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Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by pin, Nov 29, 2002.

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    i'm looking for something for XP that will block or be invisible to packet sniffers on my LAN..

    i tried antisniff from a link i found on the grc site, but it said it was only for 95/98/NT, and when i ran it, it wouldn't work (it wouldn't detect my network card and so on).

    i'm worried that some ppl on my LAN may be voyeurs; wanting to know what i'm doing online for no good reason and perhaps checking out my IM sessions. i wanna plug this hole!

    any suggestions/programs?


    UNICRON Technical Expert

    are you using a hub? Get rid of it for a router or switch. That will end your sniffing problems.

    Not much you can do on a hub, all packets of every machine on the hub are delivered to all other machines on the hub. All that traffic slows down your connection speed as well.

    Encryption will make it unlikely your pals can read any data, but the source and destination IPs will still be visible, as well as other info like the type of packets, how many, how often etc. Also, most ISPs do not provide secure email so you can't use encryption there.
  3. pin

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    yep we're using a hub.. can't afford to change to a switch right now, but maybe in the new year.

    as for encryption, that sounds like a good idea to get started.

    i will do some searching around.

    thx UNICRON.
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    thx for the links..
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