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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by trjam, Nov 7, 2011.

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  1. trjam

    trjam Registered Member

    thanks Pedro, after trying 1.9 again, it made my choice very easy. Looking forward to the finished product.
  2. JoeBlack40

    JoeBlack40 Registered Member

    Can i install 1.9 beta version on top of 1.5?
    And,i opted out the toolbar,does this mean i don't have web protection?
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  3. FeralVirus

    FeralVirus Registered Member

    I don't think the toolbar is consquential. I've also removed it. BTW, Panda should just delete the 'coupons' part entirely. I was actually getting popups at the CNET site which is exactly what you don't want from AV package. Even removing the toolbar kept the coupons coming. It was only after I customized the toolbar to remove coupons did I stop the problem. I don't see much utility in that thing at all.
  4. trjam

    trjam Registered Member

    install the toolbar then uninstall it and you will still have url protection.
  5. gugarci

    gugarci Registered Member

    Coupons? Pop ups from Panda? Can you elaborate on this?
  6. JoeBlack40

    JoeBlack40 Registered Member

    I quote myself because no one replied to me as it should.No,if you install Panda Cloud and opt out the toolbar,you'll have no web protection.I've run 2 malware links and Panda didn't react at all.I installed after that Panda toolbar and run again the links.This time were blocked.Thanks.
  7. FeralVirus

    FeralVirus Registered Member

    Unfortunately one element of the security toolbar includes 'coupons.' Why they included this is a mystery. But if you visit CNET you will get a coupon popup on some product (can't remember which it is). Remove 'coupons' from the toolbar and they don't appear. I'll try to remember to post a screenie when I can to show you.

    Wow....we need some definitive answer on this. I read this about version 1.3:

    Malicious Web & URL Filtering. This feature blocks websites that push malware, exploits and drive-by downloads. It is available both in Free and in Pro Editions and is installed by the toolbar. Unlike similar solutions, this web filtering works at a low level so it works under all browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. For those of you that didn’t install the toolbar but would like to install the Web & URL Filtering, you can download it from here and install it manually.

    Here's a wiki entry that elaborates on both:

    Perhaps with URL blocking issue is a beta 'feature.' :shifty:
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  8. atomomega

    atomomega Registered Member

    Hmmm... that's not good. If I remember correctly there were requests to have URL Protection provided as a built-in feature which could be turned on/off when needed from the GUI and @pbust replied it was on the to-do list for future releases. Again, I'm not sure where did I see it... but somehow feels more like a trick to make users install the toobar (even if you can uninstall it later on)
  9. Cloud

    Cloud Registered Member

    It is not a trick. Why would you think that? ;)
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  10. FeralVirus

    FeralVirus Registered Member

    This thread in the support forums suggest URL protection remains whether or not the toolbar is installed. See second post......

    edit:Reading further in that forum it appears that you have an option of whether or not to install the toolbar when you install PCAV. It is not clear to me if you uncheck that box that that you have eliminated URL protection. However we are told that you should install the toolbar with the AV install and later you can remove the toolbar in the browser and URL protection remains. That's what I'm gleaning anyway. Panda needs to communicate this more clearly.
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  11. atomomega

    atomomega Registered Member

    During PCAV installation it does ask you wether you want to install the toolbar or not. But that's the same thing, in the end you end up installing the toolbar in order to get URL Protection... if you opt-out to install the toolbar, you don't get URL Protection... :doubt:
  12. TonyW

    TonyW Registered Member

    I thought they were going to try include URL protection into the install process without the need to install the toolbar so that feature is part of the core. Is this coming in version 2 or planned for later?
  13. Brocke

    Brocke Registered Member

    just install the toolbar to get the url protection then you can just uninstall the toolbar. easy as that.
  14. atomomega

    atomomega Registered Member

    I know... ;)
  15. Cloud

    Cloud Registered Member

    No one knows. :)
  16. pegr

    pegr Registered Member

    I have a 3-year licence for Panda Cloud Pro, which I can't use because it conflicts badly with Comodo Firewall on my system, which I'm not prepared to give up to run Panda Cloud. I realise there are known conflicts between Panda Cloud and Comodo but it would be nice if these could be resolved in Panda Cloud 2.0.

    Has anybody managed to successfuly run the Panda Cloud beta alongside Comodo Firewall on Windows XP without experiencing boot time conflicts or other system instability?
  17. IvoShoen

    IvoShoen Registered Member

    I gave up on Comodo and went with OnlineArmor because it works well with Panda Cloud and OA is also better at passing Comodo's leak tests.
  18. kjdemuth

    kjdemuth Registered Member

    I have panda cloud pro working with comodo firewall on win 7 premium. I haven't noticed any issues. Yet.
  19. DOSawaits

    DOSawaits Registered Member

    I had to switch back from 1.9beta to 1.5 because simply browsing through explorer using the arrow keys was skippy and my system become a complete drag.
  20. The Hammer

    The Hammer Registered Member

    Install the toolbar then uninstall the toolbar URL protection remains.
  21. FeralVirus

    FeralVirus Registered Member

    Yes, that's what I've done. I haven't seen any slowdowns.....things seem pretty snappy. And I've got spyshelter running too.
  22. pegr

    pegr Registered Member

    Thanks for replying.

    As soon as I get time, I think I'll uninstall the Comodo Firewall for a bit and try the Panda Cloud 1.9 beta to see how it runs on my system. I'm interested to see what the Panda firewall is like.
  23. IvoShoen

    IvoShoen Registered Member

  24. whitedragon551

    whitedragon551 Registered Member

    Due to this topic I tried it out. So far I like it. Im only using it along with DropMyRights on my browser.
  25. pegr

    pegr Registered Member

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