Norton DNS or Comodo DNS?

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by TheMozart, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. TheMozart

    TheMozart Former Poster

    I tried Open DNS, but whenever I turn my router on, Norton DNS stops working, even though I told it I use Dynamic DNS which changes everytime I log into my ISP.

    SO should I try Norton DNS or Comodo DNS next? Which is better?
  2. MarcP

    MarcP Registered Member

  3. TheMozart

    TheMozart Former Poster

    I am using Norton DNS and it works everytime I log into W7 and turn my router on!

    But Open DNS fails to work whenever I turn my router on as I think it cannot work out my dynamic DNS.

    So Open DNS is a FAIL :thumbd: and Norton DNS works well :thumb:
  4. newbino

    newbino Registered Member

    You may want to have a look at this thread
  5. Victek

    Victek Registered Member

    To be clear the possible problem is caused by a local dynamic IP instead of a fixed IP. If your ISP is assigning a dynamic IP to your modem and the IP changes it will cause OpenDNS content filtering to stop working. It does not prevent OpenDNS from providing standard DNS lookup service. OpenDNS offers a dynamic IP updater client to deal with this:

    Fixed IP addresses may be available from your ISP, but you usually have to pay extra.
  6. TheMozart

    TheMozart Former Poster

    Why would I go out and pay for a FIXED IP just to use Open DNS? Forget it!:thumbd:

    If Open DNS is so badly written that my Dynamic IP don't work whenever I turn off and on again my router, then they don't deserve to be used.

    With Norton DNS it works everytime I turn my router on, so Norton DNS is obviously a lot smarter and better than Open DNS.

    And why would I download the Open DNS updater and have to run that everytime I load W7. It's tedious and an extra step for nothing. I don't need to do that with Norton DNS so I will stick with Norton DNS thanks.
  7. gerardwil

    gerardwil Registered Member

    I have no clue what you mean here o_O Typo's?
  8. treehouse786

    treehouse786 Registered Member

    @Mozart. what on earth are you talking about? i have never read so much incorrect statements in such a short thread

    oh and by the way, which one is it?;

    edit- let me know if you want to know what they are
  9. TheMozart

    TheMozart Former Poster

    I said Open DNS doesn't work whenever I turn off and on my router. It looses my IP address and don't work.

    But Norton DNS works perfectly everytime I turn on my router, it must be smart enough to figure out my dynamic IP address which changes everytime I turn my router on. But Open DNS fails to detect it!:thumbd:

    So I am using Norton DNS now.:thumb:
  10. 3x0gR13N

    3x0gR13N Registered Member

    Care to elaborate more?
    Are you setting up the DNS from your router or from within Windows itself?
  11. treehouse786

    treehouse786 Registered Member

    first of all, how do you know opendns is not working? what method are you using to establish this?
  12. Defcon

    Defcon Registered Member

    Norton DNS is unreliable. Its gone down a few times in <1 month and I cannot rely on a product like that. I'm back on OpenDns/GoogleDns.
  13. Osaban

    Osaban Registered Member

    I'm no expert with routers but this is my experience: I used to set a specific DNS on Windows without touching my router configuration. The results where erratic with my connection at times. After setting the same DNS in the router configuration everything worked perfectly. It seems to follow some kind of logic, although I don't understand it!
  14. TheMozart

    TheMozart Former Poster

    Windows, I don't want to do the router.

    But Norton DNS is working fine and always works whenever I turn my router off and on again. Everytime I turn off and on my router I am assigned a different IP address, and OpenDNS gets confused and loses track of my IP number, but Norton doesn't and works fine :) :thumb:
  15. TheMozart

    TheMozart Former Poster

    You are joking right? You have no idea how to check to see if OpenDNS is working or not?
  16. 3x0gR13N

    3x0gR13N Registered Member

    Basic DNS routing will work with dynamic IPs, I've used Norton DNS/Open DNS on a dynamic IP without problems. DNS services themselves have nothing to do with IP assignments.

    If a DNS service offers additional configuration (apart from DNS routing and blocking malware sites), like filtering of websites you want blocked or filtered (Parental control etc.), then you'll have to create a profile on their website and use the provided program which will manage said profile from your PC... but you can ignore that since it's not what you're trying to do.

    He does. He's asking how you checked it, since it's possible you don't know how. ;)

    So, when you configure Open DNS in Windows like this:

    reset your router, and check if Open DNS is working by going to this page
  17. treehouse786

    treehouse786 Registered Member

    like 3x0gR13N said, i do. but you still have not demonstrated how you know that opendns is 'not working'.

    just so you know, do you know why nortondns 'remembers' your ip and opendns 'does not'? its because norton dns does not let you select your own custom filtering so there is no need whatsoever for nortondns to know your ip address. however opendns DOES allow you to set your own custom filtering so it will need your current ip address, if you dont want custom filtering then it works the same way nortondns works. please dont mouth off at how rubbish opendns is to you when you fail to show a basic knowledge of how dns routing works, it needlessly makes people wary of opendns when personal experience states that nortondns is one of the most unreliable dns routing systems there is.

    if you want to use custom filtering and you want to make sure that opendns 'remembers' your ip then visit this page, install it, login with your details, job done.
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