"OSSS" (Online Solutions Security Suite) Beta is Out

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by PaulBB, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. Mihail Fradkov

    Mihail Fradkov Registered Member

    Current versions of OSSS booting immediately after OS kernel (one file). No any other drivers (system or other) are booted before. Please see a screenshot here.

    On x64 platform (soon beta) we will be in MBR and will control anything. Moreover, possibly, we will later update x86 (32-bit) variant to do the same thing.

    Please see my answer above about TrueCrypt and/or BCVE.
  2. 0strodamus

    0strodamus Registered Member

    Thanks for the information. That is very impressive!
  3. jmonge

    jmonge Registered Member

    so when OSSS is install and reboot it is the first one to load,even before windows screen apears?thanks
  4. Habakuck

    Habakuck Registered Member

    Yes, widely bevor the Windows Screen appears!

    It is also the first HIPS i have seen which gave me promts bevor the windows logon!
    Was a bit funny to see the: "Pleas enter your windows password" screen and an OSSS PopUp asking me about the logitech driver. :thumb:
    This was on XP.
  5. Nizarawi

    Nizarawi Registered Member

    hello haba

    there is another hips from ca corporation that have the same behavior but not solid like osss

    waiting osss 1.6 beta :argh: :argh: :argh: :-* :-* :-*
  6. Mihail Fradkov

    Mihail Fradkov Registered Member

  7. JosephB

    JosephB Registered Member

    Mihail Fradkov,

    Please excuse my novice question, but I am new to this concept, what does below actually mean:

    Basically, My Questions are:

    1. So, does this mean that whenever a New - Windows Service Pack is released for the Windows version (XP, Vista, 7) that your running and you have applied it to your PC, the SP would have updated the Wiindows - Kernel file(s) and so you need to get updates for OSSS to support it ?

    2. What about, whenever you apply the "Monthly" - MS Windows Updates, does Windows Updates alter the Windows - Kernel File(s) each month, requiring one to get updates for OSSS to support it ?

    3. BTW, does "Windows - Kernels", refer to one "main" specific windows operating system file, under lets say Win XP, or does it refer to several Win XP operating system files ?
  8. Habakuck

    Habakuck Registered Member

    Not every windows update changes so much that you have to wait for an OSSS update. Most of the windows udates will install without any problems.
  9. Mihail Fradkov

    Mihail Fradkov Registered Member

    Yes. If Windows Kernels are changed -- we need to make update for OSSS. In 90% cases it can be done automatically (we just execute special program that analyzes new kernels), in other cases we need to investigate some changes manually to add support. But we always analyze Service Packs as betas, before they are released, to make a support sooner, than users will install Service Packs to their computers.

    OSSS v1.5 (and previous versions) requires to change os_krnl.sys (main OSSS driver) file when internal changes of Windows too big. Starting v1.6 OSSS will not require to change os_krnl.sys, all required data is stored in os_vdisk.sys (it have a new format). Also, OSSS v1.6 will update this file automatically (and do it periodically). So, user in most cases will have no any problem.

    OSSS v1.6 beta is not released yet, but it will released really soon (in some days).

    Yes. If some of the monthly update will alter Kernel file, it is require to update OSSS.

    Here is answer on your question. Five files. Usually really used - two.

    Thank you for your questions.
  10. jmonge

    jmonge Registered Member

    good program michael:thumb: :thumb: my respect to you:thumb: :thumb:
    i like the auto-run antimalware scaner:)handy tool
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  11. JosephB

    JosephB Registered Member

    Mihail Fradkov,


    1. So, what happens if you download and install a Monthly MS Update and it turns out that an OSSS kernels update is needed (ms update altered a kernel file). but the OSSS update has *not* been applied (i.e. he OSSS update is not available yet) ?

    ..... In this case, does OSSS on the PC, let this Monthly MS Update be applied/installed ?

    .... If Yes, then:

    A) Will OSSS detect the kernel incompatability and *not* load itself and just let the Windows PC boot up and be used "normally", either with no OSSS protection features --OR -- with limited OSSS protection -- OR -- will pc get a BSOD o_O

    2. On avearge, how many days, after a Monthy MS Update is released which turns out requires an OSSS Update (due to MS update altering a kernel file) does it take for the OSSS kernels update to be released for manual update (or in future for automatic update) ?
  12. Mihail Fradkov

    Mihail Fradkov Registered Member

    OSSS does not block any installations of any updates. Yes, you will be able to install MS update. And if you will not update OSSS, it will not work anymore: partially (if win32k.sys changed only) or at all (if ntoskrnl.exe is changed).

    Answered above.

    If win32k.sys changed only - OSSS will warn user that some protection functions are disabled (in this case will not work keylogging protection partially, DDE protection and small part of self protection -- system messages protection).

    If ntoskrnl.exe changed - OSSS will not load. It will popup a message regarding problems and way to fix they.

    No any BSODs in any case possible.

    As I said before, v1.6 will automatically update required information before such problems may appear.

    As I said before, for Service Packs - we analyzing betas. So, when Service Pack is released, all required information is already included to OSSS (automatically updated). For common updates (monthly updates) -- we adding information immediately after receiving updates. At this moment we doing this partially manual (manual part - is just to start a special program only; and users must update manually), but later it will be fully automatic: automatically downloading updates, automatically building required information, automatically update all OSSS copies.


    Current state (OSSS v1.5):

    Service Pack:
    1. Service Pack beta is released.
    2. We automatically or manualy analyze it and adding required information to OSSS.
    3. Installation package on site is updated. os_vdisk.sys is uploaded to site (for manual updates).
    4. Users who have already installed copies, updates os_vdisk.sys manually.
    5. Service Pack is released as public release.
    6. There is no any problem to install it.
    Monthly Updates.
    1. Monthly updates are published and available for download. If these updates does not change any kernel file -- stopping here. (There is no any problems). Real experience: kernel files are not changed often.
    2. We starting a special program to download all updates for all systems and gathering required information, adding it to OSSS.
    3. Installation package on site is updated. os_vdisk.sys is uploaded to site (for manual updates).
    4. Users who have already installed copies, updates os_vdisk.sys manually.
    5. There is no any problem to install updates for users who updated OSSS. Other users will have a problem: after installing MS updates, OSSS will not work partially or at all. They will require to update OSSS.
    New State (OSSS v1.6):

    All the same, except one: all process is automized, and users do nothing. OSSS update itself automatically.
  13. JosephB

    JosephB Registered Member

    Mihail Fradkov,

    Thanks, for your detailed explanation.
    Sounds great :thumb: :thumb:

    Looking foward to OSSS v1.6
  14. Mihail Fradkov

    Mihail Fradkov Registered Member

  15. Mihail Fradkov

    Mihail Fradkov Registered Member

    No. OSSS is not free currently, it is a shareware (30 day free trial use).

    Ways to get a free OSSS license.
  16. TheIgster

    TheIgster Registered Member

  17. lordraiden

    lordraiden Registered Member

    I wouldn't say that spyshelter test (marketing) tool is the definitive tool to see if you are protected against the full spectre of keyloggers or not :D
    I would like to see spyshelter in matousec to see if is able to block something more than their antitest tool shows, maybe is not even able to protect himself for being killed.

    Although maybe is not enough for everybody you can block all the attempts of the keylogger to send the information to the net (to make it useful) using a simple firewall, so you will be protected.
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  18. 0strodamus

    0strodamus Registered Member

    If not SpyShelter test tool, then what would you suggest?
  19. mike21

    mike21 Registered Member

    Is there any life time registration or you have to pay every year to renew?

    The suite looks quite functional but the english translation in your site is not proper. Somewhere it states

    By that you mean that:

    1) the 24 months are additional to the initial 12 months, or just 24 months?
    2) the above additional payment doesn't entitle you to download updates through the application itself? And you just can download the version from the website?

    I am trying your product for a couple of days and it is good but or I am lost in translation or it is quite expensive bearing in mind the competition.
  20. Mihail Fradkov

    Mihail Fradkov Registered Member

    No, lifetime licenses are not provided at this moment.

    You quoted an information from our "seller", it is not our information. They provide an additional service: installation package download/CD by additional fee (it is a service of this company, not our).

    You can download installation package from our site if it is up and working well. :) This service from a 'seller'-company is required for cases, when installation package can be removed from site for some purposes, or any other 'bad' cases, when you will not be able to get an installation package from original source. Just an "insurance". So, it is a fully your decision: is it required to you or not.

    If you will have additional question regarding product, site or something else, please ask.
    Sales questions you can mail to sldep@online-solutions.ru directly.

    Thank you.
  21. halcyon

    halcyon Registered Member

    Any news on the x64/Win7 version yet?
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