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  1. justsparky

    justsparky Registered Member

    I am running a Dell Optiplex GX620 with Windows XP Professional SP3. I have a 3 TB SATA WD30EZRSDTL disk installed behind a Marvell 91xx SATA 6G Controller (which is boxed as a Highpoint Rocket 620 HBA but the system device manager lists it as a Marvell). I purchased and installed GPT loader. Upon initial conversion to GPT, GPT loader says the available capacity of the drive is 2047 GB not 3TB. So that is the first issue. The conversion to GPT appeared to go well and GPT loader now says I have a "Basic GPT drive" of 2047 GB capacity. I rebooted, then went to "create a partition" E: drive. This all appeared to go well until the very end when I got error "Can't mount partititon - Hard Disk Manager". Now where I am at is that there does not appear to be any partition on the drive, but when I try to create a partition the max size it will let me create is 127 GB. So why does GPT loader only show available total capacity of 2047 GB ? And why can I not create and mount a partition with the full capacity of the drive? Device manager shows the disk as "WDC WD30ESRS-11J99BO SCSI Disk Device" so is my problem the fact that the system is treating this as a SCSI disk? Any ideas on a remedy? I have opened a help ticket on this but have heard nothing.
  2. justsparky

    justsparky Registered Member

    Any help would be appreciated
  3. Mech_An

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    To make GPT Loader work you should connect your WD 3TB drive as SATA\eSATA. While it's recognized as SCSI device its capacity will stay 2TB only.

    Please try to connect your drive via eSATA port (if exists) using SATA\eSATA switch.
    Alternative: disable Marvell HDD controller in BIOS and uninstall Marvell drivers from Windows.

    Once your 3TB drive is recognized as ATA \ SATA, you should re-convert it to GPT:
    1) Convert back to MBR :
    * go to C:\Program Files\Paragon Software\GPT Disk Manager\program
    * find explauncher.exe and rename it to explauncher1.exe
    * run GPT Disk manager
    * in Full Scale launcher select your 3TB drive and go to Hard Disk -> Convert to MBR menu
    * press apply to perform changes.
    2) Convert to GPT
    Once completed, your 3TB drive will be shown as 2 parts: 2047 GB + 746 GB.
    * Then close GPT Disk Manager, rename explauncher.exe back to original name.
    * run GPT Disk Manager and convert your 3TB drive back to GPT
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