Please how configure scan for popmail

Discussion in 'NOD32 version 1 Forum' started by babyhack, Oct 27, 2002.

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  1. puff-m-d

    puff-m-d Registered Member

    You can set you pop3 server ports to any thing you wish as long as the port is not being used by another app. The address you need to use is either or localhost.

    You can have all your accounts set for a different ports if you wish instead of just the one entry and it will also work (so the wizard is correct). I just see no reason to open more ports than necessary so I have all my accounts on the same port.

    You still have the pop3 scanner set for 110, you just set up an alternate listening port. This, more or less, sets up the pop3 scanner to be a virus scanning proxy between you e-mail client and the internet.

    ie, e-mail client >> NOD32 pop3 scanner >> internet

  2. MickeyTheMan

    MickeyTheMan Security Expert

    As 10,500 is default, i'd suggest you use another one
  3. Mele20

    Mele20 Former Poster

    Thank you. However, nothing any of you have said helps me. I can't access , at least as I can see, Mozilla any further. This should be simple. I don't have the patience for this. I think I will just go back to NAV because it will set all this up automatically. I had no problems using Mozilla mail when I had NAV. I can't change anything in Mozilla. Mozilla has just imported the OE settings. There is nothing wrong with the OE settings because if I open OE , the mail is scanned.

    Where are the NOD32techs? I guess as bad as Symantec support has become it is still a lot better than this board.
  4. Markus

    Markus Registered Member


    sorry, but it is working without any problem. I tested it with Outlook, Mozilla, Gemail... everything is fine. :) So please don't exaggerate! OK?

    It's easy to configure Mozilla, too!

    By the way, AMON, NOD32's OnAccess-Scanner is working in the background, so you don't be in fear of any mail worm! How many eMail-Accounts do you have (Mozilla)?

    Regards, Markus
  5. LowWaterMark

    LowWaterMark Administrator


    On the configuration screen capture you pasted above, cross linked here:


    The fields with Server Name: "" and Port: "110" can't be changed? That screen looks like a standard Windows configuration screen to me from this view - changes made in the text boxes, then hitting OK to save them. Are those boxes locked when you try to type in them? You can't enter "localhost" and "10500" in them?
  6. babyhack

    babyhack Registered Member

    I followed your instructions Markus, and now it works :D
    My automatic configuration of pop3scanner wasn't the problem. I have changed my parameters in OE like you indicated me :
    localhost typed in my server incoming mail
    and port 10500 replacing port 110

    Just to know, why "localhost" must replace "" ? What does mean "localhost" ?

    thx a lot,
    best regards
  7. Mele20

    Mele20 Former Poster

    >Are those boxes locked when you try to type in them? You can't enter "localhost" and "10500" in them?

    I was able to change them. Then Mozilla mail could not send at all. I changed it back and Mozilla crashed. Crashed again and again. I uninstalled Mozilla. Reinstalled. When I try to send mail Mozilla crashes again. I uninstalled again and this time went to the site and d/l again and installed. Navigator is just fine, but I cannot send mail and when I try Mozilla crashes. Mozilla mail was working just fine until you guys convinced me, against my better judgement, to make those changes. I didn't think it was wise because the Mozilla wizard set up the mail accounts and changing anything is not a good idea. Now I can't use Mozilla mail at all. It may have been coincidence and perhaps Mozilla mail was going to go bad no matter what....still, I can't help but think it had something to do with making those changes because everything was fine until I did that.
  8. Paul Wilders

    Paul Wilders Administrator


    Wit due respect: let's be fair here. It has been your decision to make changes. If you had serious second thoughts, you should have followed your own judgement. Many over here have offered you all help possible, merely to help you out. Nobody has been trying to convince you to go for it - you did ask for suggestions and help.

    I'm truly sorry to hear so. Did you clean your registry after uninstalling Mozilla? Most probably some debris has been left, causing a problematic new install. Anyway, since merely changing settings in the POP3 configuration does not interfere with the registry at all, the cause of this problem seems rather Mozilla related than NOD32 related.

    I'd suggest uninstalling Mozilla once more, cleaning the registry from leftovers, and installing once more.


  9. Seldom Seen

    Seldom Seen Guest

    What you are doing is telling your browser to check for e-mail on the default POP3 Port 110, on your own computer, after it has been forwarded from another Port by your POP3 scanner, NOD32 or another.

    "" is the default address of every computer in the world.

    "localhost" is the Windows alias for "".

    I will suggest, always type "".

    Windows is so stupid, it sometimes can not understand "localhost" even when it has made this change itself from "" at some prior time.
  10. JacK

    JacK Registered Member


    I don't see where NOD32 might be involved in SENDING mail : it only filters INCOMING mail :)

  11. Seldom Seen

    Seldom Seen Guest

    Mozilla will leave much registry rubbish behind, perhaps some hundreds of lines, if it has been installed many times, different versions, which can cause a problem.

    Outlook Express is still the most favourably integrated e-mail browser. Microsoft can not get even their own Outlook to run seamlessly with Windows, so what chance has Mozilla or Eudora or others to succeed in this?

    In Mele20 situation, if he insists to use more than one e-mail browser (why?) I would make a different Port for each Mozilla account, from starting point 10510, and increment by 1. This will divorce Mozilla from Outlook Express, to avoid conflict, and perhaps solve the problem.

    But 2 e-mail browsers is like 2 anti-virus. They will always conflict.
  12. babyhack

    babyhack Registered Member

    thx for the explanation :)
  13. jan

    jan Former Eset Moderator

    Hi Mele20,

    we have tried out your situation here - we were downloading the mail to OE and Mozilla through the NOD32 for POP3 Scanner and it worked OK - including the virus alerts.

    I don't think the situation that you can't send mail with Mozilla is caused by NOD32 for POP3 - (it's just checking the incoming mail as written by JacK) - the correct connection settings to the POP3 Server should help.

    If you necessarily need to download the mail into two mail clients including Mozilla and check it with NOD32 for POP3 - we can help you with this after your Mozilla mail will download the mail correctly - the others have already suggested to you how to do it.

    regards, :)

  14. Mele20

    Mele20 Former Poster

    >If you necessarily need to download the mail into two mail clients including Mozilla and check it with NOD32 for POP3 - we can help you with this after your Mozilla mail will download the mail correctly - the others have already suggested to you how to do it

    I have Mozilla mail working correctly...for the time being. It was nothing to do with NOD32 or registry problems. Just bugs. I have the latest beta version of Mozilla (but not the nightly build) which is buggy. The email client is the most buggy. I had thought this version was more stable than it actually is as earlier versions worked sporadically and this version had been working great until I had the problems with NOD32. So, I thought that was the reason. However, it suddenly started working again which is how it used to do all the time in earlier versions.

    I find it very puzzling why NOD32 won't work with Mozilla without my having to make a bunch of confusing manual changes. If I get other email clients such as Eudora or AOL mail will I have this same confusing problem? Why isn't NOD32 able to automatically configure various email clients? Other antivirus applications do all this automatically. In fact, will NOD32 work at all with AOL mail? I may switch to AOL Cable as that is where all the TW content for broadband is going to be in the future.

    I want to use Mozilla mail so that when I am on Mozilla I can send links easily. Plus, why would I want to have to open OE when I am on Mozilla and there is an email client right there? I generally keep both IE and Mozilla open and switch back and forth depending on the website.

    Anyhow, after I reinstall NOD32, and at a time when Mozilla mail is behaving itself, I will let you know and you can walk me through how to configure this. I found everyone's explanations thoroughly confusing. This is why I think an official support board should best be tech to user like some other antivirus vendors have it set up. Then the user can look at the official answers and if they don't find what they need they then ask their own question. I have nothing against boards that have user to user support, but I feel that would work best as additional support.
  15. Paul Wilders

    Paul Wilders Administrator


    Glad you've sorted it out ;). But didn't you post on another board:

    Also, the correct setup has been provided here all along - by users, as has been pointed out, here and elswhere.

    I'm sorry to hear you did find the info provided confusing. The correct answer(s) to your questions have been provided nevertheless. As for boards having user to user support: that's the most common way Forums function - this one is no exception to the rule. A good interaction between users helping users combined with official tech support is an asset and keeps the Forum alive and kicking IMO.

    As for other questions asked: others will probably jump in.


  16. f_disk

    f_disk Guest

  17. Mele20

    Mele20 Former Poster

    >I'm sorry to hear you did find the info provided confusing. The correct answer(s) to your questions have been provided nevertheless.

    Well, it doesn't do me much good if the correct answer has been provided in such a manner that I cannot understand it!
    How can you claim that is good tech support? This is a very hostile board.
  18. Paul Wilders

    Paul Wilders Administrator


    What has been confusing you exactly?

    I fail to see the logic here; sorry. I didn't state that in this context. I did state:

    ..which is quite something different.

    Having a look at all posts being made, 99.99% from the posters don't feel that way at all - as our aim is being a nice, friendly and helpful community. Sorry to hear you feel this way. You are welcome as everyone is.


  19. Technodrome

    Technodrome Security Expert

    I am very sorry that you feel this way... We are working hard to help people around here. Sometimes we are not able to solve the problem, and we expect from our members to understand that!

    Thank you for your contribution!

  20. CP

    CP Guest

    From my experience, this is not how most public board support environments work. On most boards, its techs and users all interacting freely. If some answers are confusing, say so, and ask more pointed questions. Don't fear not looking like you know it all - none of us do. Confusing answers are often the result of complex questions or situations that just don't seem to make sense. People had trouble answering above because much of what you said didn't seem quite right. As it turns out, that was the case. There was more wrong here than just NOD32, as you've recently updated us. It confused everyone - members and techs.

    "Email" support is more often tech to user to tech. But even there, the back and forth of emails is usually several before the tech understands both the question, the configuration specifics and the knowledge level of the user (which is also important in being able to properly form the answers.)
    Overall, the answers above seem pretty reasonable. You had other factors that interfered with your ability to implement the answers, which others here could never have guessed. So, when their advice didn't work right away for you, you thought their answers were wrong. True, they didn't work for you, but how could the people giving these answers (which 99% of the time would have been exactly correct), have known the problems on your system?

    This forum is a very sharp one. Some of the people here are very well known in computing and security, and they are among some of the best and the brightest. There's not a lot of fluff on this board, either, and that's a good thing.

    Sometimes getting problems solved on computers takes a real lot of work because of their complexity. I'd like to hear of places or companies that produce products that not only do what they promise, but, also can determine all the other problems from other packages on your system and adjust and fix it all. Then I'd like to hear about their tech support who knows all this upon the first question emailed or posted and gives you a dead on answer the first time that you can both understand and that fully answers the problem.

    Let me know if you find all that somewhere else and I'll join you there.
  21. puff-m-d

    puff-m-d Registered Member

    I know when I pose a question to or open a topic, I put myself into "humble" mode. I try to think as I know almost nothing on the topic and just about always investigate all solutions posted. The reason I say this is that it is so often the simplest, littlest thing that we are overlooking (and may even know already) that has caused the problem. I consider this opening myself up to the community here at this forum. Also bear in mind that I just do not "act" on the suggestions posted to my questions. but I also will investigate them and ask more questions until I understand thoroughly BEFORE I act.

    I have received soooo much help here in the past (and I know I will also into the future :D ) and that help has not only come from the "gurus" but has many times came from "newbies" also. We are all on one mission here, to make our systems as secure and safe as possible while having a good, enjoyable time and learning throughout it all.

    When you humble yourself, open your mind to new possibilities, and say to yourself that I WILL learn something new, positive and beneficial while at the same time trying to help others, there is no limit to what you may learn or where you may go.

    I hope that I have not rambled on too much here (or gotten too far off topic :rolleyes: ), but This was just a little something I wanted to say ;) .


    Edit to add: I decided to post this here as I thought it went along with this entire thread, but as always, if I posted in the wrong place, please feel free to move it... Thanks :D
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