once finished, it will eject the CD, just push the tray back in, and restart your computer.

    You should then be able to boot right into the Macrium and both backup and restore along with the other features of the free version. As mentioned, you must at least have your first boot device set to your CD-ROM and as long as you have 64 bit capable hardware, you should have no problem.

    You should have no need to download WAIK, just use your newly burned ISO from whs. It will work fine along with your Macrium free windows version for backup and recovery either cold imaging with the boot CD, or hot imaging from within Windows using Macrium free program. When it comes time to restore an image, you boot with the CD you created with the ISO, and you should be set to go. :)

  6. The Red Moon

    The Red Moon Registered Member

    Hello jim.
    I would like to say a very big thank you.Your post has solved my problem and the cd works just fine now.:D
    I think i must have burned the iso incorrectly but following your advice everything works just fine now and ive created an image already.

    So once again thank you sincerely your a real gentleman.:thumb:
    All the very best to you.:thumb:
  7. aladdin

    aladdin Registered Member

    Dear Jim,

    It boggles my mind why such a aversion to download the WAIK (1.7GB for x64 hardware) download in these days, with such fast internet and with unlimited downloads. The advantages of having WAIK are as follows:

    1. Microsoft presently is giving it freely, they might anytime start charging for it.

    2. WAIK is a mini Windows 7 x64, which is used to build WinPE for any imaging, virus and partition programs.

    3. For example, if you buy Image For Windows (IFW), you will need WAIK to build WinPE for IFL.

    4. Macrium Reflect is almost updated on a weekly basis, and if you have the WAIK, you can build your updated WinPE instantly. You don't have to wait someone like Seven Forum to build you a newer WinPE. If you count (add up) all your Seven Forum downloads, eventually it will become more that the WAIK download.

    5. More benefits of having WAIK, but enough said.

    It is a saying in our custom, that you tell your daughter, but it is intended for your daughter-in-law.

    Best regards,
  8. aladdin

    aladdin Registered Member

    BTW, the Macrium Reflect v5.0.4495 is such an old, old version. Maybe, a year old version. The latest is v5.1.5529

    One of these, if there is major changes in Macrium Reflect, one will find doing imaging with the latest version cannot be restored with WinPE v5.0.4495

    A case in point is Image For Windows (IFW). IF the image is done with IFL v2.76 and above, it cannot be resoted with a WinPE version lower than v2.76

    Best regards,
  9. The Red Moon

    The Red Moon Registered Member

    I refuse to download such a large amount of data to use a piece of software.I would sooner carry on using windows 7 imaging than having to download more data.
    I want something that is ready made and reliable and at the moment nothing comes close to windows 7 imaging.Its reliable and does not require huge downloads.
  10. MarcP

    MarcP Registered Member

    Blame Microsoft for pulling all licenses. It is not Macrium's fault.
  11. Kerodo

    Kerodo Registered Member

    The linux rescue cd works pretty well as long as your data(image) is on another drive. But I partitioned my internal drive into 3 partitions, one for the images, and the linux rescue did not see those partitions properly, so I went to the Win PE rescue instead. For what it's worth... :)
  12. The Red Moon

    The Red Moon Registered Member

    That was the problem i was having with the linux cd.It would not see my external hard drive.
    But the macrium cd which i created earlier does see it,...:)
  13. Jim1cor13

    Jim1cor13 Registered Member

    Thank you for the kind words, I am just trying to help when I can. You are very welcome :) I hope you enjoy the disc.

    I still have the old version Macrium 4.2.3775 installed in Windows 7, and it handles the images I create with this version 5.0.4995 ISO just fine, both mounting and otherwise. Although I rarely use the old version 4 in windows because i do not generally do hot imaging, I do use it to mount and extract a file if necessary. In case of restore, I use the boot disc of 5.0.4995 as well as cold imaging.

    It should serve you well if all you want is to cold image and restore :)

    @aladdin Thank you for your comments. I always appreciate your thoughts. :) I do understand the usefulness of WAIK, I do not have it installed, nor have I ever used it personally. I also understand that Macrium for Windows has been updated many times over the last year. One thing I did find out from reading their own Release Notes here: , is that if you read through them, version 5.0.4995 is the last minor update that specifically had stated:

    "What's new? 5.0.4995:

    Windows PE Rescue media wizard - Driver injection
    Added support for additional USB3.0 hardware

    IMPORTANT: Please create fresh Windows PE rescue media if you have issues with USB3 hardware." < Only if there were USB 3.0 issues.

    The other versions of Macrium that they specifically stated to create a fresh windows PE rescue disc was version 5.0.4908. This was the last version it specified users to actually create a new or fresh Winpe rescue disc, otherwise only if one had issues with USB 3.0 hardware.

    So this is the reason why there should be no need to create a fresh Winpe rescue disc later than 5.0.4995, and this only if users had USB 3.0 issues, otherwise the last version that was necessary to create a new Winpe rescue disc was actually version 5.0.4908 according to their own Release notes.

    Of course users are free to create new discs if they want to, but it is not required by Macrium other than version 5.0.4908 which it WAS required, or version 5.0.4995 which was technically only required if users were having USB 3.0 issues. In my opinion, both cases stated above, users should have created a new Winpe rescue disc. Otherwise, Macrium did not advise any "new" Winpe rescue disc since version 5.0.4995 and the reason whs from sevenforums has not updated his ISO he made because it is not required since 5.0.4995. Overall, it depends upon the issues or bugs addressed as to whether one should create new Winpe disc, such as version 5.0.5167 if one had issues with Redeploy, etc.

    I hope that clears up any confusion in regards to my advice for Beethoven1770, and this is based upon Macrium's own Release notes, not my own advice. I have no aversion to using WAIK, but if I can avoid the download, I will which is a personal choice. Anyone can choose to recreate a new Winpe rescue disc with every update, but it is not required according to Macrium unless it is specifically advised or mentioned as it was with both versions 5.0.4908 and 5.0.4995, or specific issues addressed as mentioned in the release notes.

    Thank you again Mohamed for your comments and help :)

    Last edited: Jan 16, 2013
  14. Gorkster

    Gorkster Registered Member

    Just to be clear, the WAIK (I think it's WADK for Win8 ) is a one-time download. It does not have to be downloaded every time you want to create rescue media. Also, as noted in a previous post, the need to download is due to a decision MS made and affects ANY software company which wants to use WinPE as opposed to Linux or some other option for their emergency boot disks. Software companies are no longer ALLOWED to include the WAIK with their programs. That said, Reflect does not require the user go out and find the WAIK and download it themselves. It will take care of that for you and let you save the WAIK files to whatever location you desire.

    When you create rescue media from within Reflect it uses the files it needs from the WAIK to write their software onto a bootable WinPE disk. It performs this function EXTREMELY well. And though I purchased Reflect before Macrium's non-renewable license with MS for WAIK expired and therefore was not required to download the WAIK, I did it anyway so I could inject my own custom drivers and files into my Reflect Rescue Media.

    Before my recent upgrade to Win8 (and subsequent re-install of Reflect) I had already used the WAIK for something else so it was already on my computer and I think was given the option to point Reflect to the correct place instead of downloading it again. This makes me wonder if it might be possible to have Reflect use the WAIK you've already burned to a CD...
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2013
  15. aladdin

    aladdin Registered Member

    Dearest Jim,

    It is your excellent manners and kindness which makes you liked by everyone. Having said, from the above link you provided, there is almost a reason for creating a new WinPE with each update. This is the way I read it. For example:

    What's new? 5.1.5444:

    Improved 'Fix Windows Boot Problems' functionality in Windows PE
    Now supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 multi boot. All configurations, including Windows installation on logical drives and system drive letters other than 'C'

    Or sometimes, the older version cannot read the image created with the latest version.

    Anyhow, I have PAID Family v5 (four licenses) for Macrium Reflect. With the updates the WinPE is updated too. However, with each update I have to run two utilities, which takes less than two minutes.

    1. Add Recovery Boot Menu Option.
    2. Create Rescue Media. Which I do as ISO, and keep it on my server in case of hard disk failure.

    The WinPE is created for the above two options, not just for creating rescue disk.

    Best regards,

  16. aladdin

    aladdin Registered Member

    Dear Gorkster,

    Very true about what you have said above. WADK is the future, instead of WAIK.

    For x32 (x86) hardware the download of WAIK is less than 1.0 GB.
    For x64 hardware the download of WAIK is 1.7 GB.

    WAIK or WADK is almost needed for everything.

    Best regards,
  17. Jim1cor13

    Jim1cor13 Registered Member

    Thank you very much Mohamed for your kind words. :)

    You made some great points, and I understand what you are saying. Certainly any improvements within the PE environment makes the case to create a new Winpe, and even more so when one is affected by other issues stated in their release notes, i.e., bugs, etc.

    It does make it nice to create the boot menu ISO. I have done this with IFL using easyBCD and it works great. I can see how you could add many boot items and ISO's if desired. I also have several flash drives with bootable ISO's on them and so much faster than typical CD/DVD boot media, in my case all made using easyBCD. Some I have had to tweak to get to work, such as maybe extracting a folder and placing it on the flash, but most work great...even Parted Magic ISO just "running from disk" using easyBCD on a flash drive boot menu works great.

    Thank you always for your insight. Your experience with easyBCD and other tools has been a big help to me personally. :)

    Have a great day my friend :)

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